Sunday, June 27, 2010

Dominoes (and randomness)

So we spent our last Saturday evening with friends playing Dominoes
It's an evil, cut throat so non-friendly game we play
There are no teams
Beware who you mess with
Because they will certainly get you back

Tanya and Amy (below)
Tanya is enjoying her wine from a spider man cup
Amy enjoyed her snacks with an octopus fork
It was white trash night at the Lenzer house
OK, so all the cups were packed up

Sean and Linda
Sean is recently divorced 
one of the nicest guys I've ever met
So if you know of anyone....

Linda and Jon

The boys
Sean and Darren
They can make any gathering interesting
Never a dull moment with these guys


The rest of my week was spent packing 
squeezing in play dates
getting a hair cut
(I was feeling in the dumps and thought it would help)
All I know now is
I really need my hair colored

Walked into the bathroom to find this

Can't leave the boys alone for a second
It's a sideways picture
Not sure why, anyone know how to change that?
But the entire tube of toothpaste was squirted out
all over the sink

Every room in my entire house looks like this
We are 98% ready for tomorrow
As far as packing goes anyway
Kind of wish we didn't have to wait 10 days to start unpacking
But a break will be nice
Wish I could get a massage
or facial
or both
Anyone with change to spare?

A photo from father's day

Now look at my love bug
I am now calling him Little B
The B stands for Baker
my maiden name
or sometimes brother

He is so perfect
and round
and smooth
and the smell of his breath 
makes me all giddy on the inside
if I could bottle that smell
I would be happy for the rest of my life

Whoever invented this little diddy

And my sweet Colton 
needed some camera time too

So I might be out of commission for a couple of weeks
The movers will be here tomorow
Not sure when our Internet is getting cut off
We are leaving Tuesday for OKC
Don't have Internet at the apartment
We close on July 8
Movers come July 9
I will try to touch base when I can

The boys are upstairs and starting to not play well together
Mark went back to bed
Without saying a word to me
Must be NICE
Better run play referee mommy

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hola Peeps

Just wanted to say HELLO
and that
I am in 

Monday, June 21, 2010

TV Talk

So I finally finished watching the 3 reunion shows of 
Housewives of NY

OH MY!!!!

Those ladies are cra-zy
It's so wrong that it's right 

I hate it
I bitch about
They make my skin crawl
I can NOT turn the TV off

Alex used to be least fave, she's kind of a wanna be
But now I kind of like her
Wish she would spend some of her hubby's money and get her teeth fixed though

Bethany is odd

Ramona gets on my every nerve
She talks way too much
Way too loud
And way too squeaky

Jill is a bit snooty
Always apologizing after the fact

Kelly is off her rocker
Not the sharpest tool in the shed
On something
You get the idea
Who was she married to?
Where does she get her money from?
Girl is weird

What did yall think of the season?

I don't watch HWNJ but did hear that a couple of the ladies are broke
Like losing their houses broke

Has anyone ever watched the show Toddlers and Tiaras?
I cannot watch this
It freaks me out
Not like in the "laugh your ass off way" of the housewives
But a "throw up in your mouth" kind of way
Where is CPS for these kids?
And that is just what I get from the previews
These f-ed up moms are spray tanning their 5 year olds
They have fake teeth
Craziness I tell you

Also can't watch those hoarding shows
Are those folks for real?
Who really lives like this
And HOW?

Tell you what I do watch in summer
Army Wives
I love this show

Burn Notice
It's pretty good and not hard on the eyes

What do you watch?

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Daddy Love

I never in all my wildest dreams thought I would be married to such a wonderful father
Not that I ever thought Mark would be a bad dad
I'm not really sure exactly what I thought

But here is what I do know
My boys are so lucky to have Mark as their daddy

He works harder than anyone I have ever met to provide for all of us
Then he comes home and takes over for me

He is far more patient than I
Can kiss a booboo almost as good as mommy
He makes a mean grilled cheese
And is the human jungle gym

Even as I work on this post, he is upstairs reading books to Connor

One day I will have to share the stories he tells the boys at bedtime
If I can ever get them right
They beg me to tell the same stories, but Mark does it so much better than me

So happy Father's Day Mark
You are God's blessing to me and our boys
I could not have a better partner in life and co-parent
I know I don't always make you feel like a good husband and dad
But you are

I hope that on your day, we can make you feel special
I love you Mark
We love you

The Lenzer fam ROCKS

And to my


This is my favorite picture of me and my dad

We have always had a special bond
All though we did not always see eye to eye

My dad taught me lots of lessons in life
how to eat well
vienna sausages or tamales from a can
don't worry about (getting hurt)
it's too far from your heart to kill you
always listen to your car (for problems)
once I didn't do that, he took the radio out of my car
the entire radio
that would be one of those moments of not seeing eye to eye

He also taught me how to
change a tire
cut the grass on cool riding snapper lawn mower
He is the best POPS' ever
I am so glad my boys are growing up to know their

I can only imagine how much easier it is to be a grandfather 
than a father to 

Happy Father's Day 
to all the Dad's out there

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Arbuckle Wilderness

I hate to keep sharing the same ol' animal pictures
but this place was great

On our drive home from OKC last week, it was just me and the boys
No dogs
I left them with Mark
I was tired of being responsible for every living being

Really I just wanted to stop at one of the many cool places along the way

But since I really didn't feel like dragging all the tired kids out into the unknown
I choose to go to the drive thru zoo
Arbuckle Wilderness

Such fun!!!!

The best hour I have had in a long time
I laughed the entire time

I have this great memory from when I was a kid
In fact, such a vivid memory, I was beginning to think I made it up
But this venture confirmed my fond recall
When I was little my granny and her brothers/sisters took the grandkids on vacations
One year we went to a similar drive thru zoo in Missouri (I think)
All I remember is my little cousin, April, and me sitting in the front seat
And this giraffe sticking his head in our window all the way through

Now I know it was real
These animals are CRAZY

And food whores
This guy was my fave
He just kept chomping his chomps
And stayed right with us
 They all did
But the emu's were the WORST
Thank goodness for power windows
Don't know if 'Edward the Emu' will remain our favorite book after this

Colton thoroughly enjoyed himself
As much as I did
Connor damn near had himself curled into the console of the truck
I might have over exaggerated the "biting of the hands" aspect
Just to keep the boys from hanging out the window
Connor just wanted me to keep driving

The giraffes were amazing
They were in an enclosed area but could reach their necks out to the cars for food
of course
But the emus would just about not let them get any


 Got to see another baby getting "booby juice" from his mamma
The boys thought that was special
Now they know I am not we are not the only one

I was a good multi tasker
I drove
kept the big boys from getting the hands eaten
nursed the baby
changed a poopy diaper
took pictures
rolled the windows up and down non stop
and laughed my butt off

I am expecting my MOTY nomination any day

It was a blast and so neat to see all these animals up close
It will make a great meeting point for my DFW friends

Back to packing....

Monday, June 14, 2010

Need a Laugh?

Heard the toilet flush
for the second
and then the third time
in a row

found Colton doing this

This morning he brought me a little gift:
A poo poo turd
No picture of that

At least he cleaned up after himself

He is spending a lot of time naked
At least from the waist down
It helps go to the potty
Obviously not all the time

When Colton was about 9 months old
I sat him down for literally 1 minute
or less
Returned to this little number

Told you I have picked up my share of poo

OKC Update

First of all let me say, MY WORD, what is in the air? I am still freaking exhausted!!! I even slept on the couch this morning while the boys played. I know, I know, that was a terrible decision, but I could not hold my eyes open. I am the pregnant kind of tired. But NO that is not the reason, that would be impossible!

So last week Mark came home on Tuesday night to get some papers he needed and then went back to OKC on Wednesday morning and took Connor with him. The other boys, dogs, and I were going to come up on Thursday. But the house was clean and I did not want to mess it up, and secretly I really missed my Connor. So we went up on Wednesday afternoon.

I really should have followed my gut and turned the car around and headed back to Texas because poor Christian had a cough that was getting worse with each hack. But the inspection for Mark's  our new house was Thursday and I really wanted to take another look around and some measurements. I need to get the decorative aspect of things rolling in my head.

So Thursday we went to the inspection, which was fine. Only a few minor things to be fixed. Don't tell, but quietly I was praying for a major issue. It didn't happen, so maybe that was the answer to my prayers? Time to get over it I guess.

By Thursday afternoon, Christian sounded scary. So I called the pediatrician and the nurse told me to have him looked at. Friday morning I started calling around to doctors. I was able to get him into one for the afternoon. But in my attempt to find a Starbucks with WIFI, I drove past a "quack shack" or "doc in a box" and it looked decent. So I went in. So 2 hours, a chest x-ray, and a ton of money later my baby Christian has bronchitis (or so the dr says). 

And to make it an even better day, I had decided to drop my truck off at the service place to have the back lift gate fixed, it had gone out a couple of days before. It is so rare that Mark and I are with each other so that I could drive his truck for the day, I thought I'd better take advantage of the situation. So while I was at the doc FOREVA, he and the big boys were waiting on me at YMCA to come and pick them up. 

When he finally got home (and by home I mean the apartment he has) from work he told me I needed to head back to Texas ASAP because we had a lease offer on our house. And they want to move in July 1st!!!

I would so rather sell and be done with the stress, but this will work. Then in a year maybe the market will be better and we can not lose money on the deal?! So I am frantically packing, moving up our movers to a sooner date, planning last minute play dates, and shutting off and turning on new services. Or so I am suppose to be. I spent my morning on the couch. But now I am drinking a Coke and hope to get busy PRONTO!!!

And BTW, Christian is still coughing but is a million times better. Except for his still waking up to nurse at night now. I think he got used to it during the few days he could not sleep! Old habits die hard I guess!

So there is my update. I am stressed and scared and nervous and truly sad, but at the same time excited and can't wait for it to be here.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hey Peeps

Hello blogging peeps

I have lots to share since I took off for OKC on Wednesday and do not have Internet access up there. Doesn't seem so odd to say that in 2010? But Mark doesn't haven't it at his apartment and I was too busy to find a Starbucks or such with WIFI so I could get online with my entourage in tow.

But right now I am exhausted so I must go to bed.

Promise to post tomorrow!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


OK, so I will never be the mom of an Oscar winner or my son's date when he walks the red carpet
My boys are not so fond of performing in front of a live audience unless highly bribed
Even then it only works with Connor
(Colton is standing right in the middle, in the above picture, with the striped shirt and his hands politely in his pockets, where they remained the ENTIRE time)

The last day of school was pretty emotional for me
(and Colton too, pictured above with his teacher Ms. Vicki)

It was a patriotic theme which moves me to tears anyway, even when sung by 4 and 5 year olds
But knowing this was the last time we would be at the preschool I LOVED was really hard
Saying good-bye to fabulous teachers and friends who have truly found a place in our family's heart

It is the end to one chapter of lives and is becoming very real and bitter sweet to me
I don't know how Casey goes through it with such grace

So here is a short video of Connor singing. I mentioned he was bribed. I told him if he sang the loudest he could get a toy from Target. He did, and he did! He has never performed this well. Normally he stands around like Colton was. There is hope for my boy yet!!

They also sang, among other patriotic tunes, God Bless America
You know it:
from the mountains, to the valleys
to the oceans, white with foam
connor's version
to the oceans, right before

And my little one decked out in his red, white, and blue too

God Bless America
Bright Beginnings Preschool

Monday, June 7, 2010

God Bless Christian Liam

Yesterday was Christian's Baptism at St. Paul's Church

It was the last chance since he barely fit into the family christening outfit
The top button was left undone, but no one knew

My sister, Brandi, is his godmother
My BIL, Bill, is his godfather
They both live far away so we had substitutes
BFF, Amy and BIL, Jon, stood in for them

They are Connor's godparents

He did great, never cried once

Colton had a fever and it was nap time, but he hung in there
Connor was bored to tears, but he was great

Time to retire the outfit
That makes me sad

The boys and their great grandparents, Nana and Papa Lou
St. Paul's is their church

Amy and Connor

Linda and Colton
(Colton's godmother)

Aunt Barbie, Nana, and Christian