Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Zoo Mania

We were able to get in a mid-summer zoo visit last week since it was 93 instead of 103 degrees. Lucky us!!! It was actually a great visit. We went with friends Ilan and Castel and Mamma Bethany. We got to see the entire South Side of the zoo and were ready to go home before noon. Everyone was getting tired by then but no one was losing it yet. All in all a very great day at the zoo.

Connor climbing the giant turtle

Our new elephant. Jenny, the elephant, has been alone for about a year now since her partner died. The Dallas Zoo got a new elephant but she has been in quarantine for a few months. She has just been placed out in public with Jenny this past week. It was a treat to see them together. They were actually being fed at this very moment.

Ilan, Colton, and Connor

Connor and Ilan

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