Tuesday, August 3, 2010


-- The painters are still here, I am so ready for them to be done, so we can get back on a schedule and I can finish hanging things and share pictures

--The contractor finished the work in the basement while I was gone to my parents...closing off a section for Mark's home office. It looks good except for the doors. BAD BAD doors

--He's says he can do more work on them painting and removing the threshold and such, but it's gonna cost another couple hundred dollars

--He's good, but now he is just freaking nickle and diming us!

--Let me run out to the money tree in the backyard folks and take care of that, WTH?!?!

-- I was loving my house, now I think I am hating it again

--I hate grocery shopping, I mean really really HATE it. I feel like it is the biggest waste of time and money. I know you need food to live, but when I plan meals it costs even more. And they are always out of something. Plus I go a few times a week to refresh the bananas. Whatever happened to grocery delivery. Doesn't anyone do that anymore?

--I am feeling very poor and broke since writing another check today to the contractor. Can't you tell?

--My dogs stink and shed like crazy. I am moving their room to the laundry room. Is that mean? I can't take another dog hair on my bed.

--I flinch now everytime I have to feed Christian. My booby fears that 1 little baby tooth.

--Football starts next week. Oh joy!! That means I will see my hubs even less and will not get a conversation out of him until next January

--My sprinklers just came on. Why the heck are they coming on at 3:40 in the afternoon. The ground is not even getting wet it so FREAKING hot out there

--I miss my friends and my playdates. I really hope once school starts that Connor makes some friends with some decent moms. Otherwise, I am gonna get super lonely. And I need adult companionship. I can't handle being alone all the time.


BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

Tell Mark to fly me out there when he goes on one of his trips and we can have a playdate!

Sassafrass Jane said...

Force him to make friends with the fun mom's kids! Kidding. I never thought of it that way. You're kind of stuck with the parents of the kid your kid likes. Interesting.
Your house is coming together! You'll hate it now, but be happy when all the hard work is DONE. Can't wait to see!

The Soladay Family said...

This too shall pass...just keep saying that! Hang in there!