Saturday, July 18, 2009

Baby C update

IT'S A BOY!!!!
And he seems to be growing normally and right on schedule. Mark was very happy, his face just lit up. I am thrilled of course, but might have been a teeny-tiny bit disappointed (only from a fashion since). Now I know I don't have to paint and I won't go bankrupt buying clothes for the next 18 years--ha!! I feel like I finally have a connection with this little guy now, and the fun nesting stage can begin. There is so much to do and so little time left. I have begun making my lists and now I need to see how much money daddy Mark is going to let me spend (he'll probably give me $100). It's really the big brothers that need the most-bunk beds and a dresser and some closet organizers. We are going to let them share a room so that we can keep a guest room (for now anyway-I may end up regretting this decision, especially when it comes to sleeping). The little guy will need only a few clothes and a few hundred thousand diapers. I'm not sure how many of our current clothing items can make it for round 3. My kids are not the cleanest, and I am not Martha Stewart in the laundry room! Then there are all the closets and cabinets I need to clean out for the annual sweep through that I really must get done this year because next year might be tough. The list just keeps getting longer and longer, by the second it seems. I better go get started. Just kidding, not today-I am off to the Barn for work. Oh, I'll just leave the list with Mark!!!
Start sending in your C and L name suggestions


Anonymous said...

I'm a little disappoined you didn't get a girl but I think you'll have a blast raising 3 boys. Of course I'm partial to "Chad" but have also always thought "Creighton" was cool. Good luck!

azdonatelli said...

Congrats Jann - so happy for your guys!

If the shoe FITZ said...

so exciting! three boys! WOW!!!!
I woke up this AM around 4:30am thinking of all the cleaning I need to do/start.

Rennie said...

While Renee votes for Chad...I'll vote for Cody!! I'm so happy for you all. My boys always shared a room, and as different as they are, they are still friends, even in their 20's. And just think, you will not only be saving on 'girlie stuff' but that 'wedding stuff' too !!!