Friday, April 20, 2012


So obviously haven't posted in a while....ok ages! Wasn't planning on it today either. But I sat down to read my faces because I haven't even been doing that lately. I know, I SUCK!!!! But then I had to post...what's up with the new blogger "look". I almost couldn't even figure out to post.

Change stinks!
My heart stinks lately too! I'm in a "life sucks" kind of place and trying frantically to crawl out of it. More deets on that another time, maybe.

Other than that, we are alive and well. Headed to Dallas this weekend so I can go get my teeth cleaned Monday morning. I refuse to give up my dentist. She should feel very honored!

Ready for school to be out. Not sure if I am ready for 3 kids all day every day. Oh wait! I already do that. I might need a mental day or two first. A good pool side drunk fest with some girlfriends or my hubby could totally mentally prepare me for the next 3 months.

Promises to come back soon......