Friday, October 29, 2010

Dallas Trip- Phase 2& 3

So this is going to be a super quick wrap up 
I got stuff going on
You're Welcome

Day 2 in Dallas was spent with besties
Ilan and Castel
I love having boys the exact same age
 It was suppose to rain all day
So we opted for the mall

 Christian's first ride
He loved it
 Since by early afternoon it hadn't rained
(thanks mother nature for making us miss the zoo)
We opted to head to Central Park in Frisco
The boys needed to RUN
One of my absolute favorite places in town
If you have never strolled through there
Please do

Day 3 of Dallas
First stop
Castel's 3rd birthday
Never been to a party at the CEC
We often go for lunch and playing on a Tuesday afternoon
Party central + rainy Saturday=
 Colton and Castel
So sweet

(FYI-for anyone living in the area, Bethany buys her cakes from the baker in downtown cakes EVER)

 Next Party
Infinite Bounds
Where we did Connor's last year
And where I would do every party if we still lived there
For our old neighbor
Milla, turning 4

 This is Christian and Trace
Milla's baby brother
about 7 weeks younger
Look at my white boy
And chunky boy

 This is where my camera was getting blurry
Piece of crap
I don't think Milla has any girl friends
It was all boys, unless related

Party number 3
Dinner at The Keg
Linda, Tony, Amy, and of course Mark
joined me
This is Linda and Tony
I could do an entire blog on the life of Tony
I will have to share some stories some time!!
He is CRA-ZY

 After dinner we went to the Hub to finish watching the game
And play a little JENGA
 Darren and Tanya joined us there
They never miss out on a game challenge
And Amy lost this round,
But we did all share of loosing

Ok my blogging peeps
I might not be posting for a few days
I am doing laundry today so that I can pack
I am headed to Memphis/Mississippi tomorrow
My Mawmaw only has a few days left
She has been in a nursing home for about a year now
suffering from Alzheimer's
But she developed pneumonia a few days ago
She refuses to eat and take medication
Most people her age don't recover from pneumonia
Please please keep her and my family in your prayers


BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

Jann - sorry to hear about your Mammaw - have a safe trip to Memphis. Give everyone my love especially my Granny #2! Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your dad, mom, sister and the rest of the family! Miss you cousin!

Dee Stephens said...

Yes, so sorry to hear about Maw Maw. Prayers. Sweet photos.

starnes family said...

Jann, Christian looks SO much like you.

Praying for you this weekend. Call me if you need me!

NayNay said...

Jann, sorry about your MawMaw. Pneumonia is what got Gary's mom in the end (also a victim of Alzheimer's).
Drive safe, when you get back I'll send you Meagan's number, they moved up to Moore this past weekend (my DIL).

Coco said...

Sorry about your MawMaw.

Love the name Castle. And Christian looks like a little man in a tiny body. Precious!!!