Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My Son

My first born child....my beautiful, sweet, non-stop talking, loving , adorable, constantly changing (clothes) 3 year old son has a smile that will melt your heart. It makes you almost forget how he is wearing you out. I am watching him change, AGAIN, even as I sit here and type this. The outfit in this picture he put on yesterday, in the 90 degree heat. No I did not let him wear it outside. But he picked the outfit out of a box I keep in Colton's closet to put the clothes in as he outgrows them. So they are 12 month sizes!

I would say on an average day he goes through 5 different outfits. I use the word different because sometimes he puts the same ones back on a couple of times. I have learned to pick my battles and clothing is not one of them. If he wants to wear it, I let him. When we go somewhere nice I will give him 2 options to choose from, but other than that he completely dresses himself, shoes included which often means cowboy boots or rubber boots 2 sizes too small. I do make him wear tennis shoes to school at his teacher's request because he was tripping at playtime.

The other day a mom from the gym gave me 2 bags of hand-me-downs. I did not even go through the bags. I just washed everything and put it in his closet. It was like Christmas. I was sitting in the rocker in Colton's room trying to get him to rest. Then i hear the pitter-patter of Con's feet coming through the bathroom.
Connor: MOM!MOM! Look at my new shirt!
Me: Yes, that's great.
Connor: MOM!MOM! Look at my new underwears! (pants down, bottom in the air to show me)
Me: Yes, that's great.
pitter-patter, pitter-patter
Connor: MOM!MOM!Look at my new socks!
Me: Yes, those are great too!

You get the idea. He tried on 6 or 7 things at that moment before picking the hottest pair of pajamas to take his nap in.Oh yes, we (just Connor)put on pajamas to take a nap in. Mostly he does prefer his too small spider man pj's, but you have to call him spidey. And when he takes them off, you must refer to him as Peter Parker.

I am hoping that this changing clothes fetish is exciting because he can dress himself for the most part and will soon get old. Until then we dress for the character. Today he is a basketball player....meaning he is wearing a MAVS tank, the 2nd one of the day, with camouflage shorts and boots. I made him take off the sweat shirt.

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