Monday, May 31, 2010

OK Update

Hey Blogging Peeps....get your prayer on (please)
Our house is still for sale. 
We need it sold, like yesterday!
However, I went up to OKC on Thursday so we could house hunt on Friday and Saturday. We have to find a place, now, so we can get the family back together. Plus Mark looses his housing at the end of June. 

And house hunt we did
17 houses in 3 hours on Friday
Can you say ti-red?
Then Saturday we went back to see 3 again, plus 2 new ones.
We have it down to 2
 my fave
(my choice, a traditional house with everything we need and a great kitchen)

 and Mark's fave
(a 1980 house that is updated but not an open floor plan but big beautiful trees)

 I hate his and he hates mine!
What's a couple to do? Someone is gonna be pissed. 

Saturday afternoon we took in the Big 12 Baseball game since OU was playing.
(the down town area is pretty cool and I can't wait to explore it more)

 Ya'll know Mark is an OU freak!! He would watch women's bowling if they were from OU. It was hot, and it was baseball (so you do the math)

Luckily there was a playground there

So basically we payed a s**t ton of money to slide for an hour and half
But it was fun and the family time was worth it

In more important news...
Colton pulled his pants up all by himself

What a big boy
and cheek-y


What do you think Frisco, the dog, is thinking here?

White Trash Memorial

Yes, we celebrated Memorial Day "White Trash" style!!!
I'm from Tennessee, I can't help it.

That is us, and our fab neighbors in the FRONT yard!

We did have a great afternoon, trying to keep the little ones in the shade. 
The big kiddos splashed around and peed in the yard.
Good Times, Folks, Good Times
My neighbor, Johnette and her baby boy Trace, just 6 weeks younger than Christian

Then we grilled some burgers and dogs!
Nothing better than good friends, a cold beer, and a cheese burger

On Saturday, I took the boys down to my MIL's house for some swimming and grilling.

Connor had a blast in the pool. What a difference a year can make. He was fearless, all over the pool.
The above pic was Connor jumping into the pool and under the water with my MIL

Colton was a bit weary at first, didn't want to leave my side. Then he got attached to good ol' Uncle Lou.

Told my son to hold his noodle
Never thought I would say that...HA

Christian had his first swim and loved it. He went skinny dipping and only peed once! The MIL will have to put some extra chlorine in it tomorrow! 
With Aunt Joan
With MIL (Nannie)
My SIL and her son Carson

Monday, May 24, 2010

Hello All

Hello Blogging Peeps!!! I have returned and am almost back in business!! I finally got a new computer and joined the land of techy's with a MAC. However, I am not very techy so it has taken me 2 weeks to figure out how in the heck to get my picutres onto the blog. And while I have had tons of post ideas, they all needed photos to go with them. So I have that problem solved. The only thing left to do is get my photos from my Dell moved over. They might take me a while longer to figure out. But in the mean time I will roll with what I've got!! 

My how I have missed everyone! So for now, I will just try to update everyone on my boring life and share some pics of my beautiful babes!

So  my sweet baby boys is turning 6 months old tomorrow. And now I am feeling the need for another baby. No one freak out...not gonna happen! If it does, that means my doctor screwed up royally!! But my boy is precious, and cuddly, and rolly polly, and smooth, and still smells like baby! How can you not crave another. Even as I sit here and watch his eyes turn red and he tries to poo. Man, I love him! 

Monday, May 17, 2010

Name that tune

Who remembers what this is from?
I do, and it is stuck in my head for some crazy reason!!
There is no prize here, just the embarrassment that you know!!!

Where oh where are you tonight?
Why did you leave me here all alone?
I've searched the world over
and thought I found true love
But you met another
and poo
you were gone

So, I have lots and lots of posts in my head but still have not sat down to get them out. I am loving my mac, but need to get my pics moved over. Still haven't figured that one out, or spent too much time trying. I have hit up a couple of my friends hubby's to help out. I worked this past weekend. Mark had to stay in OKC because of the tornadoes and hail storms. That means lots of work for someone in the roofing biz! This coming weekend is my garage sale, so I am spending lots of some time working on that. The hard part is I have to haul the crap down to my MIL's house cause that's where the GS is gonna be. Then Sunday is my last day at PB. Feeling pretty sad about that. I am excited to have some family time on weekends but know I will miss the discount and the iddy bitty pay check. It is really bitter sweet. And if I can say this with out jinxing things, baby Christian is sleeping through the night (well most nights and almost all night-from about 6:30pm to 5-ish). There is light at the end of the tunnel. I was suppose to go to OKC today to look for a house, but Mark was so busy (see above) that he couldn't even break away for a couple of hours. So I will try again next week.

Hope all is well. 

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I'm a MAC

I have done enough bitching in the last few months about my computer. It was definitely on the list of things to buy....after we sell the house. I have been doing lots of research on what and where to buy one so that I can get the best deal. Tuesday night I turned on the TV to QVC (it's that or Disney and I often choose QVC) and they had a Dell on special for that hour only. So I texted Mark to see if I could go ahead and buy one. I was not expecting an answer, since he was hard at work, and certainly not a yes. But I got it! It helped that I had sent him a picture earlier of Connor breast feeding his teddy! He said I could buy one  as long as I never posted such a photo.

So I ordered it with seconds to spare on the special price. I immediately had buyers remorse. Well, more guilt than remorse. I mean there is so much more I could do with the buy diapers! So I went to Best Buy yesterday to look at cheaper ones. The 19 year old tech-y computer geek sales guy totally sold me on a MAC! They have a 14 day return policy so I decided to give it a whirl.

So far, so good. Actually I LOVE it!!!!  Coco you should retire your computer that is in for repairs more than Heidi Montag!!

I haven't moved all my photos over.....but I'm working on it. OK so I plan to work on it.

Today I am going to eat lunch with the boys at school and then help with the all the kids in the lunchroom. It is teacher appreciation week and the teachers are having a nice lunch AND get to eat it sitting down at a table all by themselves. Must be nice!!

**On a side note....this crap flying around the air is driving me nuts! I could scratch my eyes out and if I even open the door I am sneezing like a maniac!***

Enjoy your day

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Love of My Life

With this title, I could so easily be referring to Mathew McConoughey or Jon Bon Jovi,
but I'm not!
I am talking about the one who loves me back, at least most of the time....
my baby daddy
my hubs
my lova

He's given me 5 great years and 3 perfect boys and 2 stupid dogs
he puts up with my crap

For year 5, the gift is wood and we try to do it on a $20 budget. Makes you have to be creative.
He gave me a baseball bat, in case I need to knock some sense into him over the next 5 years and a sign that reads "Always, Forever, and no matter What". Loved them both. I gave him a back scratcher.

I also told him he better enjoy his 5th because it might be the last. We are about to start living together again and he travels quite a bit less with his new job. We are likely to kill each other.

Over the years, relationships change and evolve. You grow individually and as a couple, you start families. Jobs become more demanding. Things change and you have to work hard at your relationship.

But nothing can make you fall more in love with your husband than watching him with his children.....and that is why you stay in love!

To my wonderful Mark
I love you more today than yesterday, but not as much as tomorrow....
unless you piss me off
Don't worry, he may look at this on occasion, but he never reads it!
I could file for divorce on this blog and he would be none the wiser.
Yet I still love him!