Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Welcome to the Hood

The neighborhood 
(that is)
Land of 1000 mosquitoes
(seriously I have bites all over me)

So our housing development is call Kickingbird
(remember folks our house is from the 80's)
Which I can not say with out using my
'Dancing with Wolves' accent
kick-king burd
Apparently I can't type it without
saying out loud in the accent either
It never gets old
Mark and I crack up every time we drive into the subdivision
As soon as we turn on the street
we say it
and we laugh

We live in a cul-de-sac
which we love
We can let the kids ride their toys 
without too much fear

This is the house next door
We can see the drive and this truck from several windows
After about a week of living here
Mark said "that truck hasn't moved
Wonder if they are dead"
So we started with the stories...
grabbed the poison instead of the creamer for the morning coffee
drank to much and passed out in the bathtub
you get the idea

Then the lady from the other side of this house came over
With some very yummy cookies
She told us the lady in said house died
So that house is empty
The lady who came over, has grown kids

On the other side of us is someones great grandparents
If the Cadillac and Grand Marque in the drive weren't clue enough
Then the walker that is by the front door should be
But Mark has talked to them once when he was doing yard work
We met the other neighbors the other day when the boys were playing
They have grand kids from 2-16

Across the street, college age kids and older
 Point is.....
we won't be sitting in the drive way with neighbors watching the kiddos play in the street
No more white trash Memorial Day festivities out front with next door neighbors

Maybe, hopefully
When the house next door goes on the market
A younger family will move in

But we do have trees
Lots of trees!!
The kids have been bugging me for a pool all summer
But with the move I have not purchased one
Last weekend on 1 of my 3 trips to Target
I grabbed a Toy Story pool
It had gone on clearance for $7
Love me a bargain

It looked much bigger on the box

But again for $7
who's complaining
It even came with water guns that you connect the hose too
Super fun
Until they turn the water guns on you
We could actually handle the heat because of all those trees
Dare I say...
you were right Mark

Nah, I won't really say it
But it was bearable

This is a really cool house in the hood
If you can tell in this photo
That is a bridge from the garage to the house
Kind of cool
And this yard is nothing but trees
(out front anyway)

And more randomness......
-Yesterday was registration for Connor's pre-K through the school district
Sunday night I went to get all my paperwork together
 and we could not find his birth certificate
I was devastated
Mark got up and drove to Dallas to get another one
I had him signed up by 3pm
What a husband
What a DAD!!!

-We go back next week to meet the teacher and find out if we have afternoon or morning class
-I am pretty sure I overheard one of the ladies in the front office say there was only afternoon classes left
-I had my whole day worked out in my head for morning classes
I would have 1 on 1 time with Colton
Then in the afternoon while Colton slept I would have 1 on1 time with Connor

-Now I have to rethink my plan
-Guess this means no more naps for Connor

-I found the boys a pediatrician
-We ordered the carpet for the basement
 and it should be installed in the next couple weeks

-Mark's 40th birthday is next week
-Need ideas so please share with me your thoughts

-I have been wondering if my boys would benefit more if I went back to work
Maybe the summer has just been too long

-We are headed to DFW in less than 2 weeks for a birthday party
Can not wait to see some FRIENDS!!!


Dee Stephens said...

40th!! woohoo!! surprise party?

BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

I would suggest a party too but since you don't have friends there I guess that won't work - you could invite the elderly neighbors!!

starnes family said...

Oklahoma is making you ever funnier.

"It looked bigger on the box."


Party......bring the neighbors over for some sweet tea. Just make it before 4pm because you know they'll be in bed early.

Oh, and Mark is a total badass for going to get the birth certificate. Seriously.