Tuesday, June 16, 2009

"WHALE" of a Deal

I got the boys a Whale inflatable pool at target the other day. As far as price goes, it was a great deal-under $15. That's my kind of toy price! I figured the boys would love it since in a "real" pool all they want to do is play on the steps. Splashing is what they are most into at this age. It really is a cute pool, shaped like a whale and you can attach the water hose to the front and it will spray from the spout.

We put it out yesterday, and it was not a huge hit-DARN IT!! I think it might have been a bit cold because no one wanted to sit. Colton was in and out, which was difficult because the sides are pretty wide. And with the freshly cut grass-it kind of made a mess on his legs and in the water.
Mommy's little pisser! I am so proud!!

And yes, we do go for the European look for Colton! It's the only year in his life that he will wear a man-kini (I hope). Plus it's better than those disposable swim diapers. We will try again today maybe and see if it more successful now that the water is warm, OK probably HOT!


starnes family said...

Your kids are always naked! So cute.

Deelsu said...

yes! naked and peeing in public!! soo funny! can't wait till he's a teenager!