Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Braums Ice Cream

So here is my unsolicited plug for Braums......

I have never before in my life been to Braums. Now it's my new favorite place. And I have never had the ice cream. Wanna know what the big deal is?


My favorite conversation of late with every mom I come in contact with is about grocery shopping and how much it costs. It is my mission to feed my family for less without being a crazy couponer. After about the 5th person to mention to me that they buy their milk and other dairy products from Braum's, I figured I better see for myself what all the fuss is about. Apparently it tastes great and they do not put the hormone RBGH in it (whatever that is).

So one day I went. First of all I was shocked! It's like a whole freaking store in there. They have produce, meats, a few frozen things, dairy, and of course ice cream. And I was not the only person in there just to buy milk. In fact there were several folks in there doing just that.  It's about the same price as your typical store brand milk. And it is yummy thick. The skim milk tastes like whole.

I'm sold! For reelz!

And I am pretty sure I could shop for a whole week in there. One of these days I might just try it!

If you have a Braums near you....check it out! You won't be sorry.


starnes family said...

I do not care for milk of any kind, but I do love Braum's! Their cafeteria french fries are fantastic and the burgers, too!

Dee Stephens said...

We have a few Braums ice cream stands here but that's it. Brad and I are sold on Aldi here in town for cheap groceries.
It is expensive and it's just us two. I hear boys eat a lot when they get to be teens! YIKES!

The Soladay Family said...

I heart Braums. Best ice cream ever.

Merry Mack said...

Also, Braums follows the 60 rule. Their products and the ingredients in them don't travel further than 60 miles. Awesome! Great organic real food. I used to go to Braums once a week with my grandparents. Good stuff.

Sara said...

We love Braums! My mom always bought our milk, eggs and ice cream from Braums when we were growing up. Their burgers and FF are pretty darn good too.

You know what someone told me the other day?? That their lasagna is good??? Huh? Haven't tried it, but thought I'd pass that along. I didn't even know they had prepared food to go.

p.s. The header picture is darling. It almost looks like they're all in Time-Out. ha!