Sunday, May 10, 2009

One Happy Mamma

So I have had quite the weekend with my anniversary and mother's day-or should I say Mark has had quite the weekend.
Today we had our usual Sunday pancake breakfast but I got cards from the boys and a gorgeous plant to put in my pot by the backdoor since I have already killed what's just been planted! We had great plans to go to the arboretum for a picnic lunch, but mother nature had a better idea....rain! So we decided to go to the Dallas World Aquarium-which I will post pictures of that visit tomorrow. On the way downtown we stopped at my mother-in-law's house to wish her a happy mothers day.

Just one shot from inside the aquarium to keep you wanting more....coming tomorrow I promise! This crocodile is huge-what are they feeding him? Perhaps it's all the misbehaving little children-good thing ours were on their best behavior today!
Mark with the boys before we went in

Colton so happy to be there (and out of the stroller)

One of my new favorite pics- a little blurry though from the mist that is falling inside

Mark and his mom-see big boys still hug their mommy

The 4 dozen flowers Mark gave me for our anniversary. We have a $20 limit and this year's gift was fruit/flowers. OK so he obviously went over the limit, as always, which is why my gifts suck in comparison! He did buy the tissue paper and ribbon and wrap them up himself-he was so proud. And he should be, they were (are) beautiful.
I gave him a lemon tree so that when I hand him lemons he can make lemonade. OK actually it was a lime plant so that he can flavor his cocktails when I drive him to drink. I went with the intention of buying a lemon tree, but went with the lime since it is more of a plant and you have to bring it in for the winter. It just seemed more mobile. I will picture it once I get it planted. I bought a pot yesterday so we'll see how long it takes me to get put together!

Our self portrait after dinner Friday night (we forgot to have someone snap a photo of us)

I could not have had a better weekend! Thank you to all my boys-Mark, Connor, and Colton


starnes family said...

Great post. And, I love your gift idea!

Deelsu said...

so fun! what a great weekend! Love the lime plant idea too!