Thursday, February 26, 2009


(the picture is not very clear)

About a year ago I bought these great "art" picture frames for the boy's playroom. They hold an 81/2 x 11 sheet and have an opening in the back so you can just slip in the latest artwork. I bought 3 red and 3 blue. Connor has red and Colton has the blue. We love to color and do crafts here, but Connor also comes home with something everyday from school. On Tuesday Connor drew a GREAT picture....however it won't fit in the fantastic frames I use to display their beautiful works of art because it is all over the wall!!!! That's what happens when you put them in their room for nap when they really don't want to go (and when they have a crayon in there). All I can say is thank goodness for magic erasers.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ice cream can fix anything

My dad was right all those years. Ice cream can fix just about anything. The first 2 days of Colton's fever he really didn't eat. Usually when I pick Connor up from school we do "something special", but I knew we couldn't go out to do anything fun with a sick little one. So, instead, I got him an ice cream cone from McDonald's. I also got a cup of ice cream for Colton. After I went through the drive thru, I pulled over to hand back the cone to Connor, the whole time thinking I must be nuts for giving a 2 year old ice cream in my freshly washed car (Mark would have shot me). Then I gave a spoon fed bit to Colton before I headed home. He licked the spoon and then the moaning and "mo, mo" (translation:more, more) started. I had to pass him back bites the entire way home, luckily it was just a few miles. He ate the entire cup!! OK, I had a bite or 2 but that's it.

My sick boy

The last week has been a sick one around here. Colton has had the nasty snots that I had Connor at the doctor for last week. The only difference is Colton's was accompanied by a lovely fever. He is like me...a fever (even a small one )can really knock us down and out. At least I had medicine already. I know that is probably breaking every rule sharing medicine and all but I did it anyway. The fever lasted from Thursday to Sunday. Monday I thought we were on the road to recovery so I even took him to school. I felt guilty about dropping him off as I hate it when parents take snotty kids out to infect all the others, but I really needed a break. When I picked him up they told me he woke up from his nap his eyes were all crusty. I acted surprised but of course I wasn't since I had been seeing that for days already. At that point I did call the doctor's office for the second time. The nurse told me to watch him for another day. Of course that night he was up all night screaming and crying. He seemed OK for a few hours Tuesday morning but then after nap the screaming started again. So I loaded the car and took the clan to the doctor's office. He has a double ear infection. He got 2 shots and $60 worth of medicine. So far so good so it was defiantly worth it. Of course now I feel guilty because I should have taken him sooner and maybe it would not have gotten so bad. Lesson learned....always listen to your gut. And even though the all nighter was hard, I did enjoy snuggling with my baby boy and watching his face when he did sleep, a few peaceful minutes at a time. It's been a while since I have gotten to do that. Almost makes me want another one!!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

the kitchen

So it occurred to me that I did not post pictures of the final kitchen paint job. Well actually Amy reminded me...thanks Amy (what would I do without her?). The painters came back last Saturday to fix the "leopard" walls. They had to repaint the base and this time they wiped the glaze off instead of using a rag to blot it off. It looks so much better!!! It is still not the picture but it is good. Next step will be to paint the cabinets. I have been wanting to do that anyway because they are a honey color which I don't care for, but now that the walls have so much yellow...they REALLY look honey. So that project has officially moved up on the list. It's too bad my dad lives so far away. I could keep his weekends full for the next year.

The only issue I am having is with the stupid fan in the family room. Its is beautiful, but after we finally got it working right (which has to be by remote control NOT the light switches) it barely gives off light. Obviously a man designed this because there is no way a woman would put 6-15watt light bulbs to light up a large room!!! I am going to go back to Home Depot this afternoon and see what options they have for me because I cannot see. We actually needed a replacement bulb already (one went MIA during the kitchen project) and the only bulbs that size are 4 watts....that is for a nightlight. Again this is a large room. Luckily I very recently purchased a table lamp for the room or we would be sitting completely in the dark. Mark did pick up a slightly larger bulb today to see if it would fit that was 40 watts but the sticker inside the fan says do not use over 20watts (some fire risk BS). I wonder how accurate that really is? Too bad I don't know someone at HD who would let me exchange it....anyone? I still have the box, but I don't know if they will take it back or not without all the packaging. Well Imelda does work for the company now, but in HR, and I don't think she reads my blog. Darn the luck. I am seriously mad about this....90 watts to light a room, that's 1 normal light bulb!! I don't get it, who does that? I will let you know how it goes at Home Depot.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Super heros

So I know I am kind of out of order but that's what happens when you get behind. I have mentioned Connor's friend Hailey before (from the gym- he calls her K). The two are inseparable and so adorable together. When I got finished with my workout on Thursday I went to the child care room to get him and he and Hailey (K) were dressed up as super heroes. Connor told me he was a bad guy.

More zoo pictures

Valentines Day

I love V-day!! I don't care who thinks it is a Hallmark made up holiday, I think it is a great day. Connor and Colton had little favors for them when they got up in the morning including a card, candy, and a new movie (Madagascar 2 for Connor and the Penguins for Colton). Then we were off to the zoo for my v-day gift (a family day and a membership). It was COLD!! After a week of beautiful days, Saturday was freaking freezing. We through on the coats and hats and had a great time anyway. We did a good walk through of half of the zoo and for the other half we rode the train through. By then Colton was maxed out and exhausted and since I had Mark with me I wanted to do the train. That one is kind of hard to do alone. I am so excited about our membership. I think we should go every week (but not in July and August) or travel the country touring zoos (since we get to use our pass at over 100 zoos). The membership nearly sells itself!! We should keep a tally of how many times I actually use it and see if we get our money's worth.

Day 4

Well I am nearly sick to my stomach after the final day of the kitchen painting. I have cried and not slept. The kitchen is not quite what I planned. I had a picture and gave it the guys but for what ever reason it did not translate into their handy work. I already knew a couple of days ago that the texture was not what it was in the picture and I was trying to get used to that. I think I just allowed myself to get to attached to the darn photo. Anyway, when they started the faux finish they showed it to me and it looked good. I don't know if they got tired or if it is because it is in such a big room and I approved it based on a small wall or what! Anyway, as Mark put it, we have a leopard kitchen....SCARY!!!! Mark called and they are coming back on Saturday to do try and fix it.

Day 3

Still a mess, but I guess I would rather have it messy now than paint splattered. We did get new our new light fixtures up today as well as the ceiling paint done. Tomorrow should be the last day with the faux in the kitchen and the trim!! Yeah can't wait.

Day 2

Well day sure doesn't look like any progress has been made. The place is basically a mess with plastic over EVERYTHING! We are just staying out of the house as much as possible. I fed the boys breakfast in the playroom and then we left for the day. The paint did get complete in the living room and the base coat for the kitchen. One step down!!!

Monday, February 9, 2009


On Thursday I needed to go to the Galleria Mall to get something so we went early to play in kids area. They have the best one in town, it's too bad it is so far away. Connor, as always, had a fabulous time. Colton really ventured out on his own. I think he is finally beginning to enjoy walking. With his hands free to feel and grab at things there is a lot to see and do. Even cuter is when Connor takes his hand and tries to lead him someone. Well sometimes it's cute. Sometimes he drags Colton around and that usually causes an accident.

The park

Thursday we went to the park to enjoy the beautiful February weather. Bethany brought her boys, Ilan and Castel. Connor and Ilan played very well together in the sand. We did not hear them arguing even once. And they only threw the sand a couple of times (that we witnessed anyway). Colton is just now starting to get into the playground. The slides are slightly more interesting than eating the wood chips (well most days anyway). Maybe in another year or so all 4 boys will be able to play safely and nicely so that Bethany and I can actually talk. Does that ever happen?

Party time

Saturday night we had a few friends over to play dominoes. Thanks to everyone who was fun. And I still can't believe Linda won the game. She NEVER wins, all though I did find a domino under the kitchen table Sunday morning so......?!?!

My boys

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Day 1

The painters started today on the kitchen. We are having texture done over the old wallpaper and then painted. I am not sure how I thought it would happen, but it certainly wasn't what I encountered. They had everything covered and taped, which I suppose is a good thing. I can't open a cabinet or cook on the stove, crap! I was so looking forward to cooking a great dinner....yeah right. You know me, I am quite the chef. After I picked up the boys from school, we went down to Beth's house to hang out (since we couldn't really go home) and to do laundry (oh yeah the dryer is broken). I took Connor and Colton out for dinner. I am still pondering breakfast tomorrow since the kitchen table is covered in the middle of the living room. At least they moved the fridge back so you open the door.
Eventually we will paint the cabinets and put in new counter tops. We are starting with just the paint. This house did not come with a money tree in the back yard. We are also changing the light fixtures. I can't wait to see it all complete. Hopefully it will only take 3-4 days. I will keep you up to date this week....well maybe! We'll see how it goes.

Long time no see

Well here I am again, 2 weeks with out a post!! And I just promised to catch everyone up. Man I suck!! Perhaps I should just see how far back my memory can go...I'm guessing not very these days. Does motherhood just suck out the memory part of your brain?