Sunday, May 31, 2009

New Car News

I officially been driving my new car for 2 weeks, but forgot to post about it. We bought a brand new (to us) GMC Yukon XL....and I must say I am loving it. We had the DVD installed just the other day and now the boys are loving it too! Car shopping can certainly be a beating. I am just glad you don't do it very often. Next time, however, I will take my allotted budget and go on my own. That is one thing (of many it often seems) that Mark and I should not do together. I left happy, with a nice, safe, big family car with low miles. He left....pissed for not getting the price he wanted. He'll get over it right?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Our Weekend in Pictures


We ran
We biked and crashed (on purpose)

We took our Popsicles out front and played in Daddy's truck

We walked off our dessert

We held hands


We went to the park and yes, Daddy can still slide

We rode the lawn mower

We watched Daddy move furniture

Still's funny!

We played ball-lost our shirt after a messy dinner out on the patio

AAGGHHHH, the dogs waited patiently to be called in

We (adults only) went to lunch at Chuy's-our usual holiday treat
Amy, Linda, Big D, and me

Still at Chuy's
me, Mark, Amy, and Linda
I did not make big plans for the weekend because #1 I had a big honey-do list and #2 I was expecting quite a bit of rain and clouds. We had a couple 5 minute showers, other than that the weather was beautiful. Mark came home at a decent hour on Friday so we played outside a bit before bedtime. Saturday I woke up at 4am with the boy's cold, so between that and feeling tired from not being able to sleep, I had a completely lazy day. Not what I planned at all. I had intended on supervising my honey-do list. The boys went to the gym with Mark and after nap we managed a trip to the park. We did grill out for dinner and then Mark took care of the boys for the rest of the night so I could rest. Sunday I felt much better- I should have after sleeping most of Saturday. We got a few things done around the house. Marked moved some furniture for me. He did the yard work, changed air filters, vacuumed. OK so maybe I should say Mark got some things done around the house. Then we ate dinner out back and played. Monday we took the boys to Nannie's house for nap so we could meet our friends at Chuy's for lunch. We go there every holiday. Then I went home to take care of the boys while Mark and the gang went out to play video games and enjoy the afternoon. It was MEMORIAL weekend, not necessarily a MEMORABLE one, but it was nice!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Baby C update

I am in my 12th week (and 9th pound), so I suppose next week I can start counting by months (which will make me feel alot better about how I look). I could certainly bitch from here to Tuesday about all the prego problems, but I won't bore you with bloating and tiredness. Instead I will focus on the good stuff. For starters, the nausea is almost gone. I just feel icky on the occasion now instead of all day. I haven't had a nap in a week so maybe the 2nd trimester will be one of energy for me-let's hope anyway. I officially cannot button my pants anymore so I got my maternity clothes washed up the other day. I had to sort through and see what has survived numerous pregnancies (most of my clothes have been shared or are handy-me downs from my mommy friends). I have thought before each pregnancy that I will be the cutesy prego and love all 40 weeks of the miracle happening in my body-blah!blah!blah! Let's face it, I blow up like a whale, cry like a baby, waddle like a duck. But I am trying my hardest to enjoy it.

I will post growth pictures after my monthly doctor's appointment. I was going to take one now, but it is hard to take a self stomach picture. Connor tried, but that was just silly! So pictures to follow-watch me grow! But when I start getting too fat, I'll get embarrassed and stop. Then the boys and I will go into hiding.

My neighbor across the street called me this morning to tell me she was pregnant. But she is a size zero and won't show until the month before birth, but she's nice so I forgive her. She has 2 little girls almost the same age as Connor and Colton (I have posted on them before) and we have just recently gotten to know each other and have play dates. So I am excited that we can welcome new additions to our families around the same time.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Look what I scored

I wonder how many points a cute toddler is worth?

Colton kept getting an arm or foot stuck in the net and then couldn't get out. He never got upset, just drug the goal around with him.

My budding soccer stars!
OK, so it's more like my "booty" soccer stars


These are my 2 new trees that got put in the back yard today. It is starting to feel a little more homey back there! Now just pray that my non-green thumb can keep them alive.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Finally a fan with light!

So a few months ago Mark and I had the kitchen and living room painted and changed out the light fixtures, including the fan. It was a beauty but literally gave off the light of a night light. It had 6 12 watt bulbs inside of a dark globe. You could not even tell the light was on, so every night as I sat in the family room, I had to have all the lights on in the kitchen to see. I hate to be in the dark. After several trips to Home Depot and trying several different types of light bulbs, none of which fit (which was a big battle to determine-get out the ladder, climb up, unscrew the cover , remove old light bulb, put new light in, scream profanity because it won't go-you get the idea), I told Mark we were taking in down before the 90 day return policy came up. He was not pleased but at least now I am not bitching! And the new fan, while not near as pretty, was 1/4 of the price!!!
Just what I like to working for me!
That is Mark and good ol' Uncle Lou to the rescue- changing the fan out for me
Nothing fancy but it lights the room

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Car Shopping

We are off today to continue the car shopping...have to find a 3rd row seat. The funny thing is some of these SUV's still won't hold 3 car seats and a double stroller. Too bad it's not the good old days where you just threw your kids in the car and went-you might have even just held them in the front seat-gasp!!!

So we have it narrowed down to 2....
Expedition, which I really want since we use to have one and I loved it

Yukon XL, which will probably be the better deal-so I am sure my future car

I will let you know how it turns out.

We are taking the boys with us to one dealer this morning before we can drop them off at 9am at daycare. Then headed into Dallas to look at the 2nd car. They are leaving at noon today to head out of town for a car meeting? So we are up and at 'em early on the rainy morning!!!

Wish us luck

Friday, May 15, 2009

Last Week's Zoo Trip

We went to the zoo last week since the weather was nice and there were a few new animals we wanted to see. They finally got a new friend for Jenny the elephant to replace her mate who died last year. She (or he) was not out. Also, there was suppose to be a new baby gorilla. We actually went to the south side of the zoo, which usually we don't go on that side just because of time. We did see a gorilla, but not the baby. And the one I wanted to see the most was the albino alligator. They actually had 3, 2 baby's and an adult.

Look what I hatched!

The fish tank is always a hit!

Colton is checking out the ducks below.

The albino alligator, raised on a farm before coming to live at the Dallas Zoo. They had the whole room set up like a swamp. I felt like I was back in Louisiana.

Future Dentist or Crocodile Dundee?

All Smiles


Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Golden Arches

Dear Mrs. Lenzer-
We are revoking your mother of the year nomination due to too much processed food. Perhaps if you worked on your cooking skills and actually played more with your children outside, you may be able to be considered for next year's award.

MOTY committee

OK, so I am not making MOTY, but look at their faces in these pictures. They are having a great time!! I suppose I could order a yogurt or apple slices when we do go to McDonald's to play, but we don't. We get happy meals complete with fries (well one with fries, one with apples) and the dinky toy. Sometimes we even chose juice over the milk.OMG! When it is hot, or rainy (like it has been quite often lately), or I just need a few minutes to think-Mickey D's works for us! I tried to give up fast food for recession, but now I allow it once a week.

If I hadn't screwed up the mother of the year thing with this, trust me it would have been in some other department!! But the boys still love me, especially when we go to the golden arches.

Monday, May 11, 2009

The Aquarium Visit

OK so here are the pictures of the Dallas World Aquarium visit...and fair warning there are a lot!!! They may bore you some, but I am absolutely mesmerized by this place. It is mind boggling to me that you can be in the middle of the city and walk into a rain forest and be surrounded by these amazing animals. If I worked down town I think I would have to go here for my lunch daily.I found it to be so refreshing. There is another aquarium in Dallas that is included with our zoo membership. But wouldn't you know it, it is closed for the entire year for renovations. I have never been to that one so I don't know how it compares, but I will find out next year! This one, however, is pretty special-well worth the money if you have never been.

Alot of the pictures are blurry because of the glass (for the fish ones) and the mist falling.

This shark was swimming right on top of us in the tunnel. He actually just seemed to sit there for several minutes. He seemed to be checking us out as much as we were him.

Connor loves the "amigos"

Baby alligator

Not so baby alligator

This bird just sat on the post and even flew onto a patron's shoulder

views of the waterfall and rain forest from the top