Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bathtub Freak Out

Last night was the usual bath time for the boys...6pm, Connor's night to sit by the faucet, water splashing, the norm. I had no intention of washing hair, but like most nights Colton's hair was sticky from food being smashed in it or bowls being dumped on it or using the fork as a brush. I grab the cup and dump it on his head. A gush of red comes pouring down his face.

I scream out and grab him and a towel. You can imagine the panic that struck me as I am frantically wiping and wondering wear the blood is from. (All this is with in seconds). Then I realize it is not blood. And I briefly remember Colton having in his hand an (empty) packet of water flavoring. I am referring to the individual packets of powder you dump in your water bottle.

That would explain the "bloody" head he had and the red splatters I mopped up today. Mental note....move the water flavors up higher in the pantry!


starnes family said...

I almost had a heart attack reading this! Good Lord, Jann. So glad everything is OK!

The Soladay Family said...

Freak out! I would have been running around the kitchen in circles screaming while my husband calmy figured out what it was all the while laughing hysterically at me. =) Glad all is well!!

Donatelli98 said...

No kidding - you need to preface your posts by saying everything is ok but ... sorry I haven't commented lately. I can't from work - weird system we have. Hope you are doing well Cous! I put the check in the mail today ... wish I could come celebrate your birthday with you!