Monday, November 22, 2010

Final Fall Faves

So with Christmas music playing in every store
And half the neighbors homes lit up in red and green
I guess I better wrap up my
Fall Faves
Hard to do today when it is 77degrees outside
But not to worry
The turkey day forecast is 38
for the HIGH
that's 40 degrees cooler
I remember last year when Christian was born
Thinking he would not get to wear his sweaters
It was warm then too

Side tracked as usual
Back to Fall

Leaves, Leaves, Leaves
The colors of course
But living on a lot full of tress
The fallen leaves have made my list
I don't have a picture
(technical difficulties)
Mark and the boys raked most of Saturday
And what do you do with big piles of leaves

My wreath
It will always be one of my favorite things in general
I love the looks
Plus got it for a steal


Baby Faces peeking out of hats

My absolute most favorite FALL thing
My Thanksgiving BABY

So wish I could give away all my favorites 
like Oprah
Maybe not Christian
But the rest

Now I must admit
I am a hypocrite
2 faced
Cheating on my beloved
fall and Thanksgiving
I got out my Christmas decor this weekend
And put most of it up
Thanks to 2 large glasses of wine 
A couple of DVRed episodes of Hawaii 5-0
Those boys are yummy
I opted to do it early for 2 reasons
Mark is going to be gone next weekend
(he is my muscle to get the stuff from the attic and he entertains the boys)
and secondly
I wanted to concentrate on Christian next weekend
My (will be) 1 year old

I must proudly admit to something else
All the little people in my life have been shopped for
With 1 exception
I need to go to the lego store 
and get a couple of things for my nephew and Connor
Feels good to be done with them
Now for the 2 adults on my side of the family
(we draw names)
And Mark's mom

All though I still might hit Wal Mart Friday
at 5AM
They have some great deals going on
I wish I had some extra cash to put some things back

Now all I have to focus on is 
We are making pine cone turkeys tomorrow
the big boys are drawing pictures for Christian
Should be fun

Happy Thanksgiving 


Dee Stephens said...

Look at you SUPER Mom! Crafts, decorating, you got it all down! Good chatting last night. We need to do it again. Sorry, I had to get off :(
Happy Thanksgiving!

BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

Nice work Cous! I haven't done one ounce of Christmas shopping! I am so slacking these days!! Can't wait to see the birthday festivities!!