Friday, June 12, 2009

First Week of Summer

Well, we survived our first official week of summer break (almost-Mark doesn't come home from this week's travels until late Saturday night). And I must say, I have been spoiled by Mother's Day Out. I have a new respect for all my mom friends who stay with their kids all day without a break. I am ready for summer camp to start. Doesn't that make me sound like a terrible mom?! We did stay busy this week, but today was the hardest since it is day 5 and no one napped. However, my saving grace....the boys went down about 6:30 and then I found "Dirty Dancing" on the WE channel. BONUS!!! OK, sidetrack here. I don't care your age, what female does not find Patrick Swayze all kinds of H O T T,hot, in this movie? And to have a man dance like that...yummy!!!! I was suppose to spend the evening cleaning the bathrooms and mopping the floors (since I did not get to during the non-existent nap time today). But I might be a little side tracked now. Watching DD sounds like a much better Friday night! Yeah I know, I am boring-don't remind me!!

OK, back to our week. Monday we went to my MIL's house to swim. I think I blogged about it already?! (Sorry I have prego brain and my short term memory is shot!). If not, I will post pictures of that later. Colton loved it, Connor hung out on the steps, which was fine by me since I had them both in the water alone. (But this just reminded me I need to post an update on Baby C. I will try after DD).

Tuesday we went to the sand park with our neighbors. And on Wednesday we went to run a couple of errands at a new shopping center in Allen, the one with the new GREAT Target (I have posted on it before). They have the cutest little play area which is what the following pictures are. We mostly played, not much shopping was done. And that's OK!!

It is a fenced in area with the cutest little stores for imagination play. It also has a maze made out of artificial grass. This is the gas station.
Pumping Gas

The bank

Putting out a fire with the fire hose

The fire station. There was also a train station. Such a cute place and well worth the 6 mile drive. We will have to do our shopping up here more often.

Thursday was still pretty rainy so we hung out inside, making huge messes. What else can a 1 and 3 year old do? Today, thanks to motivation from my friend and fellow blogger, Casey, we went to the Dallas Farmer's Market. We have tried a couple of the market's in the area, but they just fail in comparison to the Dallas one. We had a great time. The boys tried so much fruit. Colton can eat, let me tell you!!! He must have had 2 or 3 pieces of every sample they give you, which for those of you who are FM shoppers, you know, about every 3 feet someone is shoving food at you. However, I realized when we got home, we had all fruit. Next time, I must focus on vegetables too!

OK....back to Dirty Dancing!


Jake & Delila said...

What was it with the naps this week?!? I don't think there was a kid in DFW that napped this week! I know mine didn't. Hooray for summer camp!!

starnes family said...

That town is precious. Looks like a great find. Oh, and yes, I know about skipped naps and day 6 of a business trip. You're doing so well......hang in there super mom!