Friday, October 29, 2010

Dallas Trip- Phase 2& 3

So this is going to be a super quick wrap up 
I got stuff going on
You're Welcome

Day 2 in Dallas was spent with besties
Ilan and Castel
I love having boys the exact same age
 It was suppose to rain all day
So we opted for the mall

 Christian's first ride
He loved it
 Since by early afternoon it hadn't rained
(thanks mother nature for making us miss the zoo)
We opted to head to Central Park in Frisco
The boys needed to RUN
One of my absolute favorite places in town
If you have never strolled through there
Please do

Day 3 of Dallas
First stop
Castel's 3rd birthday
Never been to a party at the CEC
We often go for lunch and playing on a Tuesday afternoon
Party central + rainy Saturday=
 Colton and Castel
So sweet

(FYI-for anyone living in the area, Bethany buys her cakes from the baker in downtown cakes EVER)

 Next Party
Infinite Bounds
Where we did Connor's last year
And where I would do every party if we still lived there
For our old neighbor
Milla, turning 4

 This is Christian and Trace
Milla's baby brother
about 7 weeks younger
Look at my white boy
And chunky boy

 This is where my camera was getting blurry
Piece of crap
I don't think Milla has any girl friends
It was all boys, unless related

Party number 3
Dinner at The Keg
Linda, Tony, Amy, and of course Mark
joined me
This is Linda and Tony
I could do an entire blog on the life of Tony
I will have to share some stories some time!!
He is CRA-ZY

 After dinner we went to the Hub to finish watching the game
And play a little JENGA
 Darren and Tanya joined us there
They never miss out on a game challenge
And Amy lost this round,
But we did all share of loosing

Ok my blogging peeps
I might not be posting for a few days
I am doing laundry today so that I can pack
I am headed to Memphis/Mississippi tomorrow
My Mawmaw only has a few days left
She has been in a nursing home for about a year now
suffering from Alzheimer's
But she developed pneumonia a few days ago
She refuses to eat and take medication
Most people her age don't recover from pneumonia
Please please keep her and my family in your prayers

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Stay Out of the Water

Dallas Visit-Phase 1

Packed the bags

Loaded the car
Picked up Con from school
Ready to go
Dallas Bound

We actually made great time
It's an easy drive
And now that the boys have their headphones,
A peaceful one

We decided to eat dinner at the hotel restaurant
Me at a restaurant with 3 boys
And it's not McDonalds or Chick-Fil-A

The boys did GREAT
Damn I'm good

Now up to the room for bed
I got everyone to sleep
not everyone stayed asleep
Christian either does not like strange places
or sleeping in his play pen
It was a loooonnnnnggg night

But our first full day "home" was spent with Ben
Connor's bestie soul mate
These 2 are inseparable
We spent the entire day with this beautiful family
The big boys were non stop
And sweet Sophia being all girly and motherly took care of Christian

I put Christian down for a nap in Samantha's room
Went in to check on him and found 
 He had opened Sam's drawers and pulled out clothes
 After about an hour of quiet play
He finally fell asleep

Back at the hotel 
I bathed the little boys
 I sweetly remembered it was at this very same hotel 
that Christian had his very first "big boy" bath
And now I can barely control him in the tub
I know my sis just puked a little in her mouth at the thought of hotel bathtub
Don't worry
I washed the germs off
Christian is having fun
It's all good

But better than the tub....
The cool air blowing those little blondie hairs

Sam brought Con to the hotel around 8
She heard the other ones crying screaming
And refused to leave
She climbed right up into the bed with Colton 
And calmed him down
Now that's a friend folks!

It was 9:30 before the little ones were asleep
And a couple of hours later
Christian was up again
For the night
It was then that I swore I was never traveling alone with them again

But I am sure I will
Phase 2 of our trip later

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Staying aFloat

The boys and I went to Dallas Wednesday after school
I had to go to the Dentist
YAY no cavities
And the boys had play dates scheduled
Mark came down Friday after work
We had 2 birthday parties Saturday
And my birthday dinner that evening

We are home and worn out
At least I am
I am now trying to get back into the swing of things
Funny how only a couple of days off of your routine can mess you up
Laundry is piled up again
Grocery shopping had to be done late last night
Sheets are dirty
And I swear I am 

Christian may have drank from a cup
Could the end of nursing be in sight?

I must have left my camera cord at the MIL's house
So as soon as I locate a spare I will post pictures and stories

Today I could scratch my eyeballs out
What ever is in the air
I no likey
I have sneezed a half million times
I know, that's alot
But it's true
I swear
I have counted

We have been invited to our first birthday party here
And it's a costume party

Connor hasn't stopped talking since we returned
OK, so he never stops
Not even in his sleep
Swear it!
You can't make this stuff up folks

Colton hasn't quit whining
What's new right
Since he had the terrible 2's, 
We are praying for terrific 3's
Is it possible?

Cried my eyes out watching Oprah yesterday
She had a couple on....very cute couple
3 kids, ages 5, 4, and 2
Dad was working
Mom and her mom took the kids to a parking lot fair kind of deal
Headed home for naps...
Got stuck in traffic for construction and a semi hit them at 55 MPH
Reader's Digest version
All 3 kids died (1 boy, 2 girls)
The parents, thru major depression, promised each other not to commit suicide and leave the other alone
Almost 1 year to the date of the accident
They had triplets
1 boy, 2 girls
Chill bumps?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Love is the Air

Not my Love
Not my Air
But my friend Thomas
He got married on Sunday
In Tulsa
It was small and sweet

We made the 2+hour drive out there to
Skelley Lodge
And found these gorgeous views
It was truly a peaceful place
Thomas told me it used to be a hunting lodge
But now it is rented out for weddings and such
of course
had to sneak in a few pictures
Even though it irritated the crapola 
out of the hubs

See they don't always cooperate

Back to Thomas
and HIS wedding
It's not always about me
All though I think it should be

The ceremony was outside
with nature as the decor
and the breath taking views
I had to stand back by the lodge 
with my little chatter box boy

The above 2 photos were the only ones I got
My hands were busy
What can I say

After the ceremony
We ate and played around

The big boys played football with the other kids there
Including Thomas' new step sons
And that was a moment for me
As I stood over on the side dancing with Christian
Watching my other babies play
It hit me....
This is what life is about
running errands
watching a football game alone
tag teaming with your spouse so you can go to Target kid free
wondering what you are missing

watching your kids play with new friends
spending an evening outside knowing that everything is right
in your world

OK geez....
where did all that sappy crap come from??

Back to my normal bitter self
Debbie Downer

Love these brothers

Wore these little shoes
Didn't even hurt my feet
But my heels slipped in them non stop
Which makes it very difficult to walk
Not as difficult as heels at an OUTSIDE wedding though
Suckers kept sinking into the ground

And wanted to share the groom's cake
well nevermind
The freaking pictures aren't working now
Stupid Computers!!!

I will try and show it later
Headed to Dallas tomorrow after school
We have 2 birthday parties to attend this weekend
And I am hoping for a birthday dinner with some friends


Thursday, October 14, 2010

1st Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

October is one of my 
of them all
The weather is turning cooler
The leaves start changing to their gorgeous fall colors
My birthday occurs
(all though sometimes I try to forget)
There is Halloween

We usually go at least once a week
I remember last year it was so wet
But still we went
We run around
We get lots of baby pumpkins for art projects
We dress up and take pictures

We went this week to 
Southern Hills Christian Church
They just have pumpkins for sale
No bells and whistles
But that's all we needed

I have found a a few patches/farms in the area
I am going to try and visit one this weekend
when daddy can join us
They cost money
I have never paid to visit a PP before
But we'll give it a whirl

And this little pumpkin is....
Enjoying his first Halloween


I'm such a slave driver

Time for painting

And since Christian can't paint yet
He entertained us with music

I love October