Sunday, December 25, 2011


Merry Christmas to All....

Today is Christmas, I will have a post on that to come, maybe. I have been pretty sucky lately at posting so who really knows. But I did want to chat a bit more about December.

We have a had a fabulous day. Couldn't have asked for a better day, except for maybe more friends and family around. But I have been over the Christmas hustle and bustle for about 2 weeks now and have been in major party mode. Colton's birthday is in 2 days. He will be having a party on January 7. It's his first ever "real" birthday party. And I plan on making it a kick ass party. In my head anyway. It might turn out to be a complete bust.

I have already put the Christmas decor away. Ok, so it's just in boxes. I sure as heck am not carrying those up the stairs. I have to have all that finished up tomorrow. Tuesday is packing day. We leave Wednesday for my parents house. We return Sunday evening. That leaves me 2 days before I go back to work at the boys MDO to finish up for the big SpiderMan party.

December is suppose to be a time of reflection. A look back on all the things you screwed up in the year. Luckily I have been way to busy to bother with all that crap. But I am looking forward to January and getting my pit of a house organized. I think I am just going to take 1 room at a time and complete it. All my cabinets and closets need to be cleaned out.

Isn't it funny that as soon as Christmas is over and put all the stuff away, it feels like it should be spring. But winter is just getting started. All though, I did buy all the boys snow pants this year, which means we will not a single freaking snowflake in OK.

Hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas day. I know we have.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Hello Strangers  Friends....
   It's been quite some time since I've been on blogger. I have tried to read some though, and it seems as if lots of you are MIA! I have so much to say and catch up on that I don't know where to start. So I just go with what I can think of.

Today was the last day of school for 2 weeks and I couldn't be more excited about spending some time with my boys. I know in 2 days I will be ready to ship them off, but for the moment (in my head) I am ready for some special time.

Con woke up today crying, wanting to move back to TX because there is a girl there he wants to marry. He doesn't remember her name. Hey, like father like son. He recently gave Santa his list, it was completely different from his original final list. SOL son, SOL!

Colton has gone back to diapers. Just 1 week away from turning 4 and I had to go to Target for pull ups. Speaking of Target, if there is a town without one, that's where I need to move. We have "thrown away" his undies. I have them put away because I am not going to waist the money on new ones. But I am OVER the accidents. Not sure you can even call them accidents when it is several times a day. He could care less about the alphabet. He could care less about pooping in the potty. Good thing he's cute!

Chris is talking up a storm and climbing like a freaking monkey. Caught him on the counters the other day with the kitchen scissors and a pack up candy. Luckily he still has all 10 fingers. I've lost another life, but hey, that 's just all part of the mommy gig! He climbed up the pantry door for the secret stash of suckers. Guess I better move those. Trouble, that one!

Finally got all my cards out, and damn they are cute. If you didn't get one and would like one, send me your address. If you don't want one, bah humbug to you!

Insurance sucks. We pay out the wazoo and I think between the 5 of us, we have been to the doctor 4 times this year plus 4 well checks. I need an MRI for my shoulder and they deny it! And don't get me started on the cost of medicine. I got to the pharmacy for my pills and had to pay $60, WTH???? Who can pay that?

I am ready for the big day. Shopping is done, wrapping complete, budget shot!
I have moved on from Christmas to planning Colton's 4th birthday party. It will be his first official party to have, so I am trying to make it special. I am pretty pumped about this, he better appreciate it, the little pooper!

It was freezing for a while, now it's cool but not cold. We had a crazy winter in OK last year. This year I bought all the kids snow pants/bibs. won't snow. I totally jinxed us.  Snow has been forcaste twice so far, and both times.....nothin'. For those who don't like snow, you're welcome.

  - MAC
I lost some pictures off my MAC and I am just sick to my stomach about it. Perhaps that will teach me to back up and/or print my photos

And now some pics for your enjoyment....