Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I Forted

That's a
not a 

Christian is not feeling too well
So he slept most of the morning
And what better way to entertain the big boys
Than a fort
So we moved the couches and arranged the pillows

 It entertained them for about an hour
Long enough for me to get some Christmas cards addressed


We have a double closet off of the dining room
Odd place I know
But it works
It's the shoe closet
We keep our coats there too
But it is referred to as the shoe closet
I make the boys take off their shoes as soon as we come in
They are great about it
My germ phobe makes me freak out about all the nastiness on the bottom of shoes
(I just got the chills)
We all have a bin
Except for Mark
He doesn't obey the rules
Your bin is for shoes, socks, a toy 
Gloves and hats in the winter
Anything you might need to grab as you head out the door
There are also hooks on the inside of the door
Hung low for little people
But for some reason 
It always looks like this
 Which causes me to turn into
every time someone says
"I can't find my shoe"

Got this little diddy for my birthday
From bestie Amy
I love it

We are having a cold week here
The temp is actually not too bad
But the freaking wind

The boys and I have all been snotty
But each day we are better
So by week's end
We should be back to normal

Our elf flew in today
We named him Mickey
I hope this fellow does his job

Colton has taken to pooping his pants
Nothing can make you feel like a failure of a mom
like a potty trained kid deciding he's over it
He doesn't even want to wear undies anymore
He wants to wear a diaper
1 diaper
all day long
That's right
Full of pee

I am totally missing my job at the Barn
I find myself wanting everything now
Plus I miss my time away
Talking to women 
about womenly things
like decorating

Mark and I are on a diet
It's this 21 day cleanse thing
He does it a couple of times a year
For several years now
I have never participated because I have always been
Prego or Nursing
I am doing it more for weight loss
He does it as the cleanse
It is basically all fruits and vegies for 2 weeks
Then the last week you add in fish and chicken
I am doing pretty well
But I have had a diet coke
I need something
The really sad thing is
I have hit an all time high with my weight
Not counting prego time
Christian just turned 1
And I am back into some prego weight
I might as well be 4 months pregnant
I can't believe I am even writing this
My fat clothes are tight
So my goal is by Christmas
The fat clothes won't be tight anymore
Then I will go from there
I could give my right arm for a glass of wine

So there you have it
Better go find a new perch for Mickey


starnes family said...

I'm at an all time high, too. Working on it!

Love the fort. Such a fun mom. I'm not good at those types of things.

The Soladay Family said...

The fort is awesome. Fun mom is right. The things we do to get a few moments peace.

BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

Nice fort Cousin! It was good chatting with you last night even if it was brief due to chatty kids of mine! Let me know how the cleanse works! Good luck!!

Dee Stephens said...

Forts were my brother and I's favorite thing to do as kids.
We used to make ours in our playroom with a card table and a sheet.
As for the cleanse. I hear ya sista. Brad and I are on a weight loss binge right now too. Especially since we'll be in swimsuits in the Bahamas in less than a month!
I've got about 8 pounds to go! Let's see if I can do it!