Sunday, June 27, 2010

Dominoes (and randomness)

So we spent our last Saturday evening with friends playing Dominoes
It's an evil, cut throat so non-friendly game we play
There are no teams
Beware who you mess with
Because they will certainly get you back

Tanya and Amy (below)
Tanya is enjoying her wine from a spider man cup
Amy enjoyed her snacks with an octopus fork
It was white trash night at the Lenzer house
OK, so all the cups were packed up

Sean and Linda
Sean is recently divorced 
one of the nicest guys I've ever met
So if you know of anyone....

Linda and Jon

The boys
Sean and Darren
They can make any gathering interesting
Never a dull moment with these guys


The rest of my week was spent packing 
squeezing in play dates
getting a hair cut
(I was feeling in the dumps and thought it would help)
All I know now is
I really need my hair colored

Walked into the bathroom to find this

Can't leave the boys alone for a second
It's a sideways picture
Not sure why, anyone know how to change that?
But the entire tube of toothpaste was squirted out
all over the sink

Every room in my entire house looks like this
We are 98% ready for tomorrow
As far as packing goes anyway
Kind of wish we didn't have to wait 10 days to start unpacking
But a break will be nice
Wish I could get a massage
or facial
or both
Anyone with change to spare?

A photo from father's day

Now look at my love bug
I am now calling him Little B
The B stands for Baker
my maiden name
or sometimes brother

He is so perfect
and round
and smooth
and the smell of his breath 
makes me all giddy on the inside
if I could bottle that smell
I would be happy for the rest of my life

Whoever invented this little diddy

And my sweet Colton 
needed some camera time too

So I might be out of commission for a couple of weeks
The movers will be here tomorow
Not sure when our Internet is getting cut off
We are leaving Tuesday for OKC
Don't have Internet at the apartment
We close on July 8
Movers come July 9
I will try to touch base when I can

The boys are upstairs and starting to not play well together
Mark went back to bed
Without saying a word to me
Must be NICE
Better run play referee mommy


Brandi said...

Been there. Moving is difficult on all accounts!! And I can't stand handling newspaper-oh the way it makes my hands feel--yuck!! Hope I don't have to move for a long time!!

BTW--my hubby has a step aunt who lives in OK, and my dad's wife has kids there. They got caught in all that recent tornado weather.

BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

Good luck cous! I hope it goes smoothly!

The Soladay Family said...

Good luck with the move! Hang in there!