Monday, April 27, 2009

Texas Sun

Nothing can run this red headed, fair skinned girl in quicker than 90+ degrees and last week Texas had it's first of the year. I can, however, guarantee that it will NOT be the last!! So when days get hot, big mamma takes the boys to do indoor things...I know terrible but lets face it, the slides are even to hot to slide down. Spring lasted all of 3 weeks around here...gotta love TEXAS!!

This time we went to Collin Creek Mall play area, one of my favorites because it's not crowded and the area is age appropriate for both kiddos. We also made our usual stop at the Disney Store and since it was Earth Day we turned in some plastic bottles for a free cup. Connor found a Toy Story T-shirt and it was on clearance so I let him get it. We had to leave the mall after that, less than an hour into our trip, so that he could go home to change into his new shirt.
Have you ever heard of a toddler who changes more than Connor?

Clean house (or not)

Mark thinks that I am a terrible house wife. He certainly keeps a cleaner home than I do. I have yet to figure out how he entertains the boys and picks up,but whenever I come home from work on the weekends, the floors are vacuumed, the toys put away, the laundry baskets emptied. It always leaves a big question mark in my mind. I have, however, stopped thinking about it. I have just told myself the boys mind better and entertain themselves around daddy than they do with me.

Anytime I am in the bathroom getting ready my cabinets get emptied. I even bought storage boxes and put everything in them inside of the cabinets. They just get emptied onto the floors.
This is the down stairs playroom after only 30 minutes. I put the boys in there so I could make dinner and tidy the kitchen. It only took me 2 days to get all the toys put back into the bins.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Boomer Sooner

The Saturday before Easter, Mark took Connor to his first college football game. I know wrong season!!! It was the Oklahoma Sooners Spring game. Connor loves football, especially football he gets to watch with daddy. It's the only way I can get him to eat his vegetables-he has to eat them to grow big so he can play football. They had a great time, even with out a nap... a stop at McDonald's on the way up and down helped with that. Connor loved seeing the "manhorse" which was the mascot that he is still talking about.
They stopped at Turner Falls on the way back.

Country Living

My parents live on several acres of land. The down side to that is non-stop grass cutting for half of the year and the "bad" animals (coyotes, snakes-pops did kill 1 the week were there, spiders, and rats-I mentioned Precious and Frisco killed one in the garage). The best part about all the land is the "good" animals- the deer, the hummingbirds, red birds, blue birds, wood peckers (OK all birds), the baby calves who live next door (in a down wind they fall under the "bad" category but this time the boys got to see them up close so I will classify them in the "good" category).

Squint real hard and there is a coyote along the tree line. Pops couldn't get the shot gun out quick enough so he headed back into the woods.
Again squint real hard and there are 2 deer right in the middle. I would love to wake up to that every morning.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter 2009

I LOVE EASTER!!! The weather is warming up, flowers are blooming, colorful clothes come out of the back of the closet, the windows go up (or down in the car) and Easter officially sets all that in motion for me. We, of course, did the Easter bunny routine Sunday morning with full baskets and hidden eggs. Then we spent the afternoon with some of Mark's family at his Aunt Maggie's house. I am saddened to say I did not take even a single picture at her house. But know that it was great to see everyone!

We baked cupcakes on Good Friday

We died Easter eggs on Saturday (Connor half naked of course)

(sorry about the blurry picture)
The Easter bunny hides the died eggs

And Easter baskets of course

Our visit so far

I am just now getting a post up of our family visit, but (SHOCKER) I have had trouble with my computer. I promise to one day get it worked on!! Anyway, I flew into Memphis Monday afternoon and Mark drove in with the dogs on Tuesday. I know, seems odd to separate the family to go somewhere, but Mark thought it would be easier on everyone that way (OK mainly him so wouldn't have to deal with us for 8 hours in the car ha ha). My parents live in Mississippi now, just across the state line from Tennessee (where I grew up), and have several acres of land. My Granny lives there as well as my sister and her family. My parents have just recently moved my MawMaw in with them as her health has deteriorated and she can no longer live alone. The good part about all this is you get to see everyone you need to see and never have to go anywhere. It has been a fun week so far and we all get to be a little country (or redneck)!!

Lots of 4-wheel riding
And for those of you who are freaking out, like I once would, and thinking who puts small kids on a 4 wheeler and with out a helmet to make it worse....we go VERY, VERY slow and hold on to them.

Checking the bird feeder

All this land to run and play on and Colton prefers to sit in the garage and eat the dog food. OK truthfully I don't know if he was actually eating it or not but he was sticking his hand in the water bowl and then licking his hand...YUMMY!! Don't worry I washed his hands.

The dogs have a great time too.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mom Hair

Weekend before last, I got off work a little early and my hairdresser had an opening. I took it as a sign. I was ready for something springy and fresh and quite frankly I am sick of always seeing my hair in a pony tail. So I cut my hair off!! I left the salon feeling pretty good about myself, imaging how I would wash it AND style it everyday (I knew deep down it was just a dream but I was rolling with it) and pony tail holders be gone!!

When I got home Mark asked me when I cut my hair. Then he told me I had "mom hair" and maybe he should get me a mini van to go with it! Self esteem? What self esteem? My hair high came to a quick end as my visions of showers were replaced with visions of the van with all those stickers across the back window. Thanks honey!! (And no offense to any mini van drivers out there)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Climber

Colton has been quite laid back since he was born, he had no interest in walking for quite a while. He was content to be held. I thought he was going to be the easy one, in comparison to Connor who was a climber and into things since conception-he swam around in the womb and got his head stuck under my ribs. But now that he has figured out how to get on things-no table (or any piece of furniture) is safe!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

You might be a redneck if....

you look up to find your son peeing by the tree at the PUBLIC park!!!!


I know, I know.....I am sooo behind on blogging. Well guess what? I am behind on my laundry, my cleaning, my paperwork, my organizing, my cleaning (did I mention that? I am way behind on it). My excuse for my blog-this stupid computer. I just replaced the battery about a month ago. Then I had to have the screen repaired a couple of weeks ago. The tech told me about some "issues" my PC had. I knew it would have a few problems as it is several years old and has been running kind of slow. I told him maybe next month I could get it fixed since I had already spent several hundred dollars on it. Ever since I got it back from him it has been worse. Sometimes 3 or 4 days will pass and I can't even turn the thing on!!!! It almost makes you wonder....
By the time I fix this I could have bought a new one.

My excuse for the other stuff....I'M LAZY!!!!

Not much exciting has been going on, just the usual routine. Several park trips, lots of bike riding, and the fun part-4 trips to the doctor for Colton in the last 8 days (which included 6 shots in 4 days) for his ears. Now he is on 10 days of oral medication to clear them. Let's pray that works. He is at least acting like himself again. The one good thing...he has met his deductible for the year!!