Tuesday, November 16, 2010

TV Land

They are ridiculous
Desperate for Attention
Insanely Rich
Stupid and Snotty
And I can't stop watching

You know who I am talking about
The Real Housewives
Beverly Hills

I love to hate the housewives
OC and NY as well
Not so much DC or ATL

I mean for real?!
60k on a 4 year old birthday party
That's what most people make in a year
Our country has more people out of work than ever
Kids hungry
And 60
on a

Then the one bimbo
You know the one with the fake tits
And the fake blonde hair
1 of the 5
Says she wanted to marry for love
Not for someone giving her the life she wanted
She hope's she made the right decision
I see divorce in her future
Hope the dumbass hubs who fell for her BS
got a good prenup

And for Camille
She hates being alone
Thinks it's so unfair and HARD to be a single mother
You idiot
You have 3 nannies and a house manager

I mean they all have killer bodies
You have to in BH
I suppose
Since every women out there has
size double 0 ass
double D tits

On another note.....
How did Bristol make it so far?

And speaking of
I am a proud Republican
But Sarah Palin gets on my nerves
But her state is gorgeous

What are you watching?


Dee Stephens said...

I watched BH Housewives for the first time and have to agree. Camille is too much...
Please.. 3,000 sq feet is too small? Retarded. I'm with you on Bristol too. It's obvious she wanted to go home weeks ago but the public is keeping her own. Maybe it's all the prego teen girls?

BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

Nothing - does football count? Seriously I am so lame all I watch is sports and occasional HGTV - House Hunters International and Income Property ...