Thursday, November 27, 2008


HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! Today is not only Colton's 1st Thanksgiving but his 11 month birthday. I only have 1 more month to enjoy having a baby (and to loose the baby weight, crap better not eat for the next 30 days). I think I am beginning to get the birthday blues. But forget about that, this is a day for giving thanks. I am thankful for my boys, the big one and the little ones. I am thankful for my wonderful family that I miss very much. I am thankful for the wonderful family that I married into. I wish we could have seen everyone today. We went over to my mother-in-law Beth's house this morning. Connor, Mark, and Uncle Pete played football out back until the sticks became more interesting. Those darn sticks always take 1st place! But Uncle Pete needs to be ready next year when there will be 3 boys running around. Then we went over to Aunt Barbie's house for dinner with Nanna and Pappa Lou. It is always a treat to be with them. Connor played on the piano and he thought that was a blast. Pappa lou told me a story while Connor was tapping away at the keys. He said when Uncle Bob was little that he (pappa lou) told Nanna they should have named Bob Liberachi because he was the pee-ing-ist little boy! Get it....pianist/pee-ing-ist? I thought it was funny, hope any readers out there do too. That is why we all love Pappa Lou!! Anyway, since no one napped today, the boys were done by 6pm. In face Colton fell asleep in Pappa Lou's arms.

November 26

Here is a picture of later in the day after Colton's 1st haircut. It is very short across the front, but it will grow right? At least that is what I keep telling myself. As Mark would tell me, I can go longer now before the next cut.

1st haircut

The day before Thanksgiving, normally a day of cooking and cleaning and of course the last minute Kroger-ing for most people. For the Lenzer boys it meant a day for haircuts. Connor was in desperate need of a trim, but for his little brother who has more hair than him, it meant his 1st haircut. Of course, while we there, I suddenly remembered that I wanted to find a new place for haircuts after Connor's last cut because it seems they only know 1 style at this particular great clips....short!!!! (just take a look at the after pictures). Connor, of course, did great. A sucker goes a long way in making a 2 year old sit still. For Colton, it was a different story, probably because he is too young for those darn suckers!! i just felt sorry for the lady trying to cut the hair of an almost 11 month old. He does look cute, even if his hair is WAY TOO SHORT across his forehead. I guess I like the hippie look as Mark calls it. I would attach a video of the haircut if I knew how to get the video of of those stupid little tapes. If anyone knows please email me!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Trip to moms' and pops' house

The boys and I went to visit my family this past weekend. We left Thursday mid-day and the flight went well. It was during nap time, and though no one slept, they were relaxed. The unfortunate part was that I thought I had charged the DVD player up but apparently had not given it enough time. It went dead about 4 minutes into Shrek, which means I was left entertaining Connor with Colton in my lap. Luckily it is a short flight to Memphis.
Connor was so excited to go. "I want to go up sky in airplane see moms and pops". He must have said this 100 times and is already saying it again. He rode the "bicle" (bicycle or 4-wheeler in this case). We had to buy a hat and gloves because it was freezing there. I have learned that a little cold air cannot and will not stop a 2 year old. He and cousin Thomas played and chased each other and had a blast. It sure makes me miss having family close by us.
Uncle Tommy went hunting on Sunday and shot a deer. I thought Connor would have been more into it, but not so much. The big stick out in the back yard was much more interesting. Thomas, on the other hand, is VERY much into hunting. It was a pleasure to see his face when he rode up on the 4 wheeler with a dead deer slung over the back. It must be a boy thing!!

Now Colton had a good time as well. I did discover though that he is really into mamma. I am not really sure that he feels comfortable out of his element. But he did get spoiled, lots of rocking and cuddling and sleeping in the arms of moms and aunt Sissy. Maybe all of that fussing was on purpose. He is a boy who knows what he wants.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

So this is one of my favorite pictues of Colton from August....and yes that is poop!!!! Most of you have heard this story, but I took off his diaper and we were headed upstairs for bathtime. I sat him down for just a second to do something for Connor. When we came around the kitchen counter, there he was just playing with it. All I can say now is I would clean this up anyday over the poop I have cleaned up this past week.
So I realize that I have not posted in a week, but to be fair, I have had a very ill child. The first day Connor was sick, I thought I would be able to take advantage of the lack of activities (trust me you would not want to see pictures of what I have been doing) and show off some of my older favorite pictures. However, Connor needed me for more important holding. That made up for all the "messes" I have cleaned up over the past 5 days.

Tomorrow, we are going to take a risk and get on an airplane headed for Memphis to visit Moms and Pops and the rest of the family (you're equally important just too many names to type). I always think that when I am there I will have more down time since there are so many extra eyes on Connor and Colton, but it never works out that way since I like to catch up with everyone too. Anyway, I will try to blog while I am there!!!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

November 13

I had the best date of my life today! It was with the cutest 2 year old I know. We went to Connor's first movie....Madagascar 2. He did great for the first hour and then he was done sitting still. There was another little boy sitting in front of us, not that much older than Connor. The 2 boys spent the rest of the movie running up and down the isles. Luckily there was not too many viewers at the early morning showing. He cried when it was time to leave; he wanted to watch it again. Then we went to McDonalds for lunch. I love getting to spend 1 on 1 time with Connor. I feel like it does not get to happen very often. Just don't ask him what he saw because he cannot say the name of the movie.

If only we could all be entertained so easily!!!!

November 12

Normally while Connor is at school, Colton and I run errands or do chores. This week we took a little time to play. He wandered into Connor's closet and by the time I made it in there he had all the socks out of the drawer. Now I am sure that he did not discover this fun game on his own. Big brother tends to teach him lots of things, some good and some questionable. I would tell him to put the sock back and, amazingly, he would. He played for a good 40 minutes and I sat and watched his face. The expressions he would make as he opened and closed that sock drawer were priceless. I could watch him figure things out all day!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

November 11

The funny thing is, when you begin to write about your life and your daily activities, you realize just how boring you actually are. "Boring" may not be a fair word because there is certainly never a dull moment with 2 little boys, but there is just not always fun things going on. I have started thinking "who wants to read about this" or "I just yelled again (can't blog about that)". It is truely an eye opening experience. Now I am not promising FUN TIMES everyday, but I will try to keep this interesting....maybe if there is enough pictures to look at no one will pay that much attention to the words?!

Well it rained all night here so that makes for wet playgrounds. Of course Connor does not mind playing in the mud or sliding down slides and landing in a puddle of water, but there is no where good for Colton to crawl. So we decided to meet some friends at the mall, our good ol' faithful outing (see I told you we were boring). Both boys love to play in the bookstore where there is a Thomas the Train table set up. Today was also storytime. Connor loves to read but if he is not in the mood to be read to.....forget it, he is not sitting still. So after playing in the play area and eating lunch, he rode the carousel. WOW!!! That was fun. Watching his face every time he circled around was great. So I will be storing that in the back of my head of things to reward with for good behavior. Both Connor and his friend, Ilan, came running off the carousel to tell me all about it and how they needed to go again. I love it!!!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

November 8 and 9

Well my first weekend to blog about, and wouldn't you know...we did NOTHING!!!! We had our usual Saturday, Mark and Connor go to the gym while Colton and I do errands. This weekend was "Neath the Wreath" at the Plano center, a Christmas bazar put on by the Junior League every year. We met Amy there and now I can say I have officially started Christmas shopping. It is so hard for me to get in the spirit when we are still in short sleeve shirts!! That night Darren and Amy came over for a friendly game of Dominoes. But I have to say I WON!!!!!

Sunday was just as low key. I went to have lunch with Linda and Amy. Then Mark went to watch football with the boys. Connor and Colton played in the backyard for quite a while. Connor wanted to bury Precious in the "wood chips" (mulch). And take a look at the picture of Frisco. Is that the face of a GUILTY dog or what?? He knows he is not suppose to be in the play area.

Friday, November 7, 2008


Connor picked out his own jammie's tonight, like he often does. This evening he insisted on last year's Christmas pj's, hat and all!!!! They are a bit snug but if he doesn't care why should I?


As soon as we got up this morning, Connor was acting "special". I knew by 8am that I might need a mommy break. So after I dropped Connor off at school, I took Colton to daycare for a couple of hours. I needed to go to Target and finalize my Christmas list. As I was walking the toy isles snapping pictures of all my favorits (and their price tags), I realized that all the toys I liked were for Connor. Poor Colton is such a neglected child, with hand-me-downs! So all you mommies, aunts, and god-mothers out there if you have suggestions for the 2nd child please email them to me.

When I picked Connor up from school, I could tell almost immediately that he either did not nap or nap well because he was still being "special". So I thought a trip to the park might help burn off some energy. The boys ran (and crawled) around for over an hour. Colton certainly loves to swing. I even managed a tunnel slide....mental note....must start diet right away because my butt is about 1 inch away from getting stuck!!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Welcome to the Lenzer family's new blog. I thought I would give this a try so that our family and friends can keep up with our growing boys. Each day someone does or learns something new. Connor amazes me with a new word, Colton figures out how his hands work, or I discover a new way to multi-task. Wtih Mark's busy schedule, perhaps he can stay aware of all the little things he misses.