Friday, January 16, 2009

Kids say the funniest things

Connor is at that age where he makes the funniest statements. I have thought of blogging them before but didn't know if they would "read" as funny as they really are when you hear them first hand. But after what he said to me yesterday, I just decided to start a FUNNY SAYINGS segment.

We were in the car yesterday headed to the gym, the radio was on with the volume down low. Funky Town was playing. Normally this is the song that I turn up and sing and dance to with the fist microphone and all. The boys laugh...we just a great time to this song. I hadn't even had the opportunity to turn it up since we had just gotten going in the car, when I pulled up to the red light and Connor said "mommy, I want to go to Funky Town with you".

I will put up some of his other funny sayings shortly when my memory is not being forced to try and thnk of them!!

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