Tuesday, October 13, 2009


OMG! How can you not be in love with him? This was taken last week after his doctor's appointment for his ear infection/cold. He's the happiest sick kid I've ever seen. It is smiles like this that can just make your day and make me realize that I can't wait to experience it again.
So our past week has been pretty off balance for us. Connor had a stuffy nose the first half of the week, by Wednesday Colton had it too along with an ear infection, which meant a trip to the doctor's office. That freaked me out because I did not want to take him to the germ-pit for medicine. But I did, not sure why, because 90% of the antibiotics has ended up on his shirt or on the floor. But they are both better, Colton just has a slight runny nose left. I have had a self diagnosed chest cold, lots of coughing and pressure. But we stayed home all last week and pushed through.
Mark had to travel through Saturday night. but by Saturday I was needing a break so I took the boys to the hourly drop off for a bit. I met Linda for lunch for some much needed adult time. Then we went to see Amy in the hospital, just 3 days after her valve replacement surgery. She is doing well and has since gone home, well to her parents home, to finish her recuperation. So please pray for her a speedy recovery.
Sunday I tried to let Marky-Mark sleep in since it was after 1am before he got in from his flight. The boys were pretty loud...it is literally the Piston Cup around the kitchen at our house on most weekends. Then I headed for PB to work my 5 hours for the week. Gosh, it was a long day there. While most days I enjoy my time there with fun products and grown-ups to talk decorating with, this time felt like 15 hours. Truth be told, I was missing Mark. I just wanted to spend some time with my hubby. But by the time I got home the kids were asleep so we did get some time together after all-always nice!
Yesterday we got back on track with the gym and our regular routine. I am still trying to decide what errands to do tomorrow while both kiddos are in preschool/MDO. I have been debating getting my hair done, assuming I could get an appointment with my gal. My grays are out of control. Pretty soon I will be bald from plucking them all. But my battery light has been coming on in the truck, so we shall see what wins out! I also need to finish a bit of Christmas shopping. And of course the mile long list of "things to do before Baby C's arrival" is getting longer, not shorter. If only I had 8 hours instead of 4.....


starnes family said...

You have to love him. Look at those thighs!

Glad everyone is getting better. Hang in there with your long list!

Deelsu said...

what a cutie! you peeps and your christmas shopping!yikes! I might just give gift cards this year!