Monday, November 15, 2010

Football Football

The hubs and I ventured down to Norman on Saturday for the
OU vs Tech
We Won
thank God
or it would have been a bad time

I know Mark was nervous about going with me
I'm not so into sports
But I was good
At least I thought I was
He may have a different opinion
I forgot how much fun football games can be
It's fun to hang out with friends and watch on TV
But when you are there
The ambiance of the whole place...
you just can't compare the two
We just walked around for a bit
Stopped off in a couple of bars
Watched the band march on by

Our seats were great
OU fans 
They certainly don't lack in team spirit
But what I think is funny
or just don't understand
is how into it people get
They're yelling at the players
They're yelling at the coach
They're yelling at the refs
Hello! None of those folks can hear you
It's all mind boggling to me

I would love to watch more games with Mark
with the family
In fact
I decided we have to become a tail-gating family
The kids all dressed up
The grill going
Lots of friends under the tent
Like Cindy did this weekend
But watching with Mark is not always fun
I am about to call you out babe
So if you are reading this
When his team looses 
He's in a bad mood
for a long time
When his team wins
But did not play as well as he thinks they should have
He's in a bad mood
When another team he wanted to win/loose
So that the right team makes it to the playoffs 
doesn't win/loose
He's in a bad mood

Kind of sucks for me
And that's why we don't watch sports together
One day we will
He will figure it that it's ok to loose
It's about having fun
I still love you Mark

Just a little game we like to play when we do watch OU together
You have to be the first one to call his name
When he is on TV


Toodles my friends


Dee Stephens said...

Being a tailgating family is my dream too. Brad loves sports but has gotten to the point he would rather watch at home on TV than go to all the hassle of being there. Who knows! At least Brad doesn't get too mad when his team loses. Well, he does but gets over it.

starnes family said...

Nothing like live football. Such an amazing spirit in the air! I love the smells, to hear the band, etc.

Glad yall had fun!

BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

Let me know when you do the tailgaiting thing - I want to come out for a game - D would love it too! Proud of you cous for taking one for the team!!