Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Random Pictures/Updates from the Past Week

Colton has learned to take his diaper off, so now I have 2 boys who love to be naked. The only problem with that-1 of them is not potty trained. I have cleaned up pee, and yes poo!

Thirsty anyone?

Colton will go through an entire box of tissues just wiping his nose and tossing them

Monday night and Daddy was home, a special and rare treat! This is how most of our days are going lately. The mattress was bare because I was doing laundry. I was sitting out in the playroom and the boys were in here (Connor's room) playing. I kept hearing a funny noise. When I asked him what they were doing he said jumping on the bed. I told them to stop, it obviously landed on deaf ears. I continued to hear the noise. I thought they must have been playing with cars on the walls while jumping on the bed. I finally went in there to find the mattress off the box springs on the floor. The noise I had been hearing was them on the box springs. How the heck does a 3 year old get a mattress off the bed? It's not crazy heavy, but it's not exactly light?!?! BOYS!!!!!

Zoo Mania

We were able to get in a mid-summer zoo visit last week since it was 93 instead of 103 degrees. Lucky us!!! It was actually a great visit. We went with friends Ilan and Castel and Mamma Bethany. We got to see the entire South Side of the zoo and were ready to go home before noon. Everyone was getting tired by then but no one was losing it yet. All in all a very great day at the zoo.

Connor climbing the giant turtle

Our new elephant. Jenny, the elephant, has been alone for about a year now since her partner died. The Dallas Zoo got a new elephant but she has been in quarantine for a few months. She has just been placed out in public with Jenny this past week. It was a treat to see them together. They were actually being fed at this very moment.

Ilan, Colton, and Connor

Connor and Ilan

Baby C Update

Yes I know there is no face in this picture, but it has been a very long, hard, HUMID day. My hair and face were not in picture taking form. But please notice the full on outie belly button. This usually does not happen for a couple of more months. I just told Mark the other day I was going to have to get this fixed next year. It never went back the same after Colton, and now it is already all the way out. It really disgusts me-YUCK! I sure hope this is fixable. How do you get insurance to cover fixing an outie?

Anyway, had my check up today....still pregnant! Everything is right on track, growing nicely ( in more ways than one). I am not going to share the magic weight gain number, but it ain't pretty. God help me come December.

I have to take the glucose test next visit, so I was sent home with that nasty drink. Let's all pray that it comes back normal because I am not sure I can give up my sweets. Well, that might not be so bad, could help with the weight management.

I scheduled the birth for the day before Thanksgiving. So baby C should make his arrival on November 25th around 8am (assuming there is an operating room available). I will let you know if I have to change the date.

I am still feeling great-best pregnancy yet. I am sticking to my workouts 5 days a week which I think has been the key. It is definitely keeping me from exploding in size (I am telling you I get BIG). The only flaw so far is I have officially hit the non sleeping point. I cannot get comfy. I am a side sleeper, so much so that I am practically on my stomach. Not anymore. So I toss and turn all night, which makes me have to pee more. The year of no sleep has begun!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Play dates a plenty

Last week we had to very fun play dates with our friends, mommy Bethany and Ilan 3 and Castel 1. They came over one afternoon to play and stayed for dinner. It makes for a messy house, but the hours fly by. The next day we went to Chuck E Cheese...the best $5 a mom can spend. That much in coins can go a long way for a toddler.

Connor and Ilan riding around the kitchen

Colton and Castel playing cash register

The boys at Chuck on their favorite ride

Castel in Clifford

A little ball throwing

Giddy- up

Summer Bummer

July 4th weekend our downstairs AC went out. (I don't recall if I posted about it or not). It was that Friday and we had been to play and came home for naps before an afternoon of errands. It was getting hotter by the minute. Finally I determined that it wasn't the outside heat getting to me, rather the lack of cooling in doors. I called the repair company to set up an appointment for Monday, not figuring they were working the holiday weekend. But they were, thank goodness, because our unit was shot. We had to replace the furnace ( and all the attic parts). Luckily Mark stayed around for the repairs, which they did that evening, while I took the boys down to my MIL's house for a swim. $5000 later we had a new furnace and a stress headache. So much for bunk bed shopping!!! I was so bummed about spending so much money ( I was thinking of all the furniture, diamonds, or shoes 5K can buy), but this is Texas and you absolutely can NOT go without an air conditioner.

So this past Sunday afternoon we are getting ready to put the boys down for naps and the heat is creeping up again. I immediately go to the thermostat to turn it down. I can hear the fan running, but still sweating like a pig. While the guys of the house sleep, I sweat and start stressing because I know it is the compressor. So I make the phone call to the AC company. I again head down to my MIL's house for a swim and leave Mark home in the sauna to wait. Sure enough, the compressor (the outside part) for the downstairs unit has bit the dust! It can't be replace until morning. I go ahead and bring the boys home at bedtime and we all sleep upstairs. Luckily we were in the middle of a cold front. It was only in the 90's instead of triple digits. So another $4000 later, I better have the coldest freakin' house in Texas.

If anyone wants to donate to the Lenzer AC Fund....we accept any form of payment in any amount!!!

God Bless Texas

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Baby C update

IT'S A BOY!!!!
And he seems to be growing normally and right on schedule. Mark was very happy, his face just lit up. I am thrilled of course, but might have been a teeny-tiny bit disappointed (only from a fashion since). Now I know I don't have to paint and I won't go bankrupt buying clothes for the next 18 years--ha!! I feel like I finally have a connection with this little guy now, and the fun nesting stage can begin. There is so much to do and so little time left. I have begun making my lists and now I need to see how much money daddy Mark is going to let me spend (he'll probably give me $100). It's really the big brothers that need the most-bunk beds and a dresser and some closet organizers. We are going to let them share a room so that we can keep a guest room (for now anyway-I may end up regretting this decision, especially when it comes to sleeping). The little guy will need only a few clothes and a few hundred thousand diapers. I'm not sure how many of our current clothing items can make it for round 3. My kids are not the cleanest, and I am not Martha Stewart in the laundry room! Then there are all the closets and cabinets I need to clean out for the annual sweep through that I really must get done this year because next year might be tough. The list just keeps getting longer and longer, by the second it seems. I better go get started. Just kidding, not today-I am off to the Barn for work. Oh, I'll just leave the list with Mark!!!
Start sending in your C and L name suggestions

Friday, July 17, 2009

Puzzle Mania-and other fun stuff

So I don't know what the norm is since this is my oldest. But this is a 48 piece puzzle-
48 PIECES!!!
Again, I don't know what's normal, but this is pretty impressive to me! I bought Connor this puzzle on Sunday and did it with him 1 time ( I did about half) and then the second time I did about 4 or 5 pieces. Monday morning, the next time he wanted to play puzzle, he did it all by himself. He likes it so much he woke up Wednesday night at 2 am just too play puzzle. After about 20 minutes of hearing noises in his room, I went up there to find him in the middle of the bed with the pieces all spread out. I asked him what he was doing up in the middle of the night. He said, ummm I'm just playing my puzzles. I finally convinced him to finish it in the morning.
The boys were so good (well mostly) this week, at least the first half of the week, that I took them to the toy store. They got to pick out a toy. I also got them a train conductor outfit, complete with a whistle.
Now that's a happy boy!

Just playing

All Aboard

Of all the toys in all of Toys-R-Us....Connor picks out this hideous Incredible Hulk Mask, with glowing green eyes and all! His choice right. It must be a boy thing!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Our hot (and kind of boring) week

So with temperatures soaring in the 100's, day after day after day, we are staying inside. It is simply too hot, even to swim. We went out the other morning at 7am and it was nice. Any time after 8am is unbearable. If it is like this now, I can only imagine what August will feel like?!

Last week we went to a swimming birthday party in the evening for Nathan (4) and Cody (2).

Connor is either trying to help clean up or help open presents
This was at their neighborhood pool and it was so much fun. I can't wait to go back.

The boy on the left is Cody-2. He has the cutest curly hair. Their mom went to high school with Mark and she is BFF with Linda, Connor's godmother.

One afternoon we went to the mall. I had to get something so we just made an afternoon of it. Lots of moms had the same idea. It was far more crowded than normal, especially for an afternoon.

Don't worry, he's OK!!! Colton was just trying to copy his big brother who jumps off of everything. At least here the floor is padded-I would love to have a floor like this especially in my playroom. I caught Colton attempting to jump off of the bottom stair today. The bad thing is he is not so great a jumper and he was doing it on TILE!!! Like I tell him, it's scary for me!

Friday was Cow Appreciation Day at one of our fave's, Chick Fil-A! If you dressed up like a cow you got free food. I had intended to do a great costume, but forgot until the morning of....silly me. So I did the quick, make-shift outfit of a white t-shirt with cut out black, construction paper dots taped on. Hey at least we got free food.

Well, I had a picture of Connor with the CFA cow, but I hit something and it disappeared. No biggy, I had the cows head off in the picture anyway!
Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I am kind of in a funk. My mind seems to be in a million places right now and by the time the boys go down at 7-ish I am wiped out. While I may not be physically tired, mentally I am drained. I am hoping my blah moods will pass soon. However, so far this week, no such luck. The heat is not helping. I hate being stuck in this house with no other adults to look at or talk to. And with parks and free places out of the question, we don't have much of a choice.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

God Bless the U.S.A.

The July 4th weekend has always been a favorite of mine. As a child it was a gauruntee we would go camping (in a camper not a tent-we weren't that into roughing it) at the lake and stay out on the boat until the gas ran out. Some day I would love for kids to experience that. I don't think Mark is much of a camper and boater, but perhaps I can persuade him one of these years. Mark was off on Friday so we spent a few minutes outside with the boys (it didn't take me long to start melting) and then we went to Chick Filet for lunch. What's more American than that, right?

We also made messes, ummm I mean watered the plants

Took a little "whale" swim

Colton sweating it out in the playground with the cute little buildings-this one is the train station

Saying "cheese" for me

On Saturday, I was suppose to work at PB but they canceled my shift. Luckily I was able to attend the William's annual July 4th party (I must say for the very first time). And it was a blast. We did not get to stay for the fireworks since our boys have never made it to 9pm! But the few HOT hours we spent there were fantastic.
The big boys played horse shoes

We posed for pictures

The little boys played washers (I guess that's the name of the game)

We ate-well some of us did. Connor was too busy to eat but not to worry, I had enough for both

We sat and thought about the true meaning of the holiday

We played in a bucket of melted ice, just as good as swimming. We did get the boys in the pool before all the big kids got there, but I didn't get photos of that!

Connor has been really into flags the past few months. He knows the Texas flag, the USA flag, and of course the McDonald's flag. He calls out EACH AND EVERY one we pass every single car ride. Do you have any idea how many "Sited Sates of America" flags there are out on July 4th weekend? Uuummm, about a million!!!! They were coming so fast that he couldn't even finish saying the name before he was seeing another one. All I can say is God Bless America! (But I am secretly proud and impressed that the guy knows 3 flags, even if one of them is for the Golden Arches).

Baby C update

Well the bump is on in full force. I look like I am much further along than my mere 5 months. But they say with each baby you look pregnant much faster since everything is stretched out. I don't know if that is true or not, but I am choosing to believe it right now....it makes me feel better.

So I know I missed my update post last month, but not much has changed. I went to the doctor last week-still pregnant. The heartbeat was good and strong, although this month and last, it took the nurse several minutes to find it. That can be a little nerve racking, but once you hear it your own heart skips a beat. So I have gained about 11 pounds total, which is a lot considering I have the biggest months left to go, but good based on my last 2 pregnancies. I gained 72 pounds with Connor-can you say beached whale?! I gained 50-something with Colton. I never lost it all. I am continuing with my exercise classes Monday-Friday, which is getting to be a sight, especially my turbo kick class. That is the only thing saving me because I am surely eating for 2!

I have a sonogram the week after this one to check things out, and surely this baby will have a gender by then. I did a sonogram a few weeks ago (for down syndrome testing-which came back fine) and I still had a sexless baby. Most likely I will find out the sex. I love the thought of a surprise, but when I know I have one coming, I can't stand the suspense. I was definitely the kid who snooped around the house looking for the Christmas presents. Mark always wants to know too. Even if we do find out, we might keep it a secret, at least for a while. (I will keep you posted). All though my mom says she won't do any shopping if she doesn't' know what it is. I kind of have a feeling it is a girl. Not that my pregnancy is any different (actually this is the easiest one I have had). It's just a feeling. Then when it was genderless at my last sonogram, it made me really believe that it would be a girl. I, of course, just want a healthy baby. Mark really wants a boy. Truth be told, I think I kind of do as well. I know what to do with boys. Plus I have everything. I always think how cute the girls clothes (well everything) are, but lately as I have been eyeing girl clothes, bedding, etc, none of looks all so cute to me! We shall see!!!

Well, I will let you know in a couple of weeks what it is going to be (maybe)!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Crazy Connor

Went upstairs Monday morning to get Colton out of his crib only to find Connor sleeping under the table in the hall. I have no idea how long he had been there. I checked on them before I went to bed at 10pm and all was well. Quite frankly he could have been up there screaming and I probably would not have heard. I was so tired that night that I slept like a log!

Connor wearing his bra and of course posing for the camera when I made him keep it on long enough for me snap his picture. But now everytime he sees my bra he wants to put it on for a photo-op! His daddy would be so proud!
No picture of today's swimming adventure, you will thank me in a minute. I promised the boys they could swim after nap in our "whale of a deal" pool. So while they were snoozing I filled it up so it wouldn't be too cold, all though it would have probably felt Ok in our 100 degrees! Connor was already in and I was changing Colton into his trunks and spraying him down with sunscreen. Before anyone freaks out, the back door was open and I could see Connor the entire time. I could also see that he was standing on the side of the patio with his shorts around his ankles, tinkling of course. You let a boy pee outside once and it becomes their new favorite past time. A minute later he comes shuffling to the door needing help pulling his wet swim shorts up. I asked him what he did. He told me he pooped. Of course I got mad, secretly laughing inside though. I asked him if he thought he was a dog, and that peeing outside is OK in some circumstances, but to poop outside is just unacceptable. So as he is climbing back into the pool, he shows it to me and is quite proud because it looks like an ice cream cone! (His words not mine). Next thing you know, he'll be naming his turds! Aagghh, life with boys!
I will say it was so hot today, I, too, had to get in the whale. That darn whale is about too small for this whale! But it did feel nice. Fellow blogger, Angry Julie Monday, has commented that she wished she had some of this heat. Well come and get it AJ! It is friggin' HOT!
I was chatting with Mark on the phone this morning and trying to plan something for Friday since he has the day off. He mentioned going to the zoo. I said sure as long as we get there at 9am when they open....the heat, the animals, the naps (you get it). He said I was thinking we could go in the afternoon. I said I was thinking your out of your mind!

Grant's Farm

We went to a great farm this weekend, Grant's' Farm. You rode a tram through for about 20 minutes to see all the animals. At the other end, you get off the tram and can see a few more animals. There is an opportunity to feed baby goats, which we did of course. It was alot of fun, but HOT!

The baby goats were so cute, literally climbing on top of each other to get to the milk. You could go in the cage with them but they are a little rowdy, so we stayed on the outside of the fence.

Connor tried to feed the camel too, but his lips nearly took off his hand so we just tossed him the food.