Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Holiday Traditions

Can you believe that this time of year is here again?
I say this every year
this year has flown by

This is a very important year for me
My Baby
me LAST baby 
My family is in a new town
 a new state
My grandmother will not be with us
My middlest is turning 3
And I swore he would get a party this year
Connor is at that crucial, yet exciting age
where he will remember these moments
and Christmas morning
is full blown excitement for him

So we have been trying to figure out our plans
In the past we have been pretty good with a rotation
Thanksgiving with my family
Christmas with his
The next year
But with holiday births 
The routine is a bit off
And now 
We live away from both sides of the family

How do you handle being away from family?

We each want to spend the time with our family
Of course Christmas ranking the highest
But we know it is important for us to be home too
We want to start our own traditions for our kids
And let's face it
SC has a hard time traveling

Someone is always going to feel slighted
One of our families
One of us
So what to do?
We had originally decided to just stay home on Christmas
And travel before and/or after

But then my grandmother passed away
That means the holidays 
this first year especially
are going to be really hard

I know for Thanksgiving we are staying home
Just a family dinner
and birthday celebration
I am cooking the traditional meal though
trying anyway
It will be my first turkey
Maybe some football in the backyard
What ever we feel like

For Christmas
We may travel to MS
And then try and make it to TX the week after

Mark and I started a Christmas Eve tradition
several years ago
tamales for dinner
I am not sure how that is going to work out in OK
Tamales are much easier to come by in Texas

When I was growing up we always ate salty ham
(Country Ham)
and biscuits for dinner
Then we had the left overs on Christmas morning
I loved it
Maybe I will bring that meal back for my kids

I want my boys to have the best memories
When they are older and have their own kids
I want them to want to have the same traditions that they grew up with
Or at least similar
I know

What are your favorite holiday traditions?
Do you like to travel on Thanksgiving and Christmas?


The Soladay Family said...

Love that you're starting traditions for your own family. We have some, and the kids have already been talking the excitement up of contiuing them this year.

Being away from family is hard, but don't stress yourself out. You have to do what's best for your little family. =)

BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

We travelled almost every year for one of the holidays until we had kids. Now we stay home most of the holidays. It is so much easier and the kids like being in their own house. I am hosting both holidays this year and the inlaws are coming for Christmas. I do miss travelling some ... but I think it is better we are at home. D and I are trying to figure out what to serve Christmas Day. We do his family's Italian Christmas Eve dinner ...

Dee Stephens said...

I've thought a lot about this too. Growing up for me was Thanksgiving at home but my Grandma always came in for the week. Then.. Christmas at home with a bunch of orphan friends joining us. BUT..sometimes we traveled to Arkansas.
Then...I entered TV news...and my parents always came to me b/c I had to work.
Now..it's different.
We have traded the past few years like you guys. Thanksgiving with my rents Christmas with his..switch.
It's the same this year..
But.. when we have kids we're staying home.
His parents live near us and my parents are moving close too.
I want us to do our own thing then join family for a dinner.
Sorry.. longest comment ever.

starnes family said...

Think it all through, try to please those you can, and include everyone possible. But, first and foremost should come your immediate family. That's what Blake and I decided.

My plans?

California. No travel this year!

Coco said...

Lucky for us, my parents are very accomodating. But now that my bro is going to have another, I am sure that this is going to change. I did put my foot down at Bram's second xmas and said that Christmas morn would always be at our house. Period.
We work around that.
And when do holidays at my parents, it's my fave, they do PRIME RIB!!!! My favorite tradition of all. That's why I have a fat ass.