Sunday, February 6, 2011


Do you ever feel like you're trapped in a freaky movie
Try being stuck at home for 4 days
with 3 kids
2 dogs
and NO husband

You might have a little freaky moment or two

We did not leave the house for 2 straight days
Not totally uncommon
But when mother nature tells you that you can't
Well of course it's all you can think about
The boys managed to play outside for all of 10 minutes
It was way too cold
And I could not take Christian out
Which means I could not go out with the big boys

By day 3
 I was over it
And out of most food
We braved it and headed out for Chick for lunch
Then I picked up Connor's BFF for a playdate
At least there was someone to help entertain for a couple of hours

Day 5
The cupboards were bare
It was the day before grocery day anyway
But the snow had started again that morning
Nothing big
The kind of snowfall that is gorgeous to watch
and under normal circumstances would not do much harm
That stuff fell ALL.DAY.LONG.
So all the tracks that had been made in the driveways
I had to go get food
So while Connor was at his buddy's house
The other 2 boys and I headed out
The city had finally gotten all the roads plowed
So it was very drivable
I decided to go to the grocery store right across the street
They were plowing the parking lot
but it was pretty crowded
And since I am not crazy about that store
We headed to the neighborhood Walmart
It's parking lot was a mushy disaster
So I decided to try Target
At least they have bigger shopping carts so both boys could ride
their lot was not too bad
But they were out of everything
Of course they usually are

***side note to any Target employees, could you please work on your speed of stocking the shelves? This is really annoying****

On the way home I encountered a small problem
On the ever so slight hill on my street
I could not get up the damn thing
I got half way up
and rolled back down
Got half way up
and rolled back down
The entire time a nice little crew of yard workers 3 houses up
were just watching
No one offered to come help the stupid lady who couldn't get up the hill
I would have just parked and walked the rest of the way home
But I had a car full of groceries
Finally on the third of fourth try
and steering it clear to the left
almost on the curb
I made it
I wanted to shoot the helpless yardies the bird
But I didn't
I gave a victory cheer instead

In all my sliding backwards down the hill
I was reminded of my dad taking us out to do doughnuts when we were little
We had an orange fiesta car
stick shift
and on icy occasions we would go the abandoned Fred's parking lot
My dad would throw it in neutral and pull up the emergency brake
Now that's fun
I don't know if that's exactly how it happened 
but it sounds good, so go with it

The snow is beautiful
When it's white as far as your eye can see
And during the day with the sun shines on the ground
It can cast a wonderful glow inside your house
that is different,brighter than you would usually have
And when it melts
It is a nasty, muddy, slushy mess

We are expecting more snow this week
Nothing like last week 
But truth be told
I didn't mind it so much
The way I loathe our schedule
I am glad when we don't have to go to school
It's not like I get a break 
In fact it's better with everyone home
Cause naps don't get shortened or missed

It's during these home bound times that I wish
I were a better cook
or baker
or crafter

But I am pretty good with the wii
And I make a mean bucket of popcorn

snow on my friends
snow on


Dee Stephens said...

we are set to get snow here this week. I guess we'll see. I just dont like the ice.

starnes family said...

Is there really anything else needed in life other than a good bucket of popcorn?

BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

Nice one cousin!