Tuesday, February 22, 2011

We're a Sad Bunch

I'm referring to
The Lenzer's
We ALL suck

Mark came home late Friday night 
from a business trip
And had to leave again Sunday
I was so looking forward to 1 GREAT day 
with the hubs
he had thrown his back out
and was in pain
and a crappy mood
needless to say-
he did nothing
we did nothing
and it ruined my mood too
The boys had a birthday party to attend Saturday night
and I made Mark go with me
hurt back and all

By the time the party rolled around
My eye was in serious pain
If it is possible to break your eye
that's what I would have thought was wrong
Couldn't blink, touch it, close it
By bedtime it was red and swollen underneath
like a black eye
but not bruised, just red
It is finally starting to feel better today

Christian has been snotty for 2 months now
no doctor can fix it
believe me, I've tried
At the party he started running a fever
Kept a fever most of Sunday
finally today just back to his regular snots

Picked Colton up from school yesterday
and he felt warm
He didn't talk in the car
ding, ding,ding
(my little bell ringing)
knew something was wrong
He came home and layed on the stairs
He was VERY hot with fever
But since he won't let me check his temperature
not sure what it is
He layed on the couch all afternoon
Ate a little supper
We went upstairs early for jammies
I made my bed with freshly washed sheets
because his diaper had leaked the night before
(yes he is still climbs into my bed every.single.night.)
A few minutes later he's watching TV
I am putting Christian to bed
Connor comes running in to tell me Colton threw up
my poor baby
my poor sheets
thank goodness for my new washer & dryer
or we would have been sleeping in Colton's bed
He has not puked again
but is still with fever

stay well!!!!

The bad thing about always a sick kid
you can't go to the gym
it's weeks like this I wish I had something at home

Had the plumber here yesterday
He informed me our problems are never going to go away
if we don't invest in some sort of water softener
We have major sediment build up
HEY, what's another couple grand?

On a healthier note...
Connor is reading like a champ
listening to your first born read words
such a warm fuzzy feeling

We went to the zoo twice last week
soaking in the warm weather as much as possible
It's cold again this week
not freezing by any means
but wearing the coats again
Sunday zoo trips are great for people watching
We don't usually go on a weekend
and I quickly remembered why
kind of makes you feel good about yourself

Colton is shirtless and running flying around like
so his fever must be down
let's hope it and his breakfast stays down


BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

Hope everyone is feeling better soon Cous! Bia was sick this weekend too. It's like the never ending bug that is going around!

Dee Stephens said...

Get well soon! I'm not feeling 100% myself today!

starnes family said...

I love that when they are not talking, we get concerned. So true.

What happened to your eye?!

Making It Work Mom said...

Oh you guys are having a week! I hope that things start to look up!

Momma to the A's said...

So sorry everyone is feeling so awful! I totally get the frustration with the boogers! We are knee deep in booger with Addison. She was on antibiotics for 10 days and still the yellow goop flows. The doc says since she isn't running a fever we'll just let it go for now. Thanks!!

Hope you all are having a better week and better yet hope this weekend is much better!!