Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I miss my blog world. I miss my old world. This stage of life is keeping me busy and tired. Can I please get all my kiddos back at home, no school. Do they really need an education anyway? The funny part is, if we were home all day together I would be screaming for school.

Got my Christmas cards made and ordered and I am pretty impressed with myself. I love making them. Now I have to start on my calendar and the one for the grandma's.

My Christmas shopping is 85% done. HOLLA!! And let me tell you, it's expensive friends. I have spent a ton of money and don't have that much. But bikes and DS' add up quick.

Got myself 2 new leather chairs for the family room. Found 'em on Craig's List! Score one for mamma!! They are brand new and look really great in the room.

I really want to cut off my home phone. Only telemarketers call us. I would have to pay some money to fix our alarm system to go wireless though. Does anyone still have a home phone?

Christian turns 2 next week. I am kind of sad. I am very afraid of the next year!!

I have fruit flies. Probably from a little certain someone who climbs the counters and takes bites out of fruit and then leaves it in the bowl. Nothing like buying 10 apples and they have 2 bites missing.

Cleaned out my closet. I'm fat and it's empty! I have got some serious new years resolutions in the works over this one.

Got a nook for my birthday. Not sold on it. And it's no cheaper than buying the actual book, for the most part.

Trying to figure out how I can buy a new Christmas tree without Mark noticing. Thoughts or ideas?

Time to get ready for our Wednesday night church class......

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween Steps

 I hate going to the pumpkin patch in shorts
It just feels so wrong
In the past we have made numerous visits
during the season to the PP
to play and take pics
So we usually can get in at least one trip
in long pants
This year we only went once

NEVER buy your pumpkins at the pumpkin patch
It's highway freaking robbery
Buy your big guys at the grocery store
better yet-WALMART
This year they were $3.88
The big ones at the patch will run $10+
We buy the baby pumpkins that we paint for less than $1 each
That way the boys can pick out a few each


 This is quite possible the most important step
mainly because it's the most fun
what's not to love about playing in 
soap and water

 and you can clean your kids at the same time
when providing your children with water (and soap) to play in
it is best to remove their clothing first
weather permitting of course
especially their $50 stride rite shoes
that will take 3 days to dry out


painting is messy
but so much fun
under NO circumstances should leave the room
hold your pee
or you will return to find someone painting the other
and himself

 It is very important that each child
can place his very own pumpkin(s)
otherwise a fight is very likely to break out


Be prepared to stick your hand in and get the goo out
Your kids will NOT do it for you

Have enough non sharp tools for everyone
or a fight will break out
(fights can start among 3 children quite easily)

STEP 6: DRESS UP IN COSTUMES (not necessarily the brand new ones mom just spent $$ on)


Halloween was great! Hope yours was too. Now please don't forget about the turkey! We don't, especially now since we celebrate Christian's Thanksgiving birthday. I can't believe my last baby is about to be 2 in just a few weeks. It makes me sad. On the plus side, I only have about 2 more years until I get my sanity back...HOLLA!

I think I should start a parenting tip segment. But not about what to do, about what NOT to do. I have a lot of knowledge in that department, seeing as how I screw up bunches and bunches. 

Sorry for being so MIA. This working mom thing is kicking my butt. I promise to catch up on all my favorite blogs soon and too catch you up on our super exciting lives here in OKC!