Thursday, April 23, 2009

Country Living

My parents live on several acres of land. The down side to that is non-stop grass cutting for half of the year and the "bad" animals (coyotes, snakes-pops did kill 1 the week were there, spiders, and rats-I mentioned Precious and Frisco killed one in the garage). The best part about all the land is the "good" animals- the deer, the hummingbirds, red birds, blue birds, wood peckers (OK all birds), the baby calves who live next door (in a down wind they fall under the "bad" category but this time the boys got to see them up close so I will classify them in the "good" category).

Squint real hard and there is a coyote along the tree line. Pops couldn't get the shot gun out quick enough so he headed back into the woods.
Again squint real hard and there are 2 deer right in the middle. I would love to wake up to that every morning.

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