Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pumpkin Patch or Mud Hole

With one of the rainiest October's on record, I am not sure which to call it. We only went to the pumpkin patch twice this year, and once was because I had to get some pictures. There is a church just down the street that has a small pumpkin patch, nothing special, but usually we will stop here often to buy baby pumpkins to paint or glitter. We did this only once (and I had to throw out Colton's pants after-they were so muddy I couldn't get it all out). The boys did paint a few, but they rotted within days.
This is the small pumpkin patch by our house

I have been hearing of several great patches to visit with lots of entertainment for the kids. This year was not the time to find one. Maybe next year if it is dryer! I like the patch in Frisco near our old house. They usually have lots of photo opps. So last week I packed up the costumes and we headed out on the only non-rainy day we had. However, the place was a foot deep in mud. And it was not as good as the past years. I don't know if they changed it or the rain kept them from putting as much out. I guess we will find out next year.

My little spider. This was actually Connor's costume from a couple of years ago, just trying to get my money's worth. I figure this is the last year I will get to dress Colton anyway. But isn't he the cutest darn spider you've ever seen (a tie for first place because Connor was a cute one too).

Share the bench boys!

Shootin' the Spidey-web
There are great sound effects that go with this motion also. It is a sound that fills my house most of the day!

They couldn't even sit on the ground for pictures. At least at this patch they have the pumpkins on crates. A lot of them just put the pumpkins on the ground and they rotted. Nothing stinks like a rotten pumpkin! NASTY!

Connor was helping me out and pulling the wagon. Thanks Bubba!!

Cleaning and Carving time
Colton was much more interested in the seeds and guts (or maybe it was just the pan of water)

Connor whined every time he got pumpkin guts on him

Colton, on the other hand, loved it!

Not bad....and this year with no injuries so I would say that counts as success!!

Happy Halloween

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Baby C Update

Well, I am still pregnant, as big as a freaking whale, and tired as all get out!!
Other than that, everything is right on track and seems to be great. Next Wednesday is my last 2 week appointment, then I start going every week. My official delivery date is 4 weeks from tomorrow. His heartbeat is strong. He is movin' and shakin' in there!
I have definitely come to the conclusion that God has a sense of humor. HAHA, lets make it take 40 weeks to grow a baby! I am OVER it! I am so ready to not be pregnant anymore. But I don't think I am ready for the next phase-staying up all night and balancing life with 3 kiddos. I am really not doing a very good job with 2 these days.
We have gotten everything out of the attic. I just need to get it all washed up. Clothes are ready to go. I am finalizing my list of things needed, all though it is short. Everything else that has to be done, I am leaving for mom (sorry mom-hope you didn't think you were getting a break)! The biggest thing left to do is meet him and name him. That part may cause a divorce. The naming, not the meeting. We are nowhere near an agreement or even compromise. In fact, if we talk about it, we usually end up not speaking!
I am a procrastinator by nature, so I am finally getting busy with my projects. I have cleaned out cabinets and closets.I have been trying to complete my Christmas shopping. I am making lists of lots of stuff that I need to help organize my house. It's like I am expecting guests. I cannot bring another person into this life, this house, and not be in control. I feel like I have not had it together since I moved in here. And that is probably because I moved in when I was 9 months pregnant with Colton. Plus I am feeling like I need to get my Christmas decorations up before I deliver, otherwise it will either go up to late or Mark will have to do it (and that would just not be good!).
Truth is, I am really starting to freak out!!! My daily thoughts consist of-what was I thinking, what have I done, how am I going to handle this, I am already screwing up 2 boys so how can I do it to a third? Then those thoughts keep me up at night, which makes me tired, which makes me less patient with Connor and Colton, which makes the vicious thoughts even worse! Not to mention all the worries that are really kicking in about Baby C being healthy and safe.
WOW!! That was a vent!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Every Day

This is why we wash hair EVERY-SINGLE-DAY!!!

My Birthday Bash

I celebrated my "25th" (and holding) birthday last week. Our day started out as usual, with the gym and a couple of errands. Then I took the boys to play at the houses in Allen.

That's Colton peaking through the window in the door

We grabbed lunch at Which-wich, one of my favorite sandwich places. The boys were on their absolute best table manners. I could not believe it. I actually got to eat.
Then we went home for naps. I told Connor that all I wanted for my birthday was for him to sleep.

And he did (all though he is waking up in this photo). He slept in my bed in a tent of pillows.

Colton slept too, as always.

Then we planted a flower out back. Connor is too busy talking on the phone to cousin Thomas to smile for the picture. The plant was great until Colton sat on it...smack dab right in the middle of the pot, just sat-and stayed there. It sort-of fluffed back up, not quite the same, but I usually kill flowers pretty quickly so no biggie.

Then Mark came and met us for an early dinner at the pizza place before Connor's "tiny tigers" class. This was chosen by Connor of course, strictly based on the games in back. The pizza is good too ( and it's better than McDonalds which is always his first choice).

When we got home from class, I had cupcakes and cards waiting. Sometime after the boys and I left the house, Mark snuck in and put it out. Sometimes he can be pretty good! HA!! He gave me a camera, which I have taken back. It was not the one I wanted, but he tried. I will get one soon to replace it, hopefully before Baby C makes his entrance.

Everyone enjoyed the cupcakes!

Thank you to my boys for a great birthday!!
And thank you to everyone who sent cards and messages.
I really enjoyed my day!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

You're a really BAD mom when...

You put everyone in the car, put all your crap in the car, crank the car, put it in reverse and your son says
MOM, you forgot to buckle me up!
(Even worse when it is the 3rd time in the last couple of months that this has happened)
I'm glad someone is paying attention because apparently my brain is fried!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

To purse or not to purse?

As my diaper bag carrying days quickly approach again, I am torn about what to do. I have just started carrying a purse again within the last 6 months or so. Colton has reached that age where he doesn't need too much and Connor needs nothing. I try to keep spares of everything in the car for emergencies. Colton has a small back pack, which he usually carries himself, with a spare diaper, some wipes, a fruit cup, and a stick of cheese. I have yet to find a purse I am happy with though. If I go big, it tends to get piled with crap, my own and the boys. Then before you know it, the bag weighs 20 pounds and your shoulder and back hurt. If you go to small, you have to pull out everything to get to the keys that slid their way to the bottom.

I was (still am) in love with this Michael Kors bag from 2 years ago. I just could not justify spending several hundred on a purse. Though, it is a beauty. Last year for Christmas I told Mark that's what I wanted. He got me a MK bag, but it wasn't the one. While it was a nice one, purses are very personal. So I took it back and at the time they did not have the one I wanted. So I never got my purse. Probably for the best since it is a hobo style and probably would have been ruined by milk spillage or something worse. I am still watching it at Nordstroms though. When it goes on sale it is MINE!

When you have your first child, you carry everything but the kitchen sink in your diaper bag. All though the saying is true, the one thing you don't have with you, you need that day. I have several bags that are just OK. Nothing I have just loved or spent too much on. Hopefully by the third go round, I can stream line what I carry. I never carried a purse and a diaper bag. I just through my wallet in the bag and had a little zipper pouch with my stuff in there. Then when I went somewhere alone, I would just grab those things out and toss in a purse. Seems easy right? Beside strollers really aren't made with enough room for you purse and a diaper bag.

I have been eyeing this little Coach crossbody for a while (not this exact one, but same concept). I thought it would be great to sling it across my chest and I could have my wallet, phone, and camera always at my side, AND best of hands! Since I am not so into spending much money, I have looked for other ones, but the Coach one always seems to be the perfect size. So the other day I ran out to the outlet mall and made an impulse buy at the Coach Store. It was about $40 less than at the regular store (probably last seasons colors, but who cares). Well it layed around for a week screaming "greedy" at me. But before I packed it up for it's return, I tried it on. Loved the concept, but it did not fit my wallet like I wanted. I have a long, check book size wallet. So today I took it back.
Then at Target, don't ya know, I see a wallet (long, but still smaller than what I have that would probably work for only $10). I am so torn.
Now I am torn, but don't know if I can stand the guilt! How weird is that? I could spend the money on a nice diaper bag. I have found one of those too! So should I carry a purse or just dump my stuff in the diaper bag like I used to do?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bummer of a Boomer Weekend

Well it was a bummer of weekend for the Boomer Sooner fans!! The QB got hurt, again, very early in the game. I guess the good news is neither team played very well, so at least it wasn't a killin'. And I must say, Mark handled it very well. I was actually quite impressed and enjoyed watching the game with him. OK, so I didn't actually watch all that much. It mostly consisted of Linda and I sitting on the couch talking and Mark pacing the floor. Connor even chose to go upstairs and watch Spider Man. He wore his clothes and yelled the occasional "Boomer Sooner", but he still has his limits and PRIORITIES. Colton was just running around.
Linda and I took the boys to Calloways to get some flowers after the game so that Mark could wallow in his misery alone for a bit....and cut the grass. I'm such a good wife.

And the boys did get their pumpkins painted that morning before kick off.

Colton does not look pleased in this picture-not sure what that is about. He just does not really get the painting thing yet. He prefers to just smear it on his hands. It's washable!!!
I did forget to snap photos during the game. But I must share a recipe. Linda brought over Buffalo Chicken Dip. It tastes just like Buffalo wings without the bone. It has just the right amount of heat to give pregos here major heartburn, but it is so yummy!!! Perfect for game watching!
Buffalo Chicken Dip
2 (10) oz cans chunk chicken, drained
2 (8) packages of cream cheese, softened
1 cup Ranch dressing
3/4 cup pepper sauce, such as Franks Red Hot
1 1/2 cups shredded Cheddar cheese
crackers, chips, celery, and carrots for dipping
mix chicken, cream cheese, ranch, hot sauce, and 1/2 of shredded cheddar cheese.
crock pot mini on low until warm or
oven 350F for 20 minutes or
microwave for 2 minutes
it's also good cold
Sprinkle other 1/2 of cheese on tip at the last few minutes just to melt
Other than the football loss, it was a great weekend. The weather was beautiful. I was off work on Sunday (with out asking for it). My MIL took the boys for a few hours so Mark and I could get a few things done around the house. I needed his muscles to move some boxes and get baby stuff out of the attic. What can I say, I'm nesting! But we got it done. As soon as I get it all washed up, I will be good to go. I am looking forward to this weekend too. The Blue Angels are in Ft. Worth so we are going. I hope the boys like their first air show. I have such special memories of going to them with my dad.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Boomer Sooner

It's a Boomer Sooner kind of weekend!!!

This weekend is the Red River Rivalry in Dallas between UT Longhorns and the OU Sooners. Marky-Mark is, of course, a die-hard Sooner fan. I, of course, could really care less, but am a fan by law (especially this weekend). This is like the Super Bowl for Mark. This weekend will bring in millions of dollars for the city as fans drive up from Austin and down from Norman, OK. And in the past we have given our fair share of money to Big D!

This year is a little more low key. We are staying home and watching the game as a family. Mark's biggest co-fan, Amy, just had her open heart surgery so she is not able to watch with us. But Colton's godmother, Linda, will be over...even though she is a Longhorn we still let her in. The flags are flying, the snacks are ready, the clothes are all crimson and cream, and football is on the TV, every TV (yes at 8am)!!!

Yesterday the boys wore their Sooner shirts and all over town you see the seas of burnt orange or crimson. We went to the mall for dinner and you could here the "Boomer Sooners" or the "Hook 'Em Horns" being said from fan to stranger fan. That's just how it is.

The sad part.....

Not that I am not supportive, but I am realistic-given the season thus far and the injuries OU has sustained, it is probably UT's year. The worse part is the game is at 11AM. That makes for a VERY LONG, BAD day in the Lenzer household!
But we are still going to cheer and I am going to try to not get mad when Mark gets upset. I will enjoy the company and the snacks and most importanly the family time!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bathtub Freak Out

Last night was the usual bath time for the boys...6pm, Connor's night to sit by the faucet, water splashing, the norm. I had no intention of washing hair, but like most nights Colton's hair was sticky from food being smashed in it or bowls being dumped on it or using the fork as a brush. I grab the cup and dump it on his head. A gush of red comes pouring down his face.

I scream out and grab him and a towel. You can imagine the panic that struck me as I am frantically wiping and wondering wear the blood is from. (All this is with in seconds). Then I realize it is not blood. And I briefly remember Colton having in his hand an (empty) packet of water flavoring. I am referring to the individual packets of powder you dump in your water bottle.

That would explain the "bloody" head he had and the red splatters I mopped up today. Mental note....move the water flavors up higher in the pantry!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


OMG! How can you not be in love with him? This was taken last week after his doctor's appointment for his ear infection/cold. He's the happiest sick kid I've ever seen. It is smiles like this that can just make your day and make me realize that I can't wait to experience it again.
So our past week has been pretty off balance for us. Connor had a stuffy nose the first half of the week, by Wednesday Colton had it too along with an ear infection, which meant a trip to the doctor's office. That freaked me out because I did not want to take him to the germ-pit for medicine. But I did, not sure why, because 90% of the antibiotics has ended up on his shirt or on the floor. But they are both better, Colton just has a slight runny nose left. I have had a self diagnosed chest cold, lots of coughing and pressure. But we stayed home all last week and pushed through.
Mark had to travel through Saturday night. but by Saturday I was needing a break so I took the boys to the hourly drop off for a bit. I met Linda for lunch for some much needed adult time. Then we went to see Amy in the hospital, just 3 days after her valve replacement surgery. She is doing well and has since gone home, well to her parents home, to finish her recuperation. So please pray for her a speedy recovery.
Sunday I tried to let Marky-Mark sleep in since it was after 1am before he got in from his flight. The boys were pretty is literally the Piston Cup around the kitchen at our house on most weekends. Then I headed for PB to work my 5 hours for the week. Gosh, it was a long day there. While most days I enjoy my time there with fun products and grown-ups to talk decorating with, this time felt like 15 hours. Truth be told, I was missing Mark. I just wanted to spend some time with my hubby. But by the time I got home the kids were asleep so we did get some time together after all-always nice!
Yesterday we got back on track with the gym and our regular routine. I am still trying to decide what errands to do tomorrow while both kiddos are in preschool/MDO. I have been debating getting my hair done, assuming I could get an appointment with my gal. My grays are out of control. Pretty soon I will be bald from plucking them all. But my battery light has been coming on in the truck, so we shall see what wins out! I also need to finish a bit of Christmas shopping. And of course the mile long list of "things to do before Baby C's arrival" is getting longer, not shorter. If only I had 8 hours instead of 4.....

Friday, October 9, 2009

Silly dog video-not mine

So this is an old video, but one of my faves! I went onto YouTube today to look for something, and there it was, staring right at me as soon as I opened the page. This one cracks me up every time I see it(probably because I could picture my own dogs getting this angry at themselves).

Thursday, October 8, 2009

AAWWWW....Isn't That Sweet?

Mark wanted Connor to sleep with us last night. I don't mind, but I am not sure why because I am the one who gets the snuggle bunny (and obviously Precious). And trust me, I don't mind. I LOVE it. But lately I am not sleeping that well to begin with and I am up and down so much I don't want to disturb him. I got up to tinkle at 3am (SHOCKER) and came back into the room and saw this. So I had to snap a photo. I have been up ever since! My blogger friend, Dee, recently posted how she has trained her beloved dog to no longer sleep on the bed....see what you're missing!
At least I have had a chance to catch up on my blog reading and some emails. We have had a bit of a week around here. Connor had a stuffy nose Sunday and Monday and goopy eyes. Luckily I still his $60 eye drops from last time. They cleared right up. (Guess it's worth the money). Then Colton and I started getting stuffy on Tuesday. We all took some medicine. Colton was wired, I was not. I fell asleep on the couch twice. HELLO-2 kids. I should not be sleeping on the job. Everyone seemed better yesterday so I took both boys to school. I had an early doctors appointment and then my Christmas list to work on. After 2 hours at the doc's office, I left with out seeing her. She was doing a delivery that turned into surgery. (So no Baby C update this week). I got quite a bit of shopping done and even squeezed in a lunch with my better-half. Oh, that's Mark by-the-way!! HA.
When I picked the boys up at 2, Colton was nasty again. I called the pediatrician just to get some medicine really. The nurse tells me he will be seen for this, but I can't go until the morning since they are over booked. But if he develops a fever take him immediately to the after hours care. So then I start freaking out. This whole time, I have been thinking everyone else is over reacting to this whole flu thing, but now I am thinking I have been under reacting. And truth be told, if his ear wasn't oozing goo, there is no way on earth I would take him to the Dr right now. At least we are going first thing this morning. But the thought of sitting in a germ infested waiting room is making me a little ill. I wish they would just call in some medicine.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Our First Full Week of Fall

We have spent our first full week of fall dealing with Texas weather! We had a couple of nice days in the low 80's with cool mornings, a couple of rainy days (it's suppose to rain all weekend too), and a couple of hot sticky non-fall like days. We were able to get in a couple of good walks, an afternoon at the park with friends, and a front yard play date with the neighbors. I did not take many pictures though. I always had it with me, just never got it out. But I did manage a few....

We also got some painting in. This is one of Connor's favorite activities, oh lucky me. I find green hand prints and blue spatters everywhere! Even when I think I have been very careful, I will find a smudge of paint behind the pantry door. It cleans easily though!!

We even got out to the zoo Tuesday morning. It was a beautiful, cool morning and I had not 1 but 2 uncharged camera batteries so these 2 shots are all I got in. But it's the zoo....the same animals are still there. We certainly enjoyed our visit, as it had been a while. I would like to say that is where we will spend lots of mornings over the next couple of months as the temps begin to fall, but quite frankly I am not so sure. It was VERY tiring for me....pushing a 40 pound stroller and 60 pounds of kiddos.

Connor started martial arts. I will post more about this next week when he is in uniform. He seems to be "very excited" about his class though. Let's hope since we just signed up for 6 months!

And nothing like an early morning ride around the kitchen to get you going!

And an early morning wreck, all staged of course!