Friday, June 19, 2009

Another Zoo Post

I sure hope no one is sick of our zoo postings! I am sure the pictures are beginning to look the same. This trip was a little different. We stayed mostly in the kids area to play, saw our 3 favorite animals on the north side of the zoo, ate our lunch, and were in the car by 11:15! I am not sure we will get back much over the next 2 months as it is just too hot for me, I mean the animals, to even be out! We got there this time at 9 right as it opened. I always go early for weather purposes, but mostly I go because no zoo trip is worth the boys missing a nap. I hate it when they sleep in the car, because I really need my 2 hours at home. I know-SELFISH!! So anyway, as we were leaving at 11am I was watching all the families just getting there. I am sure they are thinking how we must not have been there long. I am thinking they are crazy for just getting started-it was already 90 degrees!! Even first thing in the morning, most of the animals were hiding.

The kids area has the cutest little stream so I brought the boys swim trunks so they could play in the water.

Colton saying "cheese", one of only 3 words I can actually understand-it is so cute!

Connor modeling on the rocks, literally! "Mommy, take my picture" he said.

He told me he was playing Edward the Emu-we love that book

The playground area


starnes family said...

Not selfish - smart!

Donatelli98 said...

I totally agree - and the heat - right there with you! Hope you are feeling well! Love my little modeling cous!

Angry Julie Monday said...

What a great little toddler area. Is it bad that I'm actually jealous of your heat? I love the heat.

If the shoe FITZ said...

Hi Jann,
Do you know what you are having yet?
When is your due date?