Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pumpkin Patch or Mud Hole

With one of the rainiest October's on record, I am not sure which to call it. We only went to the pumpkin patch twice this year, and once was because I had to get some pictures. There is a church just down the street that has a small pumpkin patch, nothing special, but usually we will stop here often to buy baby pumpkins to paint or glitter. We did this only once (and I had to throw out Colton's pants after-they were so muddy I couldn't get it all out). The boys did paint a few, but they rotted within days.
This is the small pumpkin patch by our house

I have been hearing of several great patches to visit with lots of entertainment for the kids. This year was not the time to find one. Maybe next year if it is dryer! I like the patch in Frisco near our old house. They usually have lots of photo opps. So last week I packed up the costumes and we headed out on the only non-rainy day we had. However, the place was a foot deep in mud. And it was not as good as the past years. I don't know if they changed it or the rain kept them from putting as much out. I guess we will find out next year.

My little spider. This was actually Connor's costume from a couple of years ago, just trying to get my money's worth. I figure this is the last year I will get to dress Colton anyway. But isn't he the cutest darn spider you've ever seen (a tie for first place because Connor was a cute one too).

Share the bench boys!

Shootin' the Spidey-web
There are great sound effects that go with this motion also. It is a sound that fills my house most of the day!

They couldn't even sit on the ground for pictures. At least at this patch they have the pumpkins on crates. A lot of them just put the pumpkins on the ground and they rotted. Nothing stinks like a rotten pumpkin! NASTY!

Connor was helping me out and pulling the wagon. Thanks Bubba!!

Cleaning and Carving time
Colton was much more interested in the seeds and guts (or maybe it was just the pan of water)

Connor whined every time he got pumpkin guts on him

Colton, on the other hand, loved it!

Not bad....and this year with no injuries so I would say that counts as success!!

Happy Halloween

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starnes family said...

No injuries! Yes, always a success with boys.

How cute is that spider?! Precious costume. Where are his boots from? Love them, too.

Spiderman and a spider. I love it.