Sunday, November 23, 2008

Trip to moms' and pops' house

The boys and I went to visit my family this past weekend. We left Thursday mid-day and the flight went well. It was during nap time, and though no one slept, they were relaxed. The unfortunate part was that I thought I had charged the DVD player up but apparently had not given it enough time. It went dead about 4 minutes into Shrek, which means I was left entertaining Connor with Colton in my lap. Luckily it is a short flight to Memphis.
Connor was so excited to go. "I want to go up sky in airplane see moms and pops". He must have said this 100 times and is already saying it again. He rode the "bicle" (bicycle or 4-wheeler in this case). We had to buy a hat and gloves because it was freezing there. I have learned that a little cold air cannot and will not stop a 2 year old. He and cousin Thomas played and chased each other and had a blast. It sure makes me miss having family close by us.
Uncle Tommy went hunting on Sunday and shot a deer. I thought Connor would have been more into it, but not so much. The big stick out in the back yard was much more interesting. Thomas, on the other hand, is VERY much into hunting. It was a pleasure to see his face when he rode up on the 4 wheeler with a dead deer slung over the back. It must be a boy thing!!

Now Colton had a good time as well. I did discover though that he is really into mamma. I am not really sure that he feels comfortable out of his element. But he did get spoiled, lots of rocking and cuddling and sleeping in the arms of moms and aunt Sissy. Maybe all of that fussing was on purpose. He is a boy who knows what he wants.

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