Monday, December 27, 2010

Colton Lee

December 27, 2007
Best Day of My Life
well one of two at that point
God blessed me with my Colton Lee

He amazes me more and more 

I'm not just saying that
This is the learning phase
Buckling himself up
Snapping his pants
Pooping in the potty
Picking up his toys
Putting together a puzzle

I am so excited to experience the 3's with him
(anything is better than his 2's)

I love this little guy for
 his smile
 his loving hugs
the way he picks his nose
and then hands me his booger
and his hair
(he got the good hair)

He is the best big and little brother

Now if only I could get him to sleep past 5am
things would be great


Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Celebration

So it's the day after Christmas
The holiday is over
All the hoop-la has calmed down
All the stresses of
so now what?

Now we relax and enjoy a week with the kids
A week off of work
A week of cleaning up
(wait, is that enjoyable)

From a decorative stand point
I put away the Christmas
and bring out the spring
I don't have winter things

But we still have a couple of months of cold weather ahead
When do you put away all the goodies from the season?
Usually I would do it over the New Year's time
and then go immediately into organization mode
but since we are traveling again...

So onto our Christmas day
Santa came
and left his treats for the boys
It looks so bare 

Colton came out of my parent's room at 6am
He was the first one up

Pillow pets definitely took first place

I had been up half the night with my sweet boy
He fever was sky high
Luckily we had a few moments throughout the day
where he felt ok

The Santa excitement was just all right
But when the unwrapping began
It was a blast
That to me is what it is all about
That's the moment you dream of
as a mom
Colton is the PERFECT age for opening presents
He loved everything
His reaction to getting clothes was classic
"I got new shirt"
"I got new shirt"

He wanted to show everyone each and every thing
Here he is with Granny

Our day was filled with great family
good food
and lots of gifts
We were all very blessed 

We will be celebrating our "middlest" this week
Tomorrow actually
Can't believe he is turning 3
So for tomorrow
lots of cleaning and unpacking
A family lunch
Then I will either buy a gift or take him to the toy store
I know, nothing like being on top of things
Connor loves to go pick out his own gift
Colton changes his mind every day
I am still torn on his party
We had a birthday breakfast this morning before we left the folks house
We will have a family lunch tomorrow
He will have a small gathering in TX this week
And birthday cupcakes at school in another week

He has never had a "real" party
And I want so bad for that
But we don't know that many people
and he is having several mini parties

We are leaving Wednesday for the Big D
Mark may go earlier
His Nana Lou is in the hospital
Lots of prayers for her

In my downtime I need to get my 2010 reflections on paper
Lots of thoughts on this year
and many more on the new one ahead

my Frisco is so tired
He is passed out on the couch and hasn't moved since we've been home

Hope all of you had a very Merry Christmas

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas Eve

We survived the 500 mile drive to the folks house
moms and pops
always worth it

And before any Internet freak-a-zoids get a crazy idea
I have a bad ass alarm system
and some serious
old lady window watching neighbors
neighborhood watch

We have been to the grocery only half a dozen times
And the doctor once
My sweet baby Christian has been running a fever
and has some nasty green snots

This afternoon we spent our Christmas Eve
bundled up tight 
and riding the 4 wheelers
country life

We ate the traditional meal from when I was a kid
salty ham
AKA county ham
and biscuits and rice
now I am drinking about 2 gallons of water
but it was yummy

2 boys down for sure
waiting on Connor to fall asleep
so SC can come

The boys received a video message each from him today
Con got it
Colton, not so much
Granny read us "Twas the Night Before Christmas"
I tried to get everyone to sing some songs
It didn't work out so well

So tomorrow's the big day
I am always the most excited
I can't wait to see how the boys will react

We are heading back to my sissy's house for lunch
Lots more presents there
Playing with new toys
Probably some more riding through the woods

Sunday morning we are having a birthday breakfast for my middlest boy
Then we are driving home
Monday is Colton's birthday
can you believe it?

Merry Christmas to All
And to all
A good night

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Found It

My camera 
(that is)
Right in the car
where I left it
where one of the boys moved it to
I went to upload my pics and I was out of space
google, you suck

So here is some photo overload for your utmost enjoyment
Had several oranges getting soft 
So I thought we would make some fresh squeezed OJ
good thing my boys are little
Because 7 oranges netted us about 2 swallows each

He didn't care

Been doing lots of things lately with 
Spider Man
or Bat Man

Or sometimes both at the same time

He even joined us for Christmas light looking

In TX we always drove through the "Deerfield" neighborhood in Plano
Nearly every house participates
I think you have to agree to it before you can purchase a home in there
Nothing like that out here in OKC
That we are aware of
But we found a few

Some nice tree lined streets

And the Grizwald award goes to this house
(It's all one house folks)

 These pics do not do it justice
nor capture it all
I would hate to have their electric bill

Baked Cindy's mint chocolate chip cookies over the weekend
By myself
My little helpers were misbehaving
I know, un-freaking-believable
So they were sent to their room
to terrorize each other
Christian like them though

Our freezing trip to the zoo yesterday
They are all paying the price today with snotty noses

And my card display
Weaker than ever 
Notice only a few left hanging
I will have to try something different next Christmas

And just in case you were unaware
You can use a 1/2cup measuring cup
to "kill someone dead"
(according to Colton)
Ladies, maybe we should stick one of those under our beds for protection

been meaning to mention
If anyone has ATT U-verse
They have the cutest Christmas channel
with movies, sing-a-longs, read-a-longs
and a Santa tracker

Laundry Day

Well I was going to do some posting
with photos of course
Cause that's how I roll
But my freaking camera is 
yet again

I have two and half snotty boys
Colton is green snotty
Christian has a fever
And Connor is just starting to get stuffy
4 days before Christmas
hours before we travel

The temperature was almost 70 yesterday
Yeah that's right
The day before winter starts
(or was it the first day?)
So I thought what else to do but go to the
So we did
It might have hit 70 yesterday
But it was cloudy
and it was freezing at 9am
I almost thought
"what have I gotten myself into"
But we pushed through
By the time we left it was not so bad

I am finishing the laundry this morning
So I can pack this afternoon
We leave in the morning for
moms and pops' house

dogs and all
should make for a smelly 8 hours

I noticed Colton had been in the bathroom 
a bit too long this morning
I went in just in time
the sink was filled to the rim
That's my boy!
I sure hope 3 is better than 2 for him

We be-headed a wise man this holiday season
I know Mickey, the elf, saw that ball
(that is not suppose to be thrown in the house)
go sailing through the air right into the guy
And he told Santa
I just hope sweet baby Jesus doesn't mind
We super glued his head back on

Since it's after noon now
And I can hear the baby waking up
I guess I better get started on that laundry and packing
If when I find my camera
I will share a couple of pics from the last few days

I must say though 
that I am loving all the Christmas cards
I started hanging them from twine from an entry way into the dining room
But so many of them kept falling
So now they are just piled up
I think it's funny to get cards the week of Christmas from people
Then you think
are they just slow in getting them out
Or did they only send you one because they recieved on from you
You know you keep a couple of extras to do just that with
you know who you are
I'm not gonna sass any names

I will say this about my bloggie friends cards
I loved the letter and photo from the Starnes
any pic of those kids is sure to be great
never can be sure if they will smiling or trying to strangle each other
Of course, Cindy has the cutest girls ever
I'm not partial or anything since they are my cousins
I really loved the heavy cardstock that Allison used
It was beautiful
And any picture involving a wedding dress
ranks high in my book

Merry Christmas to All
I can hear the laundry room screaming at me

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Doctor Reports

Had to go to the doctor today
(well not me, but I drove)
Spider Man

 Christian insisted on squeezing into the photo himself

So first....
let me address the spidey issue
We eat, sleep, and breathe super heros at my house lately
The Batman costume we had for Halloween does not really fit
But good thing this 2 year old SM costume is still in 1 piece
It is worn daily
And often all day long
It doesn't bother me
I think it's rather cute
Mark disagrees
He doesn't really think it should be worn in public
You have to pick your battles
I always say
And clothing is not one fight I choose to have

At least now I know what I think my little man will be receiving for his birthday
that's right....
new costumes

So on to the well check ups
Colton's-3 year
Christian's 1 year

Both are healthy and mostly happy
I can't remember exact numbers
only a few hours later
and this dumbass doctor doesn't write it down for you
(more on that subject in a bit)
Colton was 31-ish pounds?
and 35 inches tall?
I do remember saying 
"you're almost 3 feet tall"
My short boys
Barely in the 20th percentile
Whatever the hell those mean anyway
Got him some new cream for his eczema
poor baby
And he did suggest some benedryl at night if he has been itchy
Gave him some of the pink liquid already tonight
He should be asleep
with in 5 more minutes

Christian was 20 pounds 
and 29 inches
or so I'm guessing
He looked great
But had to get 4 shots
But my trooper
Cries for all of 8 seconds
until I say to him
"it's all over"
And that was it
He was done
Last time he didn't even cry

I really do thank God every day for my healthy boys
My non sleeping, still boob eating, crazy talking, web slinging, fighting over toys
Wouldn't trade 'em for anything
(But I would really really love 1 night's sleep)

Ok so on to the doctor subject
I am not sold on this pediatrician I found here
When we first moved here
I got a couple of names from some moms off of "mamasource"
He was actually the only one who would meet with me
no one would meet you first unless you are prego
He seemed really nice
I mean he is nice, it's not like he's some a-hole
But we come from the BEST doctor
If you live in DFW, any where
he is worth the drive
Dr. Berkowitz of 
Pediatric Specialist of Plano

In fact
I am thinking of making the 4 hour drive myself
Is that stupid
Keep him for well check ups
And find someone here for when the boys are sick?
Is that not letting go of Texas?
Or not embracing OK?

This new doctor
His office is all electronic
He does not walk in with a file
There is no taking notes
He is typing
And he does not give near a thorough exam
I had to ask him to check Christian's balls
He had a cyst when he was a few months old
And the urologist said it could come back
But that our pediatrician would check it and know
Well, you can't know if you don't check
Dr. B always checked that sort of thing anyway
he found the cyst
But today I had to ask
New dr would have known 
had he read Chris' file
The file I paid $25 to have copied
And then gave to him
needless to say
I did not hand over Colton's file

I came in with my list of questions
Like I always do
Because I have to write everything down
Or my little mind tends to forget
Nothing major
Silly things like
How can I get this 12 month old to sleep all night
how can I get this almost 3 year old to 
NOT come into my room at night

The questions you know the answer to 
But love to hear it from a pro

So you know what he says to me
"It'll get better"
If I wanted an answer like that
I would have talked to the hubs

If I had taken that same list into Dr. B's office
I would have left with a plethora of information
Lots of new ideas to try
and a 
"call me in a week if this doesn't work"

Dr. B talks to the kids
For a 3 year check up
He would have been asking
what color is this, how high can you count
that's what I got out of new dr

So I hate to keep taking the boys to new people
I guess I really lucked out with Dr. B
But with in 2 minutes of interviewing him when I was prego
I knew he was the one

I also new with in our first appointment
for Chris' 9 month checkup
that new dr was NOT the one
But I gave him another try
Now I really know

So there is my doctor rant
I feel better now!

On a funnier note
Here is our SC visit photo

We look like such a happy family huh?
He hates being away from me
I secretly like it

Guess where I went today
Go ahead say it out loud
You know the answer
That's right
I needed diapers and cheese
$75 later
$30 covered my 2 needed items
I grabbed very few grocery items to get us through the next couple of days
It costs an arm and freaking leg to eat
Next year I WILL get this under control

That's all I've got for now

Rice Krispies Treat Christmas Cake

Bestie Amy just emailed this to me 
and I thought I would share
Looks super cute 
And good for the kiddos

Here’s the ingredients you’ll need:

~ 9 Tablespoons of Butter
~ 3 Packages of Regular Marshmallows
~ 18 cups of Rice Krispies Cereal
~ 2 Spring Form Pans (I used my large and small size)
~ Red Fruit Leather
~ 2 Candy Canes
~ Red Hot Candies
~ Candy Rope (such as Twizzlers)

Cake Assembly:

1. Make 3 batches of Rice Krispies Treats according to the instructions on the box or the “Original Treat Recipe” as listed on the Rice Krispies site. Do not attempt to make these all in one batch unless you have superhuman stirring powers.
2. Firmly press into buttered spring form pans and cool completely. Two batches in the large pan and one in the smaller.

 3. When completely cooled, remove from pans and stack the smaller “cake” on top of the larger
4. “Ice” the cake with fruit leather strips and candy rope.
5. Detail with Candy Red Hots and insert Candy Canes in a bow formation into treat layers.
6. Cut a slice and serve to friends and family!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cookie Time

So I ordered cookie dough from Connor's school
What seems like forever ago
And it finally came in today

Usually I blow these kind of fund raisers off
But this dough was neat
It looks like play dough
And you can play with it first

Might be kind of hard to see it on their placemats
But there is
red, blue, green, and yellow

There is a kite
An ice cream cone
A dead frog
And some balls

The end results
These things got huge
But they are cute and super fun

So I have totally blown my diet this week
That's what happens when Big Daddy's gone
It is so much easier to be "good"
when there is someone else being good with you
After my $250 grocery trip for last week
And my $100 worth of food on Saturday
We are out again
And cooking for me and 3 little ones that don't eat
So I grabbed Little Ceasars
The whole family can eat for 5 bucks
Plus I really did not feel like cooking
shocker I know
Here is Chris enjoying his slice

And now it's gone
He ate the whole slice
A normal size slice
Boy likes his pizza
I know he's my kid
Unlike Colton
who insisted on a PBJ sandwich
and doesn't like raw cookie dough
And yes
for some reason 
I have been calling Christian
Another one of those things I swore I would never do

Praises to the Angels above
Connor has a playdate tomorrow
His BFF, Camden, from his class
I ask them to play alot
But it never seems to work out
Finally I asked his mom if he could come over
Maybe getting all together was too much
If it were not for their friendship
I would have pulled Con out of school
Yeah, Yeah
A pre-k drop out
But like I have said, written, and thought
42 billion times
Our schedule sucks with his afternoon class
But only 5 more months
Start your prayers for us now please
That next year we get the morning session

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Lenzer House happenings

Not much has been happening around here
It was
over the weekend
We stayed in
Except for, of course, the minimum of 2
trips to Target
I went at least once
and Mark made a stop as well
I still need to go back
Out of diapers
yet again
I swear
I should get a job there
I am there more than here
might as well be on the freaking payroll
wonder if they are hiring non seasonal staff
I don't look so good in red though

Any who...
found these little goodies
gingerbread man marshmallows
and they taste like ginger bread

The big boys made edible Christmas Trees
Supplies needed
ice cream cones
green icing
sprinkles or m&m's for decorations

Must have gone twice
Because found these little diddy's on another trip
The photo did not turn out
But they are green tree and pink star marshmallows
They taste normal

So we made s'mores
Notice only Colton made them
Connor was being a complete brat
Yes, I said that
And boy was he ever
But this is a happy post
So I am not going there

Yesterday was Colton's Christmas party at his Monday school
Today we went to see Santa at the mall
I will post that picture later when I can scan it in
Let's just say Christian has MAJOR
separation anxiety

Since the boys were all dressed up
I tried for a couple of photos by the tree 

Notice these sweaters
I bought them 2 years ago for the big boys
pre baby boy
Then last year Colton wore the larger size
Plus I did squeeze them into their original ones for a photo
So this year I am squeezing Colton into the large one just 1 more time
I never spend alot of money on clothes for them
My boys are messy eaters and players
And I am not a good laundress
(At ALL)
And kiddos grow so freaking fast
Plus seasonal things that you can only wear for a few weeks
I LOVE it though when I can get years out of something
Expect to see Christian wearing this another year or 2
(Dang he's cute)

Notice anything about the big boys
Well I kind of hope not
I got a little scissor happy
Connor just got a hair cut
But he has been wanting to wear his hair spiked
I always said I would never put gel in my little boys hair
But here I am
He has bad hair
It's not his fault
But to be spiked up, it needs to be shorter
So I went to trimming
It either still needs to be shorter
or I need some better goop to use

And while I had the scissors out
I decided to get Colton's hair out of his eyes
So it's a bit crooked
But the pro's make it that way all the time
He's 2
He moves A LOT
I don't like his hair short
He got the good hair
I am just not sure how long I want it to be
But I hate it in his eyes

All that cutting reminded me
I have not had my hair did in over 6 months
I have colored it twice
well my mom did
with my drug store color
And next week she'll be doing it again
Since the greys are back
But damn
6 months
that ain't right

This could lead me to a whole other post topic
But, again, since this is a happy time
I won't go there

I have spent the last 3 days sorting legos
I posted this on FB 
and got alot of "why's"
Here is why
I use to be a lego princess
I loved legos
But back in the day legos were a bunch of colored rectangles
you had to use your imagination
not so much
you buy overpriced "kits" 
and make the few items per kit
We have several kits
stored nicely in Ziploc bags
It works out well
unless your 4 year old doesn't put the stuff back into said Ziploc bag
oy vey!

I am pretty sure we are about to get lots more legos
So I have to be on top of this crap