Sunday, May 31, 2009

New Car News

I officially been driving my new car for 2 weeks, but forgot to post about it. We bought a brand new (to us) GMC Yukon XL....and I must say I am loving it. We had the DVD installed just the other day and now the boys are loving it too! Car shopping can certainly be a beating. I am just glad you don't do it very often. Next time, however, I will take my allotted budget and go on my own. That is one thing (of many it often seems) that Mark and I should not do together. I left happy, with a nice, safe, big family car with low miles. He left....pissed for not getting the price he wanted. He'll get over it right?


starnes family said...

OK, so we're basically driving the same car now. How funny! We have a Suburban that is more loaded than I'd ever choose b/c we bought it a year old. It used to belong to the governor of Colorado.

So, it's an ' blue with gray interior....we got the Weather Tech mats and I HIGHLY recommend them with children. Did I tell you this already? Slowly losing my mind....

Deelsu said...

awesome! Yes, B and I are the same when it comes to $$
With all the GM news today I wonder if you had waited if you could have gotten a better deal?