Saturday, November 13, 2010

Boomer and Updates

Today the hubs and I are headed to OU game
His mother game him the tickets for his birthday back in August
Pretty sure he would rather watch it with anyone but me
But as luck would have it
No one else was available
I could care less about football
For many reasons that I won't go into
But back in the day
(meaning pre "life with boys")
I was a pretty good tail-gater
And today it's gonna be chilly and sunny
Perfect Football Weather
Come on....
say it with me
(even if you're a Texas fan)

It's a 2pm game
So we are headed down about noon
The boys will be all right with the dogs 
Just kidding
Thought about it
But since Christian is still so little....
We don't have any sitters yet
(Truth is we have NEVER been able to find a regular sitter)
We are using an hourly daycare
We used to visit one in the Big D that we loved
The one here is just ok
But it works in a pinch
Just costs you twice as much
But today I am not going to think about that
Going to concentrate on an afternoon with the
Man of my Dreams
Speaking of....
was on the Today Show yesterday
I was almost late for school
Connor later told hubs
"Daddy, your wife has a boyfriend"
Nice huh?
And if you're still wondering who JBJ is...
Jon Bon Jovi
my lover
and yes, my boyfriend
in my head at least

Colton started a new school yesterday
A 2nd school I should say
He only attends his other school on Mondays
It was the only opening available
This is what happens when you move in the summer
So now I found a place that had 1 opening on Fridays
I think I am gonna LOVE it
Of course I thought the same thing about the Monday school
I have given this some thought
The problem is 
I had the best of everything in Dallas
The best school
Mommy friends
It makes it hard for another place to compare
Colton seemed to like it

Connor's BFF in school missed him terribly while we were gone
His mom told me that he did not want to go to school
And their teacher said she did not know if he was going to make it all week
He mailed Connor a picture that he drew
And it said "I love you" on it
Cutest thing 

If Christian does not get his 2 front teeth soon
He is likely to chew his way outta here
And if they don't come in less than 2 weeks 
He will be my first that did not have 4 teeth
on his birthday
his birthday is almost here
He is taking milk and juice from a cup
Nursing less
wait for it....
sleeping through the night
He is grown up
A year of no sleep 
And I am starting to dream of rocking a baby again
Not happening 
Just saying
Maybe I should volunteer at the hospital nursery
He is pretty into me
But when we are at my parent's house
He did not want ANYONE else
It was bad
I felt really sorry for my parents

I went Christmas shopping last night
Target and Toys R Us
Good Times
I wish I could buy it all 
But on the other had
You know you have too much
And you want to teach them 
The real meaning of Christmas
How to earn new toys
How to respect what they have
But I realized
The 3rd boys
Gets totally screwed
We already have every toy
So what's he gonna get
I have no idea
I can't even think of anything for him
Not true
I thought of 1 thing

Gotta go finish my closet project before I head to Norman


starnes family said...

Hope yall had fun at the game. I still don't know what Boomer Sooner means.

The Soladay Family said...

The 3rd child totally gets screwed. Especially when you have 3of the same sex. Poor Carter has hand-me-downs of EVERYTHING, but he doesn't seem to even notice or care. I guess he's so used to it.

Yeah for another school!

BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

Hope you had a good time at the game! We went this weekend too - with the kids! Carzy people we are!