Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Crazy Connor

Went upstairs Monday morning to get Colton out of his crib only to find Connor sleeping under the table in the hall. I have no idea how long he had been there. I checked on them before I went to bed at 10pm and all was well. Quite frankly he could have been up there screaming and I probably would not have heard. I was so tired that night that I slept like a log!

Connor wearing his bra and of course posing for the camera when I made him keep it on long enough for me snap his picture. But now everytime he sees my bra he wants to put it on for a photo-op! His daddy would be so proud!
No picture of today's swimming adventure, you will thank me in a minute. I promised the boys they could swim after nap in our "whale of a deal" pool. So while they were snoozing I filled it up so it wouldn't be too cold, all though it would have probably felt Ok in our 100 degrees! Connor was already in and I was changing Colton into his trunks and spraying him down with sunscreen. Before anyone freaks out, the back door was open and I could see Connor the entire time. I could also see that he was standing on the side of the patio with his shorts around his ankles, tinkling of course. You let a boy pee outside once and it becomes their new favorite past time. A minute later he comes shuffling to the door needing help pulling his wet swim shorts up. I asked him what he did. He told me he pooped. Of course I got mad, secretly laughing inside though. I asked him if he thought he was a dog, and that peeing outside is OK in some circumstances, but to poop outside is just unacceptable. So as he is climbing back into the pool, he shows it to me and is quite proud because it looks like an ice cream cone! (His words not mine). Next thing you know, he'll be naming his turds! Aagghh, life with boys!
I will say it was so hot today, I, too, had to get in the whale. That darn whale is about too small for this whale! But it did feel nice. Fellow blogger, Angry Julie Monday, has commented that she wished she had some of this heat. Well come and get it AJ! It is friggin' HOT!
I was chatting with Mark on the phone this morning and trying to plan something for Friday since he has the day off. He mentioned going to the zoo. I said sure as long as we get there at 9am when they open....the heat, the animals, the naps (you get it). He said I was thinking we could go in the afternoon. I said I was thinking your out of your mind!


starnes family said...

Our zoo serves beer. Isn't that brilliant? We have not partaken, but I'm sure a dad might be persuaded to go with such amenities.

Love the poop story. Boys are crazy!

Donatelli98 said...

I right there with you on the heat - it has been well over 100 here all week - come out and you can swim in our pool - it it big enough for everyone!!

Deelsu said...

Casey -I've heard about the beer at the zoo. Too cool!
I agree -- go to the zoo in the morning too hot in the afternoon
As for the poop story -- gosh, sounds like you won't have to worry about your boys being wusses and pansies. I have to say - I think Brad would think that was cool ;0