Friday, July 10, 2009

Our hot (and kind of boring) week

So with temperatures soaring in the 100's, day after day after day, we are staying inside. It is simply too hot, even to swim. We went out the other morning at 7am and it was nice. Any time after 8am is unbearable. If it is like this now, I can only imagine what August will feel like?!

Last week we went to a swimming birthday party in the evening for Nathan (4) and Cody (2).

Connor is either trying to help clean up or help open presents
This was at their neighborhood pool and it was so much fun. I can't wait to go back.

The boy on the left is Cody-2. He has the cutest curly hair. Their mom went to high school with Mark and she is BFF with Linda, Connor's godmother.

One afternoon we went to the mall. I had to get something so we just made an afternoon of it. Lots of moms had the same idea. It was far more crowded than normal, especially for an afternoon.

Don't worry, he's OK!!! Colton was just trying to copy his big brother who jumps off of everything. At least here the floor is padded-I would love to have a floor like this especially in my playroom. I caught Colton attempting to jump off of the bottom stair today. The bad thing is he is not so great a jumper and he was doing it on TILE!!! Like I tell him, it's scary for me!

Friday was Cow Appreciation Day at one of our fave's, Chick Fil-A! If you dressed up like a cow you got free food. I had intended to do a great costume, but forgot until the morning of....silly me. So I did the quick, make-shift outfit of a white t-shirt with cut out black, construction paper dots taped on. Hey at least we got free food.

Well, I had a picture of Connor with the CFA cow, but I hit something and it disappeared. No biggy, I had the cows head off in the picture anyway!
Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I am kind of in a funk. My mind seems to be in a million places right now and by the time the boys go down at 7-ish I am wiped out. While I may not be physically tired, mentally I am drained. I am hoping my blah moods will pass soon. However, so far this week, no such luck. The heat is not helping. I hate being stuck in this house with no other adults to look at or talk to. And with parks and free places out of the question, we don't have much of a choice.


starnes family said...

I hate summer! Who are these people that enjoy the heat?! Don't listen to me.....I'm such a debbie downer when it comes to the temperatures.

Oh, and you're totally forgiven.....hope your mood changes soon!

Amy Sumner said...

ummm...I am Connor's godmother, Linda is Colton's :)

starnes family said...

Hi, again! I found your card in the mail this morning. Made my day! Thank you so much. It really did mean the world to me. Just when I think I'm the worst mom ever! :)