Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I Forted

That's a
not a 

Christian is not feeling too well
So he slept most of the morning
And what better way to entertain the big boys
Than a fort
So we moved the couches and arranged the pillows

 It entertained them for about an hour
Long enough for me to get some Christmas cards addressed


We have a double closet off of the dining room
Odd place I know
But it works
It's the shoe closet
We keep our coats there too
But it is referred to as the shoe closet
I make the boys take off their shoes as soon as we come in
They are great about it
My germ phobe makes me freak out about all the nastiness on the bottom of shoes
(I just got the chills)
We all have a bin
Except for Mark
He doesn't obey the rules
Your bin is for shoes, socks, a toy 
Gloves and hats in the winter
Anything you might need to grab as you head out the door
There are also hooks on the inside of the door
Hung low for little people
But for some reason 
It always looks like this
 Which causes me to turn into
every time someone says
"I can't find my shoe"

Got this little diddy for my birthday
From bestie Amy
I love it

We are having a cold week here
The temp is actually not too bad
But the freaking wind

The boys and I have all been snotty
But each day we are better
So by week's end
We should be back to normal

Our elf flew in today
We named him Mickey
I hope this fellow does his job

Colton has taken to pooping his pants
Nothing can make you feel like a failure of a mom
like a potty trained kid deciding he's over it
He doesn't even want to wear undies anymore
He wants to wear a diaper
1 diaper
all day long
That's right
Full of pee

I am totally missing my job at the Barn
I find myself wanting everything now
Plus I miss my time away
Talking to women 
about womenly things
like decorating

Mark and I are on a diet
It's this 21 day cleanse thing
He does it a couple of times a year
For several years now
I have never participated because I have always been
Prego or Nursing
I am doing it more for weight loss
He does it as the cleanse
It is basically all fruits and vegies for 2 weeks
Then the last week you add in fish and chicken
I am doing pretty well
But I have had a diet coke
I need something
The really sad thing is
I have hit an all time high with my weight
Not counting prego time
Christian just turned 1
And I am back into some prego weight
I might as well be 4 months pregnant
I can't believe I am even writing this
My fat clothes are tight
So my goal is by Christmas
The fat clothes won't be tight anymore
Then I will go from there
I could give my right arm for a glass of wine

So there you have it
Better go find a new perch for Mickey

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Boy Talk

This is going to be a new segment
Obviously entitled
It is going to be a way for me to keep record
of the lovelies my boys say
to me and to each other
It may not all be funny
or entertaining to you
it's not really about you now is it?

Con-mommy, this house smells like old lady
(nice because he is referring to our house)

At the dinner table:
Colton-I put dis poopy in de potty?
me-what? (as Mark and I eye each other, thinking did we hear this right)
Colton-I put dis poopy in de potty?
And he comes around the table holding his poop
Mark and I can't stop laughing long enough to help the poor kid
Hey, at least he cleans up after himself

In the car driving home from the grocery store
Just me and Connor
He is rambling something about a hospital
And before I can get the answer to his bazaar question out of my mouth
He has moved on
Connor-I'm not gonna have a mommy and kids
Me-you're not
Me-Well don't you want a wife?
Con-Well you can just come over
Me-umm, ok. But don't you want kids?
Con-no. What do you call someone with out a wife or kids
Me-A bachelor
Con-OH ok, well I guess I will have a wife and 4 boys and 4 girls. Did you know that makes 8?
Me-Yeah, good math. But that's alot of kids
Con-Ok, I'll just have 2 boys and 2 girls. That makes 4
Con-And I might not live next door. I might just live down the street in one of those houses with a pool
Me-Well we can get a pool put in
Con-Well I don't know how to make a pool
Me-Well we can hire someone to build it
Con-OK then I can live next door to you

WOW! I am glad that that is settled!!!!

Happy Saturday

Friday, November 26, 2010

Turkey Day and one 1st birthday

Let's back it up to the day before
Prep Day
Entertain the masses day
And I am referring to kids out of school
Not family in town
Cause it was just us
Cleaning Day
If you are that kind of person
I'm not
(And I'm ok with that)

The boys finished up their pine cone turkeys
I think they are hilarious 
And this might be our new seasonal craft
 Wednesday morning with a list of things to do
And very energetic boys
It took us 2 hours and 5 timeouts to get out of the house
I threw my plans out the window
And decided running around the park was the best bet for us all
Besides it was an unseasonably 80 degrees
with freezing temps knocking on the back door

At Colton's request we went to the duck pond
Really the local kids fishing pond
But with stale bread and tortillas 
They flock to you

Then a few feet away
One of several playgrounds in the park

Connor is getting great at his balancing act

Tried to pose for a picture
This is also the day I was no longer allowed to call Connor by his birth name
Had to be called Dan
from this new show DINO DAN
I obliged
It was just easier

While the boys napped I prepped my dressing
Granny's dressing
And let me just say
Watch out GRANNY
I did an excellent job
If I do say so myself

After dinner we decorated our cupcakes 
While the big boys helped 
Christian cleaned out the drawers
I was so proud of myself for keeping the kitchen clean all day
With each pot and spoon I used
I washed it up or loaded it in the dishwasher
But in the 20 minutes we spent here
The place was destroyed
And of course 
Christian melted quickly
So we headed straight upstairs
Then Mark entered
into the war zone

 And our result
These cute little turkey diddy's
But they were not easy for a beginner baker
Needless to say
I only make about 8 of them 
The rest got 1 spread of icing
Maybe a few sprinkles
Doesnt' matter
I am about to toss the 2 dozen cupcakes
We will never eat them all

Good Morning
Happy Thanksgiving
Happy Birthday
I was prepared for the day
with a cooking plan in place
All while feeling a bit
for lack of a better word
Turkey in by 7am
then dressing
followed by sweet potato casserole
then the rolls
Green beans and mashed potatoes going
Pecan pie made the night before
Lunch at 11
Naps at noon

And it all worked out

 The first turkey
Pretty proud of myself here
I was most nervous about having to stick my hand in there and pull the junk out
So I made Mark do it
Hey, what are husbands for
Only to discover it is just a sealed, non clear bag of juicy stuff
Just sitting inside the bag
No big deal
I can barely stand to watch Martha Stewart prepare a turkey
Something about raw white meat that grosses me out
It started when I was prego with Connor
Couldn't even eat chicken for a while
Let alone cook it
But I stuck my hand under the skin and everything
It turned out a bit dry
But the flavor was good

And what Thanksgiving table is complete 
without a can of jellied cranberry sauce
No one ate it
But it was there

And the boys plates remained untouched

Mark is always my honest food taster
Even though I get mad at him
He agreed the turkey was a bit dry
"I've had worse"
he said
The sweet potatoes were not sweet enough
I don't eat that, so I have to take his word on it
He said it needed more brown sugar
My recipe did not call for that
But when he said it
A little bell started going off in my head
I know I read brown sugar somewhere
And I know I did NOT get it out of the pantry
at all
So I grabbed my recipes out
And sure enough
There was suppose to be brown sugar in the pecan pie
Good thing we had 2 dozen cupcakes 

Over all a good lunch
Not bad for my first cooking

And Princeton the Turkey
turned out very full
Lots and lots to be thankful for
Mostly the zoo (from Colton)
all though it was probably more requests than thanks

After nap we celebrated Christian's first year
I plopped him down in the middle of the table
with his own cake
in an effort to recreate his pictures
Don't you know
he was not so into this time
But it was still great

He was not so into unwrapping gifts
But the birthday cards were a big hit

And lucky for us
We have a 4 year old who is a great gift unwrapper

He got a tricycle from moms and pops
A chair from us 
Pj's from Connor
A nativity scene from Colton
Clothes, book, and an ornament from Aunt Sissy, Uncle T, KK, and Thomas
A turtle that puts stars on the ceiling from Ilan and Castel

Such a wonderful day
Except for the big boys and I are getting sick

If you want to watch some video you can do so here

Now it is time to get my Christmas cards out
(If I don't have your address please email me)
And plan Colton's party
Here or in TX?
I can't decide

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Birthday

From his BIRTH day
His 1st birthday
I can't believe it's been a year
I have added
500 pictures
For your viewing pleasure

As I revisit these photos
These memories
I have to wipe away tears
I could have a dozen babies
if they didn't have to turn 2
sort of
I could give birth 
over and over and over
This has been a crazy year for me
For us
A new baby
A new house
A new city and state
Lots of changes
Plenty of challenges
And while my sweet Christian
does not sleep through the night
My love for him continues to deepen
I am so sad to see the "baby" days
come to an end
But look forward to the baby nights end
(if I'm lucky)
The busy toddler days lie ahead of us
So things are about to get even more exciting here
Life with Boys
And I can handle it
As long as I continue to get
sweet kisses like this

Even spaghetti kisses

I won't lie
There have been moments when I have thought
What was I thinking?
I cannot handle this!
But God knows what He's doing

Christian continues to surprise me
I think because Connor and Colton are so similar
Looks and Personality
I expect the same from my Little Bit
He is going to be his own man
From his blond hair and blue eyes
To his lack of snuggling
But always wanting to be held
I can't wait to watch him grow
And pray I don't screw him up

And it looks as though my 3rd baby
is turning 1 with only 2 teeth
The other 2 had 4 on their birthdays
He is not walking yet
But it won't be long

On Monday when I dropped Colton off at school
I was looking at all the moms walking in with new borns
I realized I was no longer the prego one
the one with 2 little ones and a baby
Now I am just a regular mom
Trust me, it's not boring
But it is a new phase

The best baby things
(that I know I will still enjoy a bit longer)
His perfectly smooth baby skin
I can and do rub on it ALL the  time
His sweet sweet baby breath
The best smell in the world
I take a big sniff every morning
The faintly sweet smell of his feet
especially after he has worn socks
The giggle
over a game of peek a boo
All the sweet noises
All the sweet silence
And the love in those gorgeous blue eyes

All these weird thoughts
and emotions
I am just rambling


So much to be Thankful for