Monday, August 30, 2010

As Promised

Round 1
House Photos

The kitchen

It started off a dark redish-burgundyish color
Ceiling included
I knew the shade of green I wanted
Stole it from my sister 
And have had it in my 2 previous houses 
The ceilings in this entire house are a cream color
Not white
But it fits
So I had them painted the cream in here as well
But it blended too much with the green
So we changed the ceilings in here and the half bath
to white
Not sold on it
But nothing I can do about it now
I love the granite counter tops
But my favorite part is
The 2 windows behind the sink
Such gorgeous views
And the good part is there are already some iron plant hangers mounted
So as soon as it cools off
I will hang some
I figured it was useless to even attempt to keep something alive over the last month
This is the window behind the kitchen table 
It makes me feel like I am in a tree house
From the side and back of the house-
the kitchen is actually the 2nd level
Thanks to the basement
So you get to see the middle of trees
Instead of just the trunks
Better view of that window
I am going to have to get Allison to do a valance
I feel like it needs something to draw the eye up

This kitchen just screams country house to me
So I have become obsessed with 
Never in my wildest dream
would I have like a rooster
Go Figure

The boys have taken to eating at the counter

These fun stools help
(sorry sideways picture)
We have 2 sets of bar stools
But we needed counter height
Picked these up at Target
I am almost 34 29 years old
and still shop at Target for furniture
I have worked for many years at Pottery Barn
Trust me-the exact same stool there is no better
and more than double the price

Views from the deck right off the kitchen

We put our picnic table on the other porch
But I may move it 
(when I get some outdoor seating for that side)

The half bath used to be a scary orange color
We did get that painted before the contractor ran off
And on that...
Dee reminded me I had not updated the status
We paid him only what we owed him
Mark handled the situation

I only have one photo of the family room
Because to picture more 
I would have to clean it
The mantel and space above remain empty
I have NO idea what to put there
This paneling that I HATE
is really throwing me off
The curtains need to be changed
That is on the list of things to buy
There is a wall of shelves with a desk
4 windows
And double glass doors that go to the back yard

I miss having an open floor plan
It is not good for entertaining
But we don't know anyone, so it works out
I love cooking in the new kitchen
But it is a bit harder to keep an eye on the boys
Can't leave the 2 big ones alone for a split second
Or someone is bruised or scratched

More pictures to come
But send the decorating ideas my way

Get Your Kicks


While Mark went exploring in Las Vegas this weekend
The boys and I went exploring OKC

I did not realize how close we are to Route 66
The ol' Mother road is so close to us
In fact,
the next major street over from the one we live off of

I thought the boys might enjoy being on a section of road
where Lighting McQueen drove
Not so much
They did not quite get the relation

But that's ok
I did

Our first stop
Just a few miles down the way
A little store called POPS
That is floor to ceiling pops
as in 
I thought this was going to be a little bit more of a gift shop
And I was wanting a Route 66 sign for the boys bathroom
But it is actually just a gas station and diner
Cute though
Connor was more intrigued with the 30+ motorcyclist hanging out in the  parking lot

We did manage to find a hat for our Pops
and some drinks to try

Remember these
Should have got some to send to Casey

Here's another cute one
We did not buy this kind

Places like this remind me of my dad (pops)
I think he gave me my love for exploring
and learning about places
Even though it's just a stupid gas station
I can now say 
been there, done that
I drove on the little Oklahoma section of the Route 66
Had a sod-e pop to prove it
(And yes, that's sod-e not soda pop)
You gotta say it the right way
So here's our 6 pack and the Pops hat we got for my dad
So dad if your reading this
couple of examples of what we got

In my research I found Route 66 park in OKC
Suppose to be one of the biggest parks in the city
We left the gas station with that as our destination
Apparently I did not read the map very well

It's a good thing I'm cute
Seriously totally misread the directions on this one

So we went with plan B
A park down the street that we had not been to yet
And do you notice anything?
That's right....
See they do exist in OK
My boys still found the dirt more fun
We didn't stay long
I had used up most of our time driving around looking for
the other park
It was getting hot
And close to lunch time
And Christian was tired
(my poor baby is covered in a rash and ran a fever most of last week)

Saturday night I did some more research 
and studied the map a bit closer
so we could find this park Sunday morning

So off we went
We drove and drove
The highway was getting less and less crowded
Pretty soon we were the only car
Then the exits were further and further apart
Since I am not a believer in texting or surfing the net
while driving
I kept saying next exit I will pull over
and look it up
Then I would see a road/exit name that looked familiar
OK one more exit I would tell myself
Then the road ended
It is suppose to be on a lake
Hadn't seen any water
Or people driving by pulling boats
Once the highway ended 
I made my way around a bit
Heart pounding slightly in my chest
I hate being lost
Finally a sign!!!

So after more than 35 minutes of driving
We found it
A cute park
Another thing to cross off my list
But nothing special for that crazy drive

We did walk around and feed the ducks some cheerios
Until these guys got stingy
And started chasing us
My stroller could not go fast enough
We must have looked like fools running from those damn ducks
I wish I could have photographed that

We played the rest of the afternoon
I did doze on the couch a bit
Kind of sad when your just laying there
And then you hear
"mommy wake up"

My weekend ended like this
And because I did not pick it up
My Monday started just like this too
What are playrooms for

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Connor Lou

Rulz the School
Well maybe not yet
But I know it won't be long
Before he is the leader of the pre-k kids

He was ready for the first day
Not so much about excitement or something new
But I think he craves activity
And being on his own some
And routine
(He totally gets that from me)

We, of course, took the first day photos

Showing his 4

He picked out all his things
his clothes, which are always a bit scary to me
(I feel you CoCo)
And his backpack-Star Wars
(don't know where that comes from, we have never watched it)
And his lucnhbox-SpiderMan
which we don't get to use since we are on half days
And all his supplies
which are actually for the classroom, not him personally
Try explaining that to a 4 year old

Colton could not be left out
Thank goodness his backpack is nearly empty
It's as big as he is

The first day the parents walked the kids in
We stayed for a couple of songs and then were asked to leave
No worries from my boy
He told me I did not have to go in with  him
"I remember where my room is"
Nice-but I'm still going

I watched him walk in and go straight to playing
I smiled that big proud smile
I was not sad or over emotional
When the parents were being swooshed out
I saw others shedding tears
and thought "weaklings"
just kidding
Sort of
Some of the kids were throwing fits
Not my boy 

But that afternoon as I sat in the carpool lane
40 minutes before school gets out
Cause that's when these freaks of moms with nothing better to do
start lining up
And I watched him walk out of the building in a straight line
with his class
And that huge bag on his back
And the little baby face with red cheeks from playing on the playground
And tired eyes from no nap
I realized how far we had come
Even though it is only pre-k
It is definitely weird seeing him at the elementary school
This is a big deal
My baby, my first born
Is doing stuff all by himself
Extra sad to me since he is talking about moving
He wants his own house 
With his own living room
With his own TV
Yeah, his words folks

So it's been 5 days of school
Don't know what they are doing
Now I realize I am getting my information from a 4 year old
But they haven't done any letters yet
Or writing or reading
They haven't "even used my school supplies yet"
Is this what public school gets you?

I am finally getting Colton and Christian to rest some
OK, twice, but it's a start
The bad part is I have to wake them up to leave for carpool
But it's better than nothing
And we still get a decent bedtime
So maybe we can adjust after all

My middle name is Autumn
Always hated it growing up
Not so bad now
But I think it is a pretty unusual name
Connor has 2 Autumn's in his class

It's about that time....
Let's see how today goes

Mother Nature

Yesterday's morning was perfect
Pure Perfection
A gorgeous shining sun
A cool breeze
70 degrees
My kind of morning
So we headed to the zoo before school

While it only got up to 85 yesterday
It was still very warm
20 degrees cooler than the last month
So I am not complaining
But the morning
aaahhh, love

So could fall be knocking?
Not yet,
It is due to be back up in the 90's tomorrow
But it was refreshing to be out
Good for the soul
Not just the weather
But to see so many other moms and toddlers
And a few dads, too
There is life in OKC

I heart fall
The spring like temperatures in the beginning
The cool, crisp air
The gorgeous colors
I am ready!

I will not bore you with more animal pictures
But I must say the playground at the OKC zoo
is worth the cost of our membership
We had not ventured over to it in our previous visits
But we will never miss it again
(this photo is only about 1/4 of it)
I wish I could have run through it more
But baby in the arms and all...

We did go check on Big Mamma, the gorilla
she was sitting in the same spot
Looking sad and unloved

So I tried to make a friend yesterday
Not sure if I feel like a schoolgirl or someone in the dating scene
But I for sure feel like a dumbass
There was a mom in the playground with 3 kids the same age
She was sitting on the bench holding the baby
So Christian and I moved in next to her
I asked her about the baby, the big boys
Where she lived
Told her about Connor's school
How we just moved here
I tried to introduce my boys to her boys
I felt like I was dropping all kinds of lines
With no bite
Do you ask for digits?
Invite them over?
How does this work??


Had the dining room carpet cleaned yesterday afternoon
Not just cleaned 
but the PURT process
That's pet urine removal treatment from chem dry
Oh yeah, 6 weeks into this place 
And the dogs have turned that room into a piss pot
I don't know if they (one of them really) are mad 
Or marking territory
The previous owners did have dogs also
When the guy showed up 
He told me he had been here before

We have been blaming this one

Every time we would find a mess
He would run away with his tail tucked between his legs

This one

 would walk around like she owned the place
Then I caught her red handed
She still looked at me like 
"wasn't me"
So Frisco has been wrongly accused
I wonder if that is the case for the past 6 years?

Marky Mark is out of town this week
He should be home tonight
But leaves tomorrow for VEGAS
 fantasy football ya know
I have to figure out what to do with the masses for the weekend
Ideas anyone??

If heaven can smell like my babies breath and feet
I better straighten up my act

It's been quiet for way too long
Better check on the boys
Plus that laundry ain't gonna wash itself

Monday, August 23, 2010

Good Friends and Great Parties

Well I survived the drive down to Dallas with a carload of boys
We got stuck on I35 for over an hour thanks to a nasty wreck
I made it to the MIL's house just in time to drop the boys off
And head to the airport to pick up Mark

Saturday morning the big boys and I went to the Galleria to meet our besties
Ilan, Castel, and mamma Bethany
I, of course, forgot my camera this weekend
So I only had the camera on my phone
Got a couple pics of the big brothers here 
But was too busy visiting to take photos

Aaghh, look at those loving bros
Ok, so they are probably just fighting
But roll with it folks


After our playdate we took attempted to take a rest
Before heading to Ben's 4th birthday party
It was at Infinite Bounds in Plano
where Connor had his party last year

For any of you Dallas dwellers
Best party place EVER!!!

Connor  went home with Ben for a sleepover that night
He is still tired
I guess they were good
Sam (Ben's mamma) said they were
Would you tell if they weren't?
I don't know if I would

That night we went out with friends to celebrate Mark's 40th
And our BFF Amy's 40th
I will share photos from that adventure later
I am going to have to get pictures from Amy
since I am the dummy who forgot the camera

Sunday before we headed back to OKC
We celebrated our nephew Carson's 2nd birthday

Look at that cutie

We did a little swimming 
I now totally understand how/why the kids swim like fish
Casey has mentioned here her little ones are now swimming with no floaties
And Cindy's kids were born with gills
Mine are a little more cautious
And haven't been in a pool since we moved
But 10 minutes in the pool alone with their daddy
My goodness
It was like night and day
They were jumping, going under (on purpose)
and swimming (with their floaties) all over the pool

Nanny had her 5 grandsons over 
My SIL and I decided next year we will drop the 5 boys off
and just go
get in the car and go
5 boys from 5 months to 4 years
Could you imagine if we lived closer
Connor, Colton, Carson, Christian, and Kyle
If Nanny could not handle it
No worries
Christian could watch baby Kyle

I think Carson enjoyed his cake
He dug all the blue icing off
Isn't that the best part of little one's birthday parties
Watching them destroy the cake

And just for fun
My boys

Friday, August 20, 2010


Connor's 1st day of school was pretty good. He had a good time. Colton did not sleep...shocker. It will take some major adjusting to get used to our new schedule. He came home very crabby and tired.
today is day 2 of school, Colton is NOT sleeping...shocker!

I am franticly trying to pack up because we are headed to Dallas as soon as I pick up the pre-k boy! Mark is flying in tonight from DC. We have 2 birthday parties to attend for the little ones and celebrating with our friends for Mark's 40th!

If you are thinking about robbing me, just pick up while you're hear please. The house is a freaking mess!!

 Hope everyone has a great weekend

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lordy Lordy

Look Who's 

This crazy guy

The man of my dreams

The love of my life

My baby daddy

My hubby

Happy Birthday Babe!!!
I love you more today than yesterday!
I hope your birthday is wonderful and you get everything you want....
but you better behave in your hotel room!

We celebrated, family style, on Sunday since Mark is traveling this week. He grilled steaks and we sang the ol' HB song to him and had cheesecake. We gave him a power washer (hey got keep the old people active ya know) and some OU crap stuff. 

He is so very lucky that I like older guys. And how fortunate is he to be with a never aging 29-ish year old?! He should really count his blessings.

On a side note...
Went back to Connor's school today to drop off supplies and learn the routine of his new pre-k class at the elementary school. Yesterday we were there for over an hour standing in several lines to get his class assignment. I feel much better about the teacher and aide today. But most of the sweet,snugly stuff is gone that we experienced in preschool last year. I guess that is normal? He is very excited and ready to make new friends so he can go to their house for dinner and play a little bit afterwards. His words, all of it, not mine! I am sad and worried and many emotions.
He is the afternoon session (they go only half days here for pre-k and k), so it will be quite the adjustment for us all. He usually has quiet time during his new school hours and I will have to adjust the little boys' naps. But we will figure it out., might take a couple of weeks but we'll get there. 

More tomorrow on the big first day!