Monday, February 28, 2011

And the Oscar Goes To.....

I am not a huge Oscar fan
I actually tend to find it 
minus the first and last 10 minutes
But I am a girl
And I do loves my fashions
(hard to tell, I know, since I live in sweats and t's)

I actually had several faves this year
But my number one choice:
IHalle Barry // Oscars 2011 red carpet arrivals (AP photo)
Halley Barry
Of course she could wear a freaking potato sack and look like a million bucks 
in my opinion
Of course she has a million bucks
Kind of makes a big difference
I also loved the looks of 
Hillary Swank
Reese Witherspoon (minus all the fake hair)
Mila Kunis 
(I don't even know who this chick is)
Helen Mirren
And on a manly note-
Justin Timberlake
'course I would rock the cradle with him anytime

My worst dressed pick:
Gwyneth Paltrow // Oscars 2011 red carpet arrivals (AP photo)
Gwenyth Paltrow
It was a little too "future-esqu" for me
And the super slicked straight hair
went with the outfit
but not formal enough for my taste

I also did not like
Nicole Kidman
Melissa Leo
Jennifer Lawrence
Scarlett Johansson

As far as the hosting goes
But I don't think they will be invited back!

Who did you like the best??

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

We're a Sad Bunch

I'm referring to
The Lenzer's
We ALL suck

Mark came home late Friday night 
from a business trip
And had to leave again Sunday
I was so looking forward to 1 GREAT day 
with the hubs
he had thrown his back out
and was in pain
and a crappy mood
needless to say-
he did nothing
we did nothing
and it ruined my mood too
The boys had a birthday party to attend Saturday night
and I made Mark go with me
hurt back and all

By the time the party rolled around
My eye was in serious pain
If it is possible to break your eye
that's what I would have thought was wrong
Couldn't blink, touch it, close it
By bedtime it was red and swollen underneath
like a black eye
but not bruised, just red
It is finally starting to feel better today

Christian has been snotty for 2 months now
no doctor can fix it
believe me, I've tried
At the party he started running a fever
Kept a fever most of Sunday
finally today just back to his regular snots

Picked Colton up from school yesterday
and he felt warm
He didn't talk in the car
ding, ding,ding
(my little bell ringing)
knew something was wrong
He came home and layed on the stairs
He was VERY hot with fever
But since he won't let me check his temperature
not sure what it is
He layed on the couch all afternoon
Ate a little supper
We went upstairs early for jammies
I made my bed with freshly washed sheets
because his diaper had leaked the night before
(yes he is still climbs into my bed every.single.night.)
A few minutes later he's watching TV
I am putting Christian to bed
Connor comes running in to tell me Colton threw up
my poor baby
my poor sheets
thank goodness for my new washer & dryer
or we would have been sleeping in Colton's bed
He has not puked again
but is still with fever

stay well!!!!

The bad thing about always a sick kid
you can't go to the gym
it's weeks like this I wish I had something at home

Had the plumber here yesterday
He informed me our problems are never going to go away
if we don't invest in some sort of water softener
We have major sediment build up
HEY, what's another couple grand?

On a healthier note...
Connor is reading like a champ
listening to your first born read words
such a warm fuzzy feeling

We went to the zoo twice last week
soaking in the warm weather as much as possible
It's cold again this week
not freezing by any means
but wearing the coats again
Sunday zoo trips are great for people watching
We don't usually go on a weekend
and I quickly remembered why
kind of makes you feel good about yourself

Colton is shirtless and running flying around like
so his fever must be down
let's hope it and his breakfast stays down

Friday, February 18, 2011

What I Got

Just after I posted my V-Day post
I went to turn on the front porch lights
I glanced out the window
(like I do everytime)
And noticed a box

It was from my pops!
He didn't forget me
My dad has given me a valentine every year
for as long as I can remember
Sunday night when we were skyping for his birthday
I asked him where my chocolates were
My mom said they ate them
I was just giving him a hard time
Eventually it has to end right?
I mean I am 30 20-something
and he is 60-something
But it was here!!!

You know what I  love about it
besides chocolate
He picks out the card himself 
he signs it himself
Think about that
most every card or present you get from your parents
or that, we as parents now, buy for our kiddos
who does it?
but not on V-day!
And he sends peeps!
they're not just for Easter anymore

And my hubs gave me flowers

It has made for an all around special week

I have a Dyson
bought it over 6 years ago
It recently had an accident
It was knocked over 1 too many times 
and a very important piece of plastic popped off
Now it is duct taped together
It never lost suction
just like Mr. Dyson proclaims
However, you have to hold it down low
Which makes for a painful vacuuming process
And if you want to use any attachments
or stretch the hose out
you have to un-duct tape it

This house has central vac
So I have been using it
It works ok
but what a pain in the ass to haul the hose everywhere
I want a new Dyson
But it is not in the budget right now
I recently got sucked into an infomercial about the Shark vacuum
It was comparing itself to the Dyson
never loosing suction and all
but at far less $$$
Mark was out of town
treat to myself for having to be home alone all weekend

Big Mamma gives it 2 thumbs up
If anyone is in the market for a new vacuum
This one truly is just as good as the Dyson
and under $200

Let me now take a moment to share a vacuum story
It took me all afternoon yesterday to vacuum
only 1 floor of my house
I started while Connor was at school and the little boys were napping
Then I remember we were completely out of milk
but I had invited Connor's buddy over to play after school
which meant I could not stop at the store
So I had to stop vacuuming to wake up the boys 
so we could run into the store before I picked up Con and his friend
After we returned home
I started back at my task
vacuum, vacuum, vacuum
whoops Christian is half way up the stairs
get him
vacuum, vacuum, vacuum
whoops Christian has dumped the pantry
clean it up
vacuum, vacuum, vacuum
whoops Christian had a pack of crackers in his hand and dumped it
where I just finished vacuuming
revacuum, revacuum, revacuum
damn Christian is up the stairs again
hold Christian
vacuum, vacuum, vacuum
Colton had a snack
go to the bathroom and cry
revacuum, revacuum, revacuum
give up

Mark thinks I am a lousy house keeper
And I'll admit
I'm not great at it
Hell, I'm not even good at it
But it's not for a lack of trying
And after breakfast this morning,
it needs to be done again
(get off the computer and vacuum right?)

Enough of that...
Here's what Connor got
A letter
in the mail
from my nephew
Cutest thing I have ever seen
He had to write it for  school

And here is what Colton's got

some worn the heck out Thomas boots
but lucky for him he will be getting Connor's batman boots
And the oldest gets the new

Monday, February 14, 2011

I heart you

And this day
not because I'm a sucker for all this love mush
but because I'm a whore
a chocolate whore
It's no secret
I have already raided the boys candy

The boys have made lots of hearts over the last several
snow days

we even copied a valentine idea from last year
and made crayon hearts
Super cute idea
But sometimes being crafty is just way more work than fun
I was up last night finishing everyones valentine's 
I felt like I was in high school again
Last minute doing homework

This morning I gave the boys chocolate
Holy Batman
Thank heavens Colton had school today
literally turning circles
I "worked" the party at Connor's school today
I love that
PTA here I come

Forced the boys to sit for a V-day pic
always with next year's calendar in mind

I was going to have them shirts made
but dropped the ball on that one
So my hand made signs had to do
It says
I heart mommy
if you can't tell

Hubs brought me home roses
I go him a card
I'll call it even
I am going to cook him dinner tonight
if he will do bath and bedtime

I love you Mark
I love you Connor, Colton, and Christian
I love you all my sweet family and friends
And I love my bloggies
who have become quite the sounding board for me
giving me advice when needed
and telling me when to stick it when I need that too
I bought chocolate for all of you
But I ate it
get over it

Shout out 
Happy Birthday to my pops

and happy adoption to my puppies
Precious-on the right
8 years ago
Frisco-on the left
7 years ago

Happy Valentine's Day
I hope cupid fills you up with love today

Thursday, February 10, 2011

What I've Learned

  • My new washer and dryer hold a LOT of clothes. It's great. I can do laundry twice a week or just one load a day if I want. But doing massive loads means you have to put UP massive loads-ggrrr!
  • Melted snow=NASTY! I love the snow. It is gorgeous. I really don't even mind staying home so much. It is certainly better for everyone's napping schedule when we just stay home. 
  • We have a lot of birds, specifically red birds. They are easy to spot in the bare trees, especially with a blanket of white on the ground. I bought a bird feeder.
  • Colton's "blankies" have bad static electricity. You can really tell at night when they actually spark. Kind of freaks me out.
  • Connor can read! But mostly he is just memorizing the story. I find it a bit irritating.
  • Blowing my nose so much lately is making me really dizzy. 
  • I'm tired of being fat! I may have hit rock bottom today.
  • When you live in an old(er) home at winter time....brrr rabbit! The boys windows had ice on the inside. You can feel major cold breezes by all the doors. I have the rolled up towel "snake" at the doors. 

Here is what I have NOT learned lately

  • How to get the birds to find my bird feeder. I hung it on the deck from a planter hook for now. I don't want to keep it there because I don't want the birds pooping on my deck, but I will need to purchase a hanger of some sort or find a good tree limb when the snow is gone.
  • How to get Connor to read more and memorize less! Is this part of the normal stages of learning to read?
  • How to get those clothes to fold themselves!

What have you learned (or not learned) lately?

Monday, February 7, 2011

Boy Talk

Connor hugging on Mark:
Con-Daddy I don't want you to leave
Mark-Daddy has to go to work
Con-I don't want you to go to work
Mark-Daddy has to work to pay for your legos
Con-OK, I want you to work alot

The boys and I are shopping at Target
Connor is grabbing himself
Me-Con, are you ok, do you have to go potty?
Con-No, it's just so long I need to hold it up
Me-(after I pick myself up off the floor from laughing so hard) What are you talking about?
Con-my pants, they're too long
Me-oh, ok!

To Colton:
ME-what's mommy's name?
Me-Where do you live"
Me-that's how I feel about it sometimes too

Colton-headed to the bathroom and trying to shut the door
Colton-I need pie-cee
Me-you need a potty seat?
Colton-No, I need pie-cee
Me-What? You need a potty seat?
Colton-NO!!! I NEED PIE-CEE (and shuts the door)
Me-oh, you need privacy?!
Colton-That's what I said. I need pie-cee
Me-hey! I can respect that

Hope my boys brought a smile to your face today!

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Do you ever feel like you're trapped in a freaky movie
Try being stuck at home for 4 days
with 3 kids
2 dogs
and NO husband

You might have a little freaky moment or two

We did not leave the house for 2 straight days
Not totally uncommon
But when mother nature tells you that you can't
Well of course it's all you can think about
The boys managed to play outside for all of 10 minutes
It was way too cold
And I could not take Christian out
Which means I could not go out with the big boys

By day 3
 I was over it
And out of most food
We braved it and headed out for Chick for lunch
Then I picked up Connor's BFF for a playdate
At least there was someone to help entertain for a couple of hours

Day 5
The cupboards were bare
It was the day before grocery day anyway
But the snow had started again that morning
Nothing big
The kind of snowfall that is gorgeous to watch
and under normal circumstances would not do much harm
That stuff fell ALL.DAY.LONG.
So all the tracks that had been made in the driveways
I had to go get food
So while Connor was at his buddy's house
The other 2 boys and I headed out
The city had finally gotten all the roads plowed
So it was very drivable
I decided to go to the grocery store right across the street
They were plowing the parking lot
but it was pretty crowded
And since I am not crazy about that store
We headed to the neighborhood Walmart
It's parking lot was a mushy disaster
So I decided to try Target
At least they have bigger shopping carts so both boys could ride
their lot was not too bad
But they were out of everything
Of course they usually are

***side note to any Target employees, could you please work on your speed of stocking the shelves? This is really annoying****

On the way home I encountered a small problem
On the ever so slight hill on my street
I could not get up the damn thing
I got half way up
and rolled back down
Got half way up
and rolled back down
The entire time a nice little crew of yard workers 3 houses up
were just watching
No one offered to come help the stupid lady who couldn't get up the hill
I would have just parked and walked the rest of the way home
But I had a car full of groceries
Finally on the third of fourth try
and steering it clear to the left
almost on the curb
I made it
I wanted to shoot the helpless yardies the bird
But I didn't
I gave a victory cheer instead

In all my sliding backwards down the hill
I was reminded of my dad taking us out to do doughnuts when we were little
We had an orange fiesta car
stick shift
and on icy occasions we would go the abandoned Fred's parking lot
My dad would throw it in neutral and pull up the emergency brake
Now that's fun
I don't know if that's exactly how it happened 
but it sounds good, so go with it

The snow is beautiful
When it's white as far as your eye can see
And during the day with the sun shines on the ground
It can cast a wonderful glow inside your house
that is different,brighter than you would usually have
And when it melts
It is a nasty, muddy, slushy mess

We are expecting more snow this week
Nothing like last week 
But truth be told
I didn't mind it so much
The way I loathe our schedule
I am glad when we don't have to go to school
It's not like I get a break 
In fact it's better with everyone home
Cause naps don't get shortened or missed

It's during these home bound times that I wish
I were a better cook
or baker
or crafter

But I am pretty good with the wii
And I make a mean bucket of popcorn

snow on my friends
snow on

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Blizzard 2011

Day 1
I say day 1
not because we are getting more snow
but because we will be stuck inside 
again tomorrow

The snow and winds came in over night
So we woke up to this
A good 7 or 8 inches of snow
and major snow drifts
The wind blew all day long
Still going actually

Mark suited up this morning to shovel the driveway
So he, in his brilliance, could go to work
I swear he could rob a bank dressed like this
He got stuck only a couple of times there and back
But when your boss lives walking distance from the office
You gotta show up

I had already grocery shopped over the weekend
And Sunday night had taken an outing to cruise Target
for some alone time
But did not get anything "needed" for the storm
because, quite frankly,
I assumed the weather guy was over talking the whole bit
like the previous 
So I went back Monday morning
killing time really between Colton school drop off and Connor swim lessons
I picked up these ugly snow boots for $9
That store was a mad house
I have not seen lines like that in a long time

This picture is outside the basement doors
It is underneath our deck
You can tell how bad the wind was blowing the snow

Explaining to a 3 and 4 year old
42 times
why they cannot go out and play in this winter wonderland
It only got 9degrees today
And the wind was unbelievably cold

After Mark finally made his way home this afternoon
And the wind had died down some
I did get the guys out for a picture

It took longer to get them dressed 
then they spent outside

The boys looked like the kid from
"A Christmas Story"
when he was padded up with clothes that
he couldn't even bend his arms

Frisco loved it
I swear he is a cold weather dog
He kept "asking" to go outside today
And he would run along the fence 
looking for his neighbor doggy friend
who of course was inside

The boys are 3 for 3 with snotty noses
I am sure our 2 and half minute outing today did not help
We played lots of Wii
and watched a movie
Not sure whats in store for tomorrow
Maybe some arts and crafts
and lego organization

Mark leaves tomorrow for his boy trip
I "gave" it to him for Christmas
Well, I gave him permission to go Thursday thru Sunday
meaning, I would not bitch and moan
And let him enjoy himself
Now it has turned into Wednesday thru Monday
Not sure how I feel about that
but what evs!
He deserves a break too
And is quite excited
Originally I was going to drive him to the airport
UM, yeah, not gonna happen now
He might have to transport himself in this snowy mess

Writer's Block

Or just not in the mood?
I have no excuse really for my absence
Not much is going on
Does anyone really want to read about 
weekly swimming lessons
or my trip to the grocery
highly doubtful!!

I have been spending my time entertaining the boys
 I can now officially call my littlest a walker
He is walking more than crawling 
MY GOD! It's about to get real crazy around here
With a 3rd walker 
and these two:

You would think just chasing after them I could drop 30 pounds
but NO!
It's not working
(that's a whole other issue that's about to beat me down)

Connor had open house at his school last week
It was also dinosaur week
He made this clay stegosaurus

 And this guy
 complete with q-tip skeleton
I love this one

We were getting ready for dinner the other night
and he wanted to sit at the table
instead of the counter
Fine by me
He set it himself 
with no instructions
did you notice the knife, spoon, and fork!
Pretty smart kid I tell ya
When I asked him where he learned that
(cause it sure as hell wasn't from me)
he said OSO
(show on the Disney channel)
Who said TV was bad?

Speaking of Disney
the vacation is being planned
will post on that later

We are up to our window sills in snow here today
It is too cold to outside and play
and windy
blizzard it was called
Kind of secretly glad
Playing in the snow is just miserable to me
 if it is for more than 5 minutes

I have been Debbie Downer again lately
Feeling very lonely out in OKC

That's all I got