Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Halloween and Family Time

Better late than never

We were invited to our first birthday party here in OKC
It was the Friday before Halloween
Costume Party 
of course
For our neighbor Charlie
He obviously does not live in our cul-de-sac
since he is 3
not 83
I had talked to my dad that morning and already decided
to head home on Saturday
So I had a million things on my mind
But did not want to miss the bash

 It was a weekday, morning party
Never been to one with that kind of time
It was great
Made a mental note that it worked well
 The kiddos decorated cookies and had pizza for lunch
We left a bit early to get Connor off to school
Met a few mom's
Did not get numbers though
I say this every time
But man, I need a pick up line or something
to score the digits
Got Connor off to school
Got the little ones napping
Got some laundry going
and then....
the phone rang

It was that call we all dread
caller: Hi is this Mrs. Lenzer
me: Yes
caller: Hi, this is so and so from Connor's school
He's had a little accident on the playground
a million visions flash before my eyes in 2 seconds
caller: His nose is bleeding out of both sides and he won't stop crying, can you come 
me: On the way

So I literally grab the 2 sleepers from their beds and run to the car
Luckily we just live a couple of minutes from the school
I get there and toss the little boys into the stroller and rush in
to find my big boy sitting there with red eyes and and ice  pack on his nose
And tissue on the nostrils
looking so tiny in the big kid school
Just a bump
Nothing broken
He fell on the playground
No ones really knows what happened
However he had a really nasty knot on the back of his head as well
As we were leaving the school office
His eyes welled up with tears again
He looked so frightened that I almost started to cry too
He was upset
Not about his nose or fall
But because he did not get to show his spider man for 
show and tell
So me
being the rock star mom that I am
Walked him directly to his classroom
for show and tell
Then I took my baby home for some TLC

We headed to Mississippi the next morning
Mark drove us, then flew home Sunday morning
The boys were concerned about missing trick or treat 
So I
still being the rock star mom that I am
promised to take them
Why not?
My parents live in the country now
but it's just a few miles from Collierville, TN
where I grew up
I can make this work right?
Connor did not want to be a Ninja Turtle though
I think he was having buyers remorse over his costume
He decided to wear his Buzz Lightyear pj's
Which meant Colton wanted to wear his Woody pj's
those are easier to pack

We met up with my Tony and Shea
and their clan
Tony and Shea are my BIL's borther and SIL
I couldn't get my 2 to stand still long enough for a photo
And this was before the sugar high began

Their youngest
 fell asleep while trick or treating
Went up to a door, got some candy
Came back to the wagon
was out
like a light
for the night

This house was the cutest
They had the outside all done up
Spider webs and such
Plus these ghosts and a spider man
Made to look like trick or treaters
Trick or treating was fun
Now I wish the candy would go

So I spent Saturday and Sunday with my mawmaw at the nursing home
On Monday my sister and I went in shifts
One being with mawmaw while the other stayed with our kids
On Thursday morning she passed away
We had a grave side service for her on Saturday
It was the hardest week of my life
wondering why
cherishing memories
But the family being together made it a little less painful
(if that is really possible)
Mark's support and strength helped more than he knows
(He flew back in on Friday night and then drove us home Sunday)
And all of your thoughts and prayers got me through


starnes family said...


Rockstar says it well. I'm so impressed you went back for the show*and*tell and made trick-or-treating happen, too.

You and Mark are an awesome couple. Stay strong!

BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

Cous - I am so glad you were able to be there with your dad and the rest of your family!! You are an awesome mom! I wish I could give you a big hug!! Miss you Cousin!!

The Soladay Family said...

You are such a great mom. =)

I'm glad you were able to be with your family during such a hard time.

Your hubby is definitely a keeper!