Monday, June 1, 2009

There's Something About Mary

Everybody knows "that scene" in the movie, There's Something About Mary, where Cameron Diaz grabs the big glob of goo from Ben Stiller's ear and uses it as hair gel. Well that's the very first thing that came to my mind when I saw Connor. We were upstairs and the boys had been in Colton's room playing so I took advantage of the fight less few minutes to browse through the latest Pottery Barn Kids catalog. When Connor headed toward me asking me to help him get his shirt off, I noticed that it looked wet. I assumed he had an accident. Then as he got closer I saw a glob on his eyebrow and some slicked hair. Then it dawned on me that he had been in the Vaseline. I was laughing so hard thinking, of course, about the movie scene. I was just headed down to get the camera when Colton came out of his room toward us.


When I tell you he was covered in Vaseline from head to toe, I mean it. And not just a travel size container of Vaseline....the Costco size-all 13 ounces of the bottle were gone. It's one of those containers that can truly last a life time!!!

I laughed and laughed....and then I began to wonder how I was going to clean this mess up. The laughter faded (quickly) and a bit of panic began to set in. I stripped him down and then washed my hands. That's when I realized Vaseline (oh BTW Vaseline topped with baby powder) doesn't mix well with water. By now my heart is pounding and sweat is beginning to trickle down my forehead. What to do? What to do? When all else mom!!! She thought Palmolive dish soap might be the best option. Luckily that's what I had a coupon for last time I went to Target. So after wiping Colton off as best I could I ran the bath and threw him in. In the meantime, my mom, who was driving home from work, called my sister and had her google this for advice on clean up. I was afraid to leave the boys to go downstairs to my computer for fear they would touch something. So several moms (apparently I am not the only one this has happened to) suggested the Palmolive soap. Others swore by baby oil first, then the soap. I tried it all, half a dozen times. Colton is clean but he does look like an Italian now!!! His hair is very slick and looks wet. We'll try again tomorrow. It can't last forever right?

To top off my afternoon, when I did make it into Colton's room, I found his room in a mess. Connor had taken the 6 baskets off of the changing table (that are filled with diapers, blankets, and burp clothes) and put them in Colton's crib and then dumped them over the side. I guess this is what he did while Colton painted himself with the Vaseline. I should also mention that the bottom shelf of the changing table is coated with Vaseline too.
I had just spent the day thinking of several topics to blog about because I was feeling like our life the past week or so had been a little mundane. HA!!! Never a dull moment in the Lenzer household. And at least now I have several new posts coming so stay tuned.
The good news to all this is I did learn my breaks for me. I will never read another catalog or magazine again while the boys are awake. And a few minutes of no fighting does not equal good!!


starnes family said...

This is so funny. Seriously....I would panic, too, at the thought of cleaning it up. I get it on my hands and it seems to last forever!

Great post.....yep, they are keeping you busy!

Amy Sumner said...

Wow! Too funny!!!-At least for us to read! :) They are definitely keeping you on your toes!

Pat said...

You need to send these in to Vaseline or somewhere. Looks like they could bring you a few dollars at least.
Love, Mom(s)

Deelsu said...

That is funny! You'll have to keep those pictures to show them when they get older!