Monday, September 26, 2011

Boy Talk

Colton came out dressed horrible, he was wearing an orange t-shirt with an alligator on it. I asked if he was going to wear that. He replied "I'm team alligator"

Colton to me "I want to change my number"
Me-"What number?"
Colton- "I want to change my  number to 5"
(He is referring to his age)

Colton- "I found the bean"
(referring to the seed of the apple)

CONNOR: (he is full of it these days)
Connor-"take a picture of me and send it to my boss"

Connor-"I have a laptop"
Me-"really, where?"
Connor- "It's invisible"

Connor- "What in tar nation"
(where does he get this stuff?)

Connor to my neighbor- "My daddy is 41, he used to be 6"

Connor (to me while doing homework, referring to a pencil)
"I need a spear"
Me- "A WHAT?"
Connor- "A spear"
Me-"You mean a SPARE?"

Connor- "I want to play chest!"
Me-"Say what?"
Connor- "I want to play CHEST, you know that game like checkers"
Me- "You mean CHESS?"

Connor- "Will you give me money for doing work?"
Connor- "Everybody knows chores are boring, but I'll do it for money"

Connor- "Can you call me Steve?"
(I think Steve is Iron Man? or some super hero)

Connor- "Why am I yawning if I slept to 7?"

He makes me laugh, that's for sure! I know I should correct him, but sometimes I don't want to because it's so cute. BAD MOM!

While Christian is saying more and more everyday, most of it is still unrecognizable. But he has figured out how to shake his head "yes". The side to side NO motion we have down for a long time. So now, he likes to answer every question with a yes or no head shake. Cute, but if you do the opposite of what he wants, he screams (with all of his lung power squealing kind of screams)!

Hope my boys brought a smile to your face today!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Adjusting to School

Before I chat about today's topic
let me address my absence
I have been absent from my blog
Did you miss me?
This past week the stomach bug was at our house
All four of us got it
Mark was out of town
Good times folks

Before that it's just been crazy around here
Which is a really great lead in to my post

We are 5 or 6 weeks into this semester
and I am still not used to it
We are all tired
and I miss Connor 
Christian is growing up 
Can't we all just stay home forever?

The biggest adjustment for me has been going to work
While it is only 3 days a week
It feels like a lot
I have been very blessed to be home
Not so sure I will continue this next year
It's kind of a big deal having to get up
and be dressed in a presentable manner
by 8:15 AM
I really don't know how working moms manage
I don't know that I could be successful

See look at this boy:
That's one tired baby

The key to making it happen each morning is
and  prepping

It's either that or getting up way too early
I choose the planning

Make lunches at night
Have backpacks ready to go
Clothes laid out
Shoes by the door
Breakfast plates out
My shower done

And then it happens
I just can't seem to open my eyes in the morning
But on any given Saturday or Sunday
when I could sleep in
I am wide awake and ready to go by 6
kind of sucks

The other day the little boys and I went to the zoo
First time without Connor
felt like I was cheating on him
How stupid is that

And while I am enjoying the very small paycheck I get
And the break from my own kids
I hate being away from Christian 3 days a week
I swear he has grown up 
He finally stopped crying when I drop him off

Colton is totally enjoying his class 
He needs to be around his very own friends
I am so happy and excited for him

Time to go prep for tomorrow

Sunday, September 11, 2011


I watch far more television in the summer than I do during the school year. That wasn't always the case though. I used to seriously schedule out my programs and DVR order. Back in my Michaels work days, talk of the previous nights shows dominated the lunch room.

But then I had Connor, and my TV time became less. Which was odd because he went to bed at 7, but I was usually too tired to focus on 32 Law and Orders. Then I added a child in the mix. By the time bed times came around, I was a zombie. Then came Chris. By the time I get 3 sets of teeth brushed, 3 bodies bathed, lotioned, and dressed and then all 3 to sleep..... I'm asleep!

But the summer it's all good. I DVR alot and watch most of it on Friday and Saturday nights. Plus we watch Big Brother which comes on 3 nights a week, so that keeps you busy in itself. Some of my favorites this summer have been:
Covert Affairs
Burn Notice
Rizzoli and Isles
Covert Affairs
Franklin and Bash
Drop Dead Diva
Army Wives (this year it was more of a spring show)

I am not a Bachelor fan like most, but a couple of times I caught a few minutes of Bachelor Pad and laughed my butt off. One episode they were tossing eggs and opposite sexes backs to questions like "who are you least attracted to". Seriously? They sign up for that? Then one night one couple will be making out and the next week the guy is with another girl and then the first girl is pissed. People like that make me laugh (and sort of feel good about myself).

I have not really thought too much about the fall lineup yet. I watch when I can with the exception of Grey's Anatomy. That's my chill with a glass of wine night! I am very disappointed that Brothers and Sisters is not returning. I can't believe it was cancelled before Desperate Housewives. WTH? I have not really noticed any new shows that look too promising for me. That's ok, it leaves more time for reading (and blogging)!

What will you be watching?

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Braums Ice Cream

So here is my unsolicited plug for Braums......

I have never before in my life been to Braums. Now it's my new favorite place. And I have never had the ice cream. Wanna know what the big deal is?


My favorite conversation of late with every mom I come in contact with is about grocery shopping and how much it costs. It is my mission to feed my family for less without being a crazy couponer. After about the 5th person to mention to me that they buy their milk and other dairy products from Braum's, I figured I better see for myself what all the fuss is about. Apparently it tastes great and they do not put the hormone RBGH in it (whatever that is).

So one day I went. First of all I was shocked! It's like a whole freaking store in there. They have produce, meats, a few frozen things, dairy, and of course ice cream. And I was not the only person in there just to buy milk. In fact there were several folks in there doing just that.  It's about the same price as your typical store brand milk. And it is yummy thick. The skim milk tastes like whole.

I'm sold! For reelz!

And I am pretty sure I could shop for a whole week in there. One of these days I might just try it!

If you have a Braums near you....check it out! You won't be sorry.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

Here goes nothing....

  • my chest is on fire thanks to the cold that has worked its' way into my chest-good time
  • I have been working on the same post all week, not sure why I can't get it together
  • probably all the cold medicine keeping me in a fog
  • Mark and Con went to Texas today for a few days, I have lots of special things planned for the little boys (secretly wish I had one day alone)
  • I dream in skinny (when I am in my own dream I always have my 20 year old body)
  • Christian has grown this week, I can't believe how different he looks when I am not around him 15 hours a week
  • Speaking of Chris-he has major gas right now
  • Why do people with 2 year olds not make them nap? This is coming from the worker in a 18-24 month room (me)!
  • I always watch Big Brother every summer, and it pisses me off every summer. Yet I can NOT turn it off.
  • Praying for the cleaning fairy and her cousin the laundry fairy to come tonight

Happy Thursday to you all