Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Laundry Anyone

Just had to share.... I was calling for Connor this afternoon when my head count only netted one!
Connor- I'm getting my socks
Me-Con, where are you?
Connor- Getting my socks
I follow the voice to the laundry room....
Now if only he would fold everything while he was in there!

Busy Family Weekend

This past weekend was quite a busy one for us. My SIL, Julie, and her family were in town as well as my BFF, Stefanie and her family. So we had lots of people to visit with, plus celebrate Father's Day, and I had an extra long shift at PB on Saturday night (with strict instructions to buy anything). Seven hours at a store without shopping-so not fun! Anyway, the weekend was a blast, and most importantly I think Mark enjoyed his Daddy Day!

Connor and Savannah (Stef's daughter) in a bubble bath. She started this with the boys several visits ago, and now every time we see them, Connor wants to take a bubble bath. Colton did not want to participate this time-which is good-he probably would have been lost in there!
Savannah swimming with the boys

Celebrating SIL Julie's birthday. Niece Sydney trying to hang on to Colton

Yummy cake!

Lots of swimming this weekend-Nannie's pool is very shaded or it would have been too hot to swim-imagine that!

Nieces Madison and Sydney took great care of the boys in the pool

Nanna and Pappa Lou enjoying the shade on Father's Day and getting to see 4 of their 19 great grandchildren.

So cute!

So proud he can say "cheese" now, plus he was being fed ice cream by Nanny

My little nephew (OK not so little-he's a chunker) Carson eating his first ice cream. He belongs to Mark's brother, Jon.

Daddy Mark and his 2 boys!

The family-(Mark's older brother and his wife were missing)
Little Brother Jon and his wife Charlene-son Carson 10 months
Big Sis Julie, hubby Kenan, daughters Sydney 15 and Madison 13
Me (the fat one), Mark, and of course Connor and Colton

Friday, June 19, 2009

Another Zoo Post

I sure hope no one is sick of our zoo postings! I am sure the pictures are beginning to look the same. This trip was a little different. We stayed mostly in the kids area to play, saw our 3 favorite animals on the north side of the zoo, ate our lunch, and were in the car by 11:15! I am not sure we will get back much over the next 2 months as it is just too hot for me, I mean the animals, to even be out! We got there this time at 9 right as it opened. I always go early for weather purposes, but mostly I go because no zoo trip is worth the boys missing a nap. I hate it when they sleep in the car, because I really need my 2 hours at home. I know-SELFISH!! So anyway, as we were leaving at 11am I was watching all the families just getting there. I am sure they are thinking how we must not have been there long. I am thinking they are crazy for just getting started-it was already 90 degrees!! Even first thing in the morning, most of the animals were hiding.

The kids area has the cutest little stream so I brought the boys swim trunks so they could play in the water.

Colton saying "cheese", one of only 3 words I can actually understand-it is so cute!

Connor modeling on the rocks, literally! "Mommy, take my picture" he said.

He told me he was playing Edward the Emu-we love that book

The playground area

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

"WHALE" of a Deal

I got the boys a Whale inflatable pool at target the other day. As far as price goes, it was a great deal-under $15. That's my kind of toy price! I figured the boys would love it since in a "real" pool all they want to do is play on the steps. Splashing is what they are most into at this age. It really is a cute pool, shaped like a whale and you can attach the water hose to the front and it will spray from the spout.

We put it out yesterday, and it was not a huge hit-DARN IT!! I think it might have been a bit cold because no one wanted to sit. Colton was in and out, which was difficult because the sides are pretty wide. And with the freshly cut grass-it kind of made a mess on his legs and in the water.
Mommy's little pisser! I am so proud!!

And yes, we do go for the European look for Colton! It's the only year in his life that he will wear a man-kini (I hope). Plus it's better than those disposable swim diapers. We will try again today maybe and see if it more successful now that the water is warm, OK probably HOT!

Wet-N-Wild Weekend

Saturday was kind of a rough day for us. It was day 6 of Mark's business trip and Connor did not nap (YET AGAIN), and my patience was running pretty thin. But we had a birthday party to go that afternoon for Leah (turning 3) and Alex (turning 1). Their mom works with Mark. So I packed up the sleepless kids-Colton included since when Connor doesn't sleep he does everything in his power to wake up Colton- and we headed out. It was a pool party! She also had an inflatable pool set up for the little ones, which was nice because I sure as heck was not putting on a swim suit in front of anyone. There was also a bounce house which my boys did not find the least bit interesting.

The party went well, except for the bee sting. Luckily it was me and not Connor. He was sitting in a chair for a timeout and asked me to get the bee off of him. I could not see anything but of course swatted. Well there WAS a bee and that swat pissed him off!! He got me good. The whole stinger was left in my finger. By the next morning my finger was unrecognizable. It was huge!!!! I could not even bend it because it was so swollen, not to mention hot, itchy, and swore. Today it is only about twice the size as a normal finger but bendable so that makes a big difference. Another day or two and it ought to be back to normal.

Sunday we took the boys to a sprinkler park to play. Great way to beat the heat-for them anyway, but there was shaded seating for me! Colton never really got into the sprinklers. He mostly walked around the edges and stuck his hands in. Connor was the same at first until his girlfriend, Haley "K", arrived. Then they were all into it. This was after she had told her mom that she would go, but she was not getting wet!

They both look pretty wet to me. And I think they are having fun!!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

First Week of Summer

Well, we survived our first official week of summer break (almost-Mark doesn't come home from this week's travels until late Saturday night). And I must say, I have been spoiled by Mother's Day Out. I have a new respect for all my mom friends who stay with their kids all day without a break. I am ready for summer camp to start. Doesn't that make me sound like a terrible mom?! We did stay busy this week, but today was the hardest since it is day 5 and no one napped. However, my saving grace....the boys went down about 6:30 and then I found "Dirty Dancing" on the WE channel. BONUS!!! OK, sidetrack here. I don't care your age, what female does not find Patrick Swayze all kinds of H O T T,hot, in this movie? And to have a man dance like that...yummy!!!! I was suppose to spend the evening cleaning the bathrooms and mopping the floors (since I did not get to during the non-existent nap time today). But I might be a little side tracked now. Watching DD sounds like a much better Friday night! Yeah I know, I am boring-don't remind me!!

OK, back to our week. Monday we went to my MIL's house to swim. I think I blogged about it already?! (Sorry I have prego brain and my short term memory is shot!). If not, I will post pictures of that later. Colton loved it, Connor hung out on the steps, which was fine by me since I had them both in the water alone. (But this just reminded me I need to post an update on Baby C. I will try after DD).

Tuesday we went to the sand park with our neighbors. And on Wednesday we went to run a couple of errands at a new shopping center in Allen, the one with the new GREAT Target (I have posted on it before). They have the cutest little play area which is what the following pictures are. We mostly played, not much shopping was done. And that's OK!!

It is a fenced in area with the cutest little stores for imagination play. It also has a maze made out of artificial grass. This is the gas station.
Pumping Gas

The bank

Putting out a fire with the fire hose

The fire station. There was also a train station. Such a cute place and well worth the 6 mile drive. We will have to do our shopping up here more often.

Thursday was still pretty rainy so we hung out inside, making huge messes. What else can a 1 and 3 year old do? Today, thanks to motivation from my friend and fellow blogger, Casey, we went to the Dallas Farmer's Market. We have tried a couple of the market's in the area, but they just fail in comparison to the Dallas one. We had a great time. The boys tried so much fruit. Colton can eat, let me tell you!!! He must have had 2 or 3 pieces of every sample they give you, which for those of you who are FM shoppers, you know, about every 3 feet someone is shoving food at you. However, I realized when we got home, we had all fruit. Next time, I must focus on vegetables too!

OK....back to Dirty Dancing!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sunny San Diego

Cindy and I met in San Diego on Thursday. I was quite excited about seeing her as it had been 6 years since we have been together. I was worried about San Diego though because the temperature highs were only in the 60's. Even if it was a warm, sunny 65 I was scared I would be cold. Not the case at all!!! It was warm enough to lay out and swim and even get burnt!! With our sunscreen on we both had some pretty pink areas. Who would have thought?!
A couple of views from our room

We spent the evening Thursday just catching up. One thing is for sure, between the two of us, there was not a QUIET moment. Chatting must be in the genes. Friday we spent the day at the spa getting a massage and laying out, napping, having a relaxing lunch. It was fantastic. We walked off the resort a couple of times to the Albertson's shopping center-that's all that was in walking distance. But we found a couple of little places to eat and purchased snacks. We spent Saturday sitting outside and talking. I could not have asked for a more peaceful weekend. Maybe next time we will bring the families together!

The slide...looks fun, but I could not get Cindy to go down. She blamed it on the sunburn. I think she was just chicken!

The pool in the spa area where we spent our Friday. It was so peaceful!

Me and the Cous!