Monday, January 26, 2009

somewhere special

Do I know my son or what. I did not even have Connor buckled up before he was saying he wanted to go somewhere special. I gave him a choice between the mall and the bookstore. He chose the mall. Of course as we were pulling into the mall he was screaming for the bookstore, but it all turned out OK. We went to Collin Creek Mall (it is actually the closest one to us now) and I am renaming it as my new favorite. It has great stores, a decent play area, and most importantly it is nearly empty!! The boys played for quite a while. Colton had his first real experience sliding. He did it over and over and over. I put a video on here (well hopefully it will work) that is cute but truly does not do Colton's sliding justice. I also took the boys into the Disney Store for the first time. Not quite sure why I have avoided that store like the plague, but not anymore. Connor was in heaven!!! I called Mark immediately to let him know we will be planning a trip to Disney World/Land in the near future. He wanted it all and had to tell me about every character. I bought him a Lighting Qeen (lightning mcqueen) shirt. I had to beg him to take it off so I could wash it.


I finally got around to uploading the pictures off of my camera and realized I had not taken many photos this month. Which also means i have not blogged much either. Call it it busy...I am calling it a cold. I am officially on week 4 now. Is this thing ever going to end? Colton has it too, Mark;s has come and gone. Connor is the only one that I have managed to keep well, knock on wood! So I know that I am behind and I promise to catch everyone up on our super exciting lives here with in the week. Right now I need to head out the door to pick up Connor from school and most likely he is going to want to go "somewhere special" as he always does when I get him. We shall see where the road takes us today.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Connor's funny sayings

I have bad news......

I have an elephant in one ear and a chicken in the other! No wonder I have been feeling under the weather. I just thought it was a cold but Dr. Connor told me otherwise.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Weekend update

What a beautiful weekend in Texas. The sun is shining, the temperature is mild. It makes me kind of sad that my boys sleep in the middle of the day. Well not really because if they didn't that would make me really sad, as it occasionally does. Saturday we went to the gym. I took Connor to my gym and Mark took Colton to his. Connor wanted to do something special afterward so we went to the bookstore. As it turns out, they were having story time just as we arrived. Of course Connor wanted nothing to do with that. He wanted to look at the dinosaur books. So we did. Then I went to lunch with girls, Amy and Linda. Always a treat to spent some quality time with them.
Tonight I have to work...LATE. That always makes for a fun Monday, and tomorrow should be extra special since there is no school.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Kids say the funniest things

Connor is at that age where he makes the funniest statements. I have thought of blogging them before but didn't know if they would "read" as funny as they really are when you hear them first hand. But after what he said to me yesterday, I just decided to start a FUNNY SAYINGS segment.

We were in the car yesterday headed to the gym, the radio was on with the volume down low. Funky Town was playing. Normally this is the song that I turn up and sing and dance to with the fist microphone and all. The boys laugh...we just a great time to this song. I hadn't even had the opportunity to turn it up since we had just gotten going in the car, when I pulled up to the red light and Connor said "mommy, I want to go to Funky Town with you".

I will put up some of his other funny sayings shortly when my memory is not being forced to try and thnk of them!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Things to do

I really wanted to take the boys to the arboretum today to enjoy some fresh air. But boy it is COLD! I guess we will have to go another day. I really thought the cold front was coming later in the week. I know in cold climates a temperature of 49 must feel like a nice spring day but for a southern girl... that is just darn chilly. Maybe if I went out in the afternoon it would be better. Unfortunately that does not fit into our time frame. I remember when Mark and I were Ireland the parks were full of moms and kids even in the pouring down rain. Just like with the cold climate dwellers, you stick a hat on the kiddos and keep going. Yesterday (in the beautiful weather) we went to Barnes and Noble to play with the trains because that is what Connor wanted to do. Well I just screwed myself because that would have been a great entertainment today.

Monday, January 12, 2009

This weekend

I realize it has been several days since my last post. I am not sure what my excuse is or should be, other than not much has been going on here. I am such a bore, huh? I have been fighting this stupid cold for 2 weeks now and it is continuously getting worse. The bad news is Colton is now snotty as well. If I am real lucky I can keep Connor from catching it too.
Mark finally arrived home from his 8 day trip on Thursday night just in time to watch that HORRIBLE football game. We won't even talk about that. Mark took the day off on Friday. Yes, an actual day off. The boys certainly loved having the extra time with him.

Oh, here is something great. I worked this weekend, that is not the great part. I work at Pottery Barn mainly for the generous discount. Well over the holidays the company gave us 40% off sale items (normally we only get 20% off of clearance) so I bought several things just because they were cheap. The promotion ended this weekend and I felt like I just needed to purchase a few more useless pieces just for the bargain. It just so happens that Pottery Barn is changing something about the Chesapeake outdoor collection for next season, so all the current Chesapeake went super cheap!! For anyone who shops Pottery Barn you know that this outdoor collection is a staple that is quite expensive and has been around for years. Anyway, we don't keep this merchandise in the store, especially in the off season, but it is on this list that we can order from. I got a chaise lounge with the cushion and a picnic table with 6 chairs (normally this would cost over $1000) for just over $200. I was so proud of my bargain. MARK WAS NOT. He also did not understand why I was so excited about the $44 bathroom trash can that I got for $6. Do you know how great it feels to get a deal? Is it just a girl thing or what? Normally Mark teases me because it costs him money for me to go to work since I spend far more than I make. But this time I think it worked out fair.

Monday, January 5, 2009

New way of walking

Eventually we will figure this walking thing out...maybe?!?!

The picture may not be that clear, but he is on his hands and feet (not knees).

Enjoying the day

January 2....76degrees!! We took full advantage. We met Ilan and Castel at the park for some sliding and swinging. The older boys took off their shoes and socks and played in the sand. Fun times were had by all.

That afternoon Connor played in the back yard while Colton was still sleeping. I was cleaning and when I turned around he was in the family room taking off guessed it, CLOTHES! He said he needed to play in the mud. That boy could live naked. Anyway I convinced him that while it was a nice day out it was a little too chilly to play in the buff. Next time I went out to check on him he told me "I took my pants off mommy so i could sit in the mud". I gave up at that point and let him do it!!

Washing Dishes

Connor went to Mark on New Year's Day with a handful of cups and bowls and said he wanted to wash dishes. And so he did! He starts off on the counter and the next time you check on him he is naked and in the sink!!! Maybe if we all cleaned in the nude we could get as much enjoyment out of it!! Just a thought!

Connor is definetly our cleaner. I let you guess which parent gave him that trait. Figured it out yet? I'm not telling....I wouldn't want to embarass anyone!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Colton's 1st Birthday

My little baby boy is 1. How does a mom process those emotions? It is such a bitter-sweet feeling. I am so excited to see him grow and learn and figure things out. At the same time I am so saddened to not have a baby anymore. My only saving grace is he still doesn't walk, so I can savor the needing to be held and carried a while longer. OK, enough crap about's about Colton.

We were still at moms and pops house for Christmas, so we had his party there. The family came over to celebrate with him on his big day. Sissy made the fire truck cake for him. Isn't it great?! Thanks Sissy!!! The cake had a lot of red and black icing, which made for a very messy little boy. He loved it! I think there is still black up his nose.

He got lots of toys and clothes, but his favorite gift of all had to be the character towels. He giggled so loud pulling those out of the bag. Connor loves them just as much. He has already claimed the lion for himself.